Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 312 Troubled Thoughts
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 312 Troubled Thoughts

Ye Ci had never seen such an expression from Fleeting Time before.

Based on her memory of the man, he had always been very annoying, especially when she had always been embarrassed by his antics in the World Chat.

And that was why Ye Ci was shocked when Fleeting Time was talking to her in such a manner. Is this Fleeting Time? Is it that shameless bastard at all??

Oh God, is this real? Am I hallucinating?

Ye Ci was not the only one experiencing something new. Fleeting Time had also never seen Gongzi You caught off guard before. He found the situation funny. Is me talking to her seriously so shocking?

“What?” It took Ye Ci quite a moment to recover from the shock. She retracted her hand from his. She wanted nothing to do with the man. To her, bad luck and scandals await whenever she is associated with him. She was a good player, but she was also afraid of getting famous. She had always wanted to lay low. She knew that trouble would come with fame.

And Ye Ci was someone who hated trouble.

And troubles never stopped coming her way the moment she knew Fleeting Time.

Would things be different if I did not invite him to a duel during the Dragon Dance Festival? When did the scandal between us start?

Ye Ci did not want to know.

Fleeting Time stared at her with a calm expression, and then shifted his gaze to his empty palms. The ghost of a smile appeared on his lips.

Ye Ci had always seen herself as a very patient person. Fleeting Time’s silence did not affect her in any way.

She continued staring silently at Fleeting Time.

And silence fell upon the cell. This was the duo’s first moment of silence for a long time. And after a considerable amount of time spent in silence, Fleeting Time finally spoke up.

“Experience is very important in everything we do in this world. Just like when we’re exploring a dungeon. A party venturing into a dungeon for the first time would often find themselves being wiped out. But as they continue to explore the dungeon, they would eventually get used to it. And their speed and performance in clearing the dungeon would increase. I’m sure you understand this logic?”

Fleeting Time scratched at his head as he spoke. His expression remained calm, but Ye Ci could tell that he was slightly troubled from his voice.

Ye Ci nodded at his words. She did not know how others would interpret his explanation, but she had experienced it herself. She was a reincarnator, and the teams that were led by her would naturally not face any trouble whenever they explore a dungeon. But once she left, the team had finally realised the importance of knowing the dungeon themselves.

But Ye Ci was confused. Is he trying to communicate with me by sharing his experiences in dungeon clearing? It doesn’t look like it judging from his expression, but it sure sounds like it from his words alone. And in the end, she decided to simply nod in agreement, “Yup. I understand what you’re trying to say. I’ve actually experienced it myself.”

Fleeting Time had a good understanding of Ye Ci’s behavior after their many interactions. He knew that what she meant was on the dungeon clearing, and not the full meaning of his words, “Alright then. It’s good that you understand.” and he resumed his silence much to Ye Ci’s confusion.

But after giving the matter a thought, Ye Ci decided to remain silent as well.

And Fleeting Time’s voice rang out again after a short while, “I’ve always hated the troubles of exploring a new dungeon. But it’s still interesting, as we all do not know what to expect and how to react to things. This learning experience is very valuable for us. Once we are familiar in the dungeon, we find ourselves no longer interested in the process of clearing the dungeon itself.” he then looked at Ye Ci once again.

He’s right. Thought Ye Ci. One of the reasons why she no longer participated in dungeon clearing was because they were no longer a challenge to her. They no longer brought her thrill and excitement like they once did in her last life. This was also why she preferred exploring the world of Fate, as there were still places that she had never visited before even as a reincarnator.

“Yup. That seems to be the case.” Ye Ci nodded in agreement. The most thrilling aspect of playing a game was always to play it for the first time.

But she was a very bad player as a newbie, and she had nothing but sad and painful memories of the early days of the game.

“So… Do you understand what I’m trying to say here?” asked Fleeting Time after staring at Ye Ci for a long time.

Ye Ci stared back at him for a brief moment before finally nodding and gave him her answer, “Yup.”

Fleeting Time let out a sigh of relief at her response, “So… Do you have an idea of what I’m trying to say now?”

Ye Ci blinked at Fleeting Time. He seems to be talking about dungeon clearing, but there’s also something else. What exactly is he trying to tell me? “You’re trying to talk to me about the fun and joys of exploring dungeons and experiencing the game, aren’t you?”

Fleeting Time immediately went silent. The urge to run headlong into a wall was rising in his heart. Is Gonzi You lacking in comprehension? No no no… She’s very smart. Fleeting Time knew that she was a cunning individual by observing her conversation with Absalom. She is very cunning, and highly intelligent. So why can she not understand what I’m trying to say? Was I being unclear? But I’m pretty sure that I’ve been quite clear about it. The examples I used are also something that we can relate to in-game. So what is causing the misunderstanding?

Or perhaps… Some things must be said in a straightforward manner?

So how do I word it in a manner that will not offend her? Fleeting Time had worked hard to finally reach a turning point in their relationship, but he lacked experience, and this made him afraid. And because of such circumstances, Fleeting Time appeared to be angry as he sat in silence and with his eyebrows furrowed. Ye Ci was staring at him all this while. What is he doing?

A strange atmosphere hung in the silent cell. There was tension in the silence.

Fleeting Time cleared his throat after a long, long while, as if he was trying to make a report. The smile had long disappeared from his face, and was replaced by a slight frown.

“I…” and he paused after uttering his first word before finally speaking up after a long while, “I am serious about the things I said yesterday.”

The things he said yesterday? The first thing that Ye Ci thought of was the agreement they signed on the day before. The smile on her face grew unnatural. Oh thank God he’s serious about it. It would be very, very unpleasant if he uses it as an excuse to entrap me for an entire year.

Despite her line of thoughts, Ye Ci merely grunted in response.

“Perhaps I’ve not been doing things right.” Fleeting Time studied Ye Ci’s expression carefully as he spoke. He was afraid that his words would potentially anger her, “And I’ve brought you some trouble. But I want you to know that I mean you no harm.”

“So are you trying to say that you did nothing wrong?” a frown appeared on Ye Ci’s face, “What is this? Are you trying to bribe me with carrots after hitting me with a stick? Hmpf! Do you think of me

Ah… I see what happened yesterday is weighing on her mind. Fleeting Time grabbed at a clutch of his hair. He did not want the beginning of their relationship to be filled with hostility, especially when it did not occur naturally. It was formed through the binding of ink and paper.

“If this is what you want to say to me, then forget about it. I do not want to hear it. Good luck with your one year.” Ye Ci felt bad for saying the words, but it was her only way of expressing her anger.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》