Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 326 Target: Gongzi You!
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 326 Target: Gongzi You!

Ye Ci fed another Super Pet Core to Ol’ Six once he was past lvl40, hoping that it would trigger the Dragon’s growth.

But she did not know if it would succeed. For her, raising a Dragon was something that she had never done before.

Ol’ Six became groggy after consuming the Super Pet Core, and Ye Ci dismissed him back into her Pet Inventory and summoned Ol’ Four instead.

Ol’ Four’s level had fallen quite behind, but his synergy with Ye Ci meant that raising his level would not be something hard.

Ye Ci had been keeping a close contact with Green Hill’s Moon due to the assassinations by Golden Era. The guild had increased the number of its assassins from ten to fifteen after their first defeat instead of the twenty that was predicted by Ye Ci.

Then again, Golden Era was also going after at least a dozen players simultaneously. With most of its players still at lower levels, the guild could not afford to send too many of its vanguards against the top-tier player.

Fleeting Time did not fare very well against the fifteen assassins sent against him. He was almost killed in several occasions, but his great mechanical skills and the large quantity of potions that he carried after the assassination attempt on Lethal Poison allowed him to survive. The fight ended in a draw.

He was able to defeat four of the assassins and acquire a Secret Cloak while almost losing his life. But the man was able to escape at the last moment of the battle. This was not one of Fleeting Time’s best fights, but being able to survive and not forcefully revived and killed repeatedly was his greatest victory.

Golden Era grew even more wary in their fight against Spotless Autumn after their second defeat. But Spotless Autumn was a 3-element Mage equipped with a large variety of skills and abilities. He also had in his possession a large variety of potions and scrolls that could be utilized in combat.

Even when he was always alone, he was able to throw his assassins into disarray and escape. This battle was even more humiliating than Golden Era’s previous defeats.

Despite the result of the battle, Spotless Autumn did not kill even a single assassin sent after him, which naturally meant that Golden Era did not lose yet another of their very limited Secret Cloak, and this was the greatest victory the guild could achieve out of the situation.

Their last target was of course Gongzi You.

Ye Ci had received a lot of potions from Spotless Autumn through the mail. She also received descriptions of the assassins with even greater detail than Green Hill’s Moon intelligence. She did not leave Spotless Autumn empty handed as well. She knew that he was always short of gold, and it was not easy for him to send such a large quantity of potion under such circumstances. This was why she sent a large amount of gold to him in return.

And he accepted the gold under Ye Ci’s insistence.

Of all the potions sent by Spotless Autumn, one of them stood out among the rest. It was a potion called “Perception Enhancement Potion”. Its Purple quality was an indication that it was a very rare potion. And its high rarity could only mean that the buff it gave was special. Instead of increasing a player’s Perception by a certain amount of points, it increased the player’s Perception by 50%.

The potion had a duration of an hour, but had a cooldown of two hours. This meant that a person consuming the potion must time its usage very well or risk putting it to waste.

The Mist Forest was the perfect place for solo leveling, but Ye Ci did not stay in one spot for too long due to Golden Era’s recent activities. The high level requirement of the map meant that there were not players exploring the map, which gave Ye Ci a literal monopoly on the many treasure chests hidden on the map as she was leveling up.

The Mist Forest got its namesake from thick mist that formed as a result of the damp forest floor due to a lack of sunlight. But there were no swamps in the forest, and the mist was not poisonous. The only inconvenience that players would face in the jungle was the low visibility because of the mist.

Ye Ci took a rest in the middle of a well hidden rock formation after defeating a few monsters. The formation of large rocks was like a stone den that allowed Ye Ci and Ol’ Four to take shelter within. It was also hidden behind thick vegetation that blocked the entrance from view. It was a spot discovered by Ye Ci after exploring the Mist Forest for days. A first timer would never be able to spot the place easily.

Ye Ci tossed a few pieces of meat to Ol’ Four and began replenishing her own Stamina as well. She did not entirely relax herself as she took her rest and was instead constantly studying her surroundings.

It had been four days since Green Hill’s Moon sold part of her information to Golden Era. They would usually act after three days, so why am I an exception? Are they doing it on purpose? Or have they actually given up after their failed attempts?

Something is not right.

Based on Ye Ci’s understanding of Golden Era from her last life, the guild would never give up.

Once they have made up their minds to zero a player, Golden Era would never give up unless due to special reasons. The guild’s current goal was to assassinate the top players of each continent. They were seeking to send a message to Fate’s players, that their so-called top players were nothing to Golden Era.

After all, it was within their expectation that the four top players would never spread news about such an incident. Golden Era’s reputation would not be affected.

And the truth had proved them right. Lethal Poison, Fleeting Time, and Spotless Autumn did not spread the news of their encounter with the assassins. Only a selected few knew of the whole story, and their numbers were insignificant in the face of Fate’s overall population.

Golden Era had also been very discreet with their actions. The three top players who were attacked could not find any concrete proof that the assassins were indeed from Golden Era, and even if the assassins’ names were known, they were names that were unheard of. It was next to impossible to link these players to any guild.

This was why Golden Era was able to recruit players from other guilds while carry out assassinations in secret.

And even an idiot could tell that Golden Era would not give up on Ye Ci’s assassination.

The players of Golden Era were not idiots. Their four days of inactivity was due to their preparation for the fight to come. They had to acquire Ye Ci’s location and analyze her strengths and weaknesses. Fleeting Time was a Hunter, and Ye Ci was of the same class as well. They were formulating plans to increase their chances of winning against Ye Ci after the fight against Fleeting Time.

After doing a thorough analysis on Ye Ci’s capabilities, her equipment, skills, and abilities, Death Blossom who had been silent pointed at the screen displaying the video of the last fight between Ye Ci and Fleeting Time, “We can see from this recording that Gongzi You and Fleeting Time were not fighting to the fullest of their abilities. And do take note that they were completely different from what they were back then. Their levels have significantly increased. The players we sent after Fleeting Time were all lvl60, but they still received a level penalty in their fight against him. This meant that he was at least lvl65. We do not know how high Gongzi You’s level can be. And they were fighting in melee in this video instead of at a range where Hunters can fight best. We do not know well we will fare against Gongzi You. And don’t forget that we had a numerical advantage against Fleeting Time, and our teamwork was what prevented it to be a total defeat. You’ve all heard of how close these two are. So we must also take into account that Fleeting Time had already told Gongzi You about us.”

Death Blossom was one of the best Rogues in Golden Era, and even the game. This had nothing to do with her identity as Breeze’s wife. She was simply a very skillful player. She was able to maintain an 80% in the previous games she played. It was an impressive achievement in and of itself. Death Blossom was also the founder of Golden Era’s assassination group. The group was seldom needed in their previous games, but they were instrumental in carrying out Golden Era’s opening shots in Fate.

Members of the assassination group were no pushoevers. They had to pass through a very strict selection process, and had absolute obedience to Death Blossom and the guild. They were a sharp blade that would aid Golden Era in subjugating the world of Fate.

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    《Reign of the Hunters》