Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 330 Counter Measure
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 330 Counter Measure

The weather was nice.

Rays of sunlight were able to penetrate the dense leaves and into the forest despite the thick mist.

As Ye Ci dashed through the forest, her shoes were soaked wet by the damp forest ground. The cold air was filled with the angry roars of monsters. Ye Ci’s movement was quick, but she was not travelling in a straight line. After the days spent in the Mist Forest, she was very familiar with the terrain around her. That was why she was confident that her opponents were able to catch up despite her high speed maneuvering.

A PVP battle was not all about skills. A very important aspect in a battle against players was the mind games that were being played between the both sides. The side that was able to outsmart their opponents would be able to gain a definite upper hand in the battle.

In the short span of 30 seconds, Ye Ci already had a good grasp of the composition of her pursuers. There were two hunters among the eleven survivors. Their pets might not be as strong as Ol’ Four, but were still formidable. The Panther in particular was able to detect hidden enemies especially when their levels were not high. It was apparent that the presence of the two Hunters was a measure Golden Era took against Ol’ Four.

The Ranger in the party did not have the highest Speed, Agility, and Stealth. It was apparent that he was playing a supporting role in the party.

And the remaining assassins that were sent against her were all Rogues that were above the level lvl58 to lvl61. They had good mechanical skills, and displayed very good teamwork. Ye Ci knew that she would definitely be dead if they were able to close in on her.

Despite their strength, her enemies were not entirely without an opening. She was able to quickly spot one in the form of their leader. She was a player who acted on her impulse more than reasoning. She did not know why Golden Era would allow such a player to lead the mission, but it was a good chance that she would not miss, and she would not underestimate her opponent.

Ye Ci knew that Golden Era had a strong financial backing based on their ability to take on almost the entire player base of the game. The guild must also have a very effective leadership, and favoritism was something that was next to impossible, at least when it came to hunting down the top players of all four continents.

It was, however, none of her concern.

Her biggest concern was to deal the highest possible damage to her pursuers and walk away alive.

Utilizing her speed and familiarity of the terrain, Ye Ci quickly disappeared from the view of her assassins. Honey Barbie, who was at the front of the group stopped dead in her tracks, and her party members followed suit as well. The members remained silent, but a frown appeared on March Spring’s face. He felt the need to give Honey Barbie a reminder for the sake of the guild, “Barbie, we’ve lost her. Don’t you think we should retreat and call it a day?”

Honey Barbie responded with a sneer, “I never knew that even as a veteran of our assassination group, you’re afraid to die. We’ve just found her, and you want to just give up after we lost her? Or are you doing this because you’re jealous of my success?”

March Spring was starting to feel anger rising in his heart, “Being afraid of dying and knowing when to quit are very different things. You want all of us to die with you, lose a level and a piece of our equipment just because you’re not afraid of dying? Why don’t you take a moment and think! What are our chances of winning? What should we do if our party gets wiped out?”

“What are you saying! You’re destroying our own morale! How could someone like you get recruited into Golden Era’s assassination group? What a coward!” Honey Barbie sneered, “Why do you think we’ll lose? Gongzi You is alone, but there’s evelen of us! Do you think she’s invincible? She’s not even as good as Fleeting Time, and even he had to flee from us! And you want me to give up on someone who’s not even as good as Fleeting Time?”

“It’s different this time! We had the upper hand last time! There was no cover for him in the desert, but we are in the forest right now! We do not know the terrain as well as Gongzi You! We’re at a disadvantage here!” March Spring had the urge to crack open Honey Barbie’s skull to see what was in her brain. Can you not see something so obvious?

Honey Barbie was of course not oblivious to that fact. She was a veteran in the group. Despite her young age, she had taken part in many battles. But her judgement was clouded by her strong desire to kill Gongzi You so that she could climb to a position higher than March Spring. Gongzi You’s taunting had also worked very well on her.

There were some who were willing to let go of their dignity for the greater good, while there were some who viewed it as the most important thing in the world.

Honey Barbie was apparently the latter. She had completely lost her calm due to her own desires.

Impulse is the work of the Devil. And humans acting on their impulses would often find themselves facing the consequences of their actions.

Honey Barbie glared coldly at March Spring. Her dignity had been challenged, and her orders were questioned on multiple occasions by March Spring who was under her command. She no longer had the patience to deal with the player.

What happened next was something that March Spring and the rest of the members did not expect.

“You have been removed by Honey Barbie from the party.” chimed a system notification. “What are you doing, Honey Barbie!” March Spring roared in anger.

“I do not need a member who refuses to follow orders in my party.” Honey Barbie Snorted. Just then, she picked up the presence of Gongzi You, and turned around to continue her pursuit of the Huntress.

The remaining party members looked at each other, then at March Spring, and finally at Honey Barbie. They did not know what to do. Honey Barbie and March Spring were both at a higher position than them in the guild.


“Go. This has nothing to do with you. You’ll get punished as well if you disobey her.”

The members knew that it was something they do not have the authority to handle. They nodded, and followed after Honey Barbie.

March Spring stood on the same spot for a long time. He let out a sigh and decided to head to the direction of Gongzi You as well. He had the option of leaving, but he was still worried for Honey Barbie.

Ye Ci was unaware of the small conflict that happened among the members of the assassination group. She kept up her own pace and led them towards the trap that she had set up. They would disappear in five more minutes, but if things went well, she could end the battle before that time.

She slowed down slightly so that the assassins could catch up. She then matched their speed and led them into the traps that were placed between packs of roaming monsters. The assassins were hard pressed in trying to keep up with Ye Ci while trying to avoid attracting the aggro of the monsters.

Honey Barbie was excited as the distance between her and Gongzi You rapidly shrunk. The ghost of a smile appeared on her lips as she accelerated yet again. She was ready to plunge her dagger into Gongzi You’s back.

Just then, Honey Barbie realised that her body was frozen. She had triggered a trap.

And at that precise moment, she received a message from Death Blossom, “Barbie! What’s the situation over there?”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》