Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 307 Agreemen
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 307 Agreemen


A strange atmosphere was hanging in the air.

Conventional wisdom dictates that the two would share a more intimate relationship after the deed.

But Fleeting Time knew that he could not think of Gongzi You through a normal person’s logic.

She was just like a wild card. The last moment they shared was just like nothing but a very beautiful dream.

She sat with her back against the wall, appearing to be deep in thought. She was so quiet that it was like she did not exist at all.

Fleeting Time stared at Gongzi You. I should say something, or maybe do something. He knew that remaining silent would get him nowhere. He took a deep breath and struggled with the anxiety in his heart before finally mustering enough resolve to walk up to Gongzi You, “Do you want to do it again?” he whispered into her ears with a sultry voice.

Ye Ci could feel goosebumps rising when she felt his warm breath on her face. She turned her head to a side, attempting to hide her face with her loose, long hair.

She wanted to push him away, but her body was mysteriously sapped of strength, as if she was poisoned.

“Do you want to do it again?” her body trembled slightly at the question.

Under such circumstances, nobody would be able to resist the temptation.

Fleeting Time grew more desperate when he received no response from Ye Ci. He grabbed hold of her arm and brushed aside her hair so that he would have a better view of her beautiful face, “Do not refuse me, Little Gongzi.”

But even that did not elicit a response from her. It was as if she was a doll with her string cut off. Fleeting Time could feel a rising flame in the core of his being. He was yearning for her to stay with him like this for the rest of their lives.

He stared at her, taking in every detail of her eyes, her flushed face, and her rosy lips, engraving them into his memory.

Just then, Ye Ci finally came to her senses and stared back at Fleeting Time with a pair of eyes that were devoid of emotion.

Fear immediately gripped his heart. The anxiety that he worked so hard to suppress began surging out once again.

He attempted to force a smile onto his face, but found himself unable to do so, “What is it?”

“Fleeting Time, you said you want me to be yours?” Ye Ci spoke up without warning. But her tone was so calm It was as if she was merely asking what would be served for dinner. This was a devastating blow to Fleeting Time. It felt like the question had opened up yet another gap in their relationship.

He was hesitant to give a response, but he knew that remaining silent would not solve the problem. He did not wish to widen the rift between them, but he needed to know the meaning behind Gongzi You’s words.

And based on his understanding of Gongzi You, she was not a person who would place herself in an unfavorable position, especially after he had been the one taking the initiative for so long. He knew a riposte was coming.

But this realisation expelled the anxiety that plagued his heart. The most intimidating factor in a fight was not the capabilities of one’s opponent. It was the trump card that one’s opponent was hiding. You would never know when or how your opponent would act if the opponent did not show his or her hand.

Gongzi You was forced to be on the defensive because she could not find a chance to fight back. Fleeting Time was the one taking the initiative, but he was filled with uncertainties. He did not know who would emerge victorious in their duel.

“I told you I have a good memory. And yes, I did say that.”

“What if I refuse?” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at him, a cynical smile appearing on her face.

“What does it have to do with me?” came the reply from Fleeting Time after a long silence.

Ye Ci was dumbfounded by his response. She expected Fleeting Time to shamelessly play word games with her, but this was not a response that was within her expectations, “You’re saying that it has nothing to do with you?”

“Always has been. You have the freedom to reject my advances, and I have the freedom to woo you. These two things are never related.” Fleeting Time let out a sigh and shifted his gaze to the ceiling.

Mo Leng was just like that. She had always attempted to snake her way into his life despite his rejections.

And her attempts left him extremely annoyed. At some point in his life, Fleeting Time even wished that he had never known her at all.

Was Gongzi You treating him in the same way he has been treating Mo Leng?

They have both made their advancements, and they were both rejected.

Fleeting Time heart was filled with dread. Will this really end in me being hated by Gongzi You? No, this feeling will not be pleasant.

He can now understand how Mo Leng felt, but he did not want to end up as a person like Mo Leng.

“Alright then.” he lowered his head again and stared at Gongzi You. There was no emotion in his eyes as he spoke. It was a Fleeting Time that Ye Ci had never seen before.

“What?” Ye ci stared back at him.

“I admit that I like you, and I want you to be mine. Such is my wish and my goal. But you are not interested in my goal, and would reject my intentions no matter what.” Fleeting Time analyzed the situation for Ye Ci, as if he was merely solving a mathematical problem.

Even Ye Ci could feel herself losing her breath at the face of Fleeting Time’s new demeanor. She wanted to talk back, but found herself at a loss for words, for what he said was an irrefutable truth.

“And?” Ye Ci raised her eyebrows.

She had never had a serious conversation with Fleeting Time before as they were not close.

“But I am not willing to let you go just like that, and you’ll definitely be annoyed by my continued advances, am I right?” Fleeting Time had already sat up straight, and was drumming his fingers against his knees.

Ye Ci could not refute his words, as they were speaking the truth. There were times when the truth would place a person in an awkward position, and Ye Ci was finding herself in such a position. She could only raise her eyebrows again as a response, and as an indicator that he should continue.

“So why don’t we each make a compromise of our own?”

“And how do you reckon we do that?” Ye Ci let out a breath that she did not realise she was holding upon hearing those words.

“Why don’t we sign an agreement?” Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes and his lips slowly formed themselves into a smile.

Ye Ci’s eyes narrowed at him as well. It was obvious that she was considering his proposal. Anda after a long silence, she finally spoke up slowly, “What sort of agreement?”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》