Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 331 There’s One More
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 331 There’s One More

Honey Barbie’s mind was a jumbled mess. Even the world’s most renown author would have problems describing how she felt at that moment.

But one could say that she was completely at a loss.

A mixture of feelings ranging from the shock she received by stepping on a Frost Trap, the anger she had towards Gongzi You, the surprise from the message she received from Death Blossom, and the panic due to the current situation that she had to report to her superior washed over Barbie.

She had an urge to cry.

What the f*ck…

It was absolutely normal for Gongzi You to be able to evade the party, and the trap was something that could happen as well. These were things that could happen in a PVP. Honey Barbie would never lose her calm as a veteran in PVP. But Death Blossom’s message came at a very peculiar timing.

It was simply incomprehensible.

Death Blossom was a person who trusted her subordinates. She would never interrupt their progress during a mission.

She cared not about the process, but about the results that her subordinates achieved. That was how Death Blossom led her group of assassins. Her subordinates were allowed more freedom to carry out their objectives, and her trust in her subordinates would usually yield satisfying results.

Honey Barbie was relatively young, but she had been under Death Blossom’s wings for a long time. She knew her superior very well.

And this was why she was shocked, and was caught completely off guard by the message.

This threw her off her game.

With her experience in PVP, Honey Barbie would not allow her target to escape even when she had triggered a Frost Trap. But the timing of Death Blossom’s message threw her into disarray.

Humans are a strange life form.

Even the merest form of distraction could cause grave consequences to a person who was trying his or her best to concentrate.

There were of course people who had the ability to multitask, but Honey Barbie did not count herself as one of them.

Death Blossom’s voice caused her to stumble. It would normally not be a fatal accident for Honey Barbie. Even under the effect of the Frost Trap, she would be able to adjust her posture, but the distraction had proven to be fatal. Things might have ended differently if Death Blossom’s call did not arrive at that moment.

But it did.

Honey Barbie’s momentum carried her forward into another trap.

And she was immediately frozen into a huge chunk of ice.

The nine players behind her suffered the same fate. Of course, they had also triggered a wide range of traps with varying effects. Some of them were frozen solid, while others were enveloped by flames that dealt continuous damage to their characters and many others were frozen stiff.

The effects of the trap was only at a mere thirty seconds.

It was not an overly long period of time, but it was enough to decide the outcome of a battle. Ye Ci immediately summoned Ol’ Four, and directed her pet to attack the assassins afflicted by her Flame Trap. Their health were rapidly decreasing, and their movements were severely hampered, but they were not entirely immobilized.

Ye Ci along with Ol’ Four had to take on ten combatants. It was impossible to dispatch all of them within thirty seconds. This was why she made the decision to first take care of the players who remained mobile.

Of the ten assassins, four were frozen solid while six of them had their movement greatly decreased. They did not form themselves into a tight group, but they were still a close distance apart. Ol’ Four was able to stun four players with its Tremor, and began attacking them one at a time.

Ye Ci had two targets locked in her eyes.

Her Speed, Balance, and Perception were one of the highest among the players of Fate, and it gave her an advantage in a fight within the forest.

With her level higher than the assassins, it was easy for her to dispatch two opponents within thirty seconds.

A flurry of high damage attacks landed on the players before they could even fight back.

Honey Barbie was frozen, but it did not mean that she could not see what was happening. The fight against Gongzi You alone was placing a considerable weight on her mind, but Death Blossom’s voice continued ringing in her ears, “Barbie, are you there? Respond! What’s the situation?”

Anger boiled within Honey Barbie. Only one question occupied her mind: Why is sister Blossom calling me? It doesn’t seem like something she would do. She scanned the players around her, and March Spring was not present. Honey Barbie gritted her teeth in anger.

She muted her private message channel and roared into the party chat, “What are you guys doing? How did the put stun you? Didn’t we prepare potions for this? Where are our Hunters? Summon your pet and have them attack that dinosaur! Do you all want to die here?”

“We’ve been frozen as well…” the two Hunters and the party’s only Ranger were frozen along with Honey Barbie.

Players who were frozen were immobilized until they were attacked or when the ice eventually melted thirty seconds after the trap was triggered. And that was why the four assassins could only watch as Gongzi You slaughtered the rest of their party.


That’s right. It was a slaughter.

March Spring despised Honey Barbie’s attitude, but he did not allow his personal feelings to get in the way of his responsibility towards the guild. He would not allow his guild’s benefits to suffer, even if he was removed from the party.

This was why he had been trailing Honey Barbie’s party from a distance away. When he could finally see Gongzi You, what he was was a slaughter.

It was a one-sided slaughter.

He did not know how Gongzi You was able to place the traps, nor did he know how she was able to lure all the members of the party into her trap. Honey Barbie and the two Hunters along with the Ranger of the party were all frozen. He did not know if it was by Gongzi You’s design, but all of the party’s ranged attackers were immobilized. The six remaining Rogues, no matter how good their teamwork were, were like six cripples to Gongzi You with half their movement speed reduced.

And four of them were already stunned by her pet.

Golden Era knew of the abilities of Gongzi You’s pet, and have made precautions against its ability to stun the members of the assassination group. But the party members never had the chance to react due to their severely reduced speed.

They could not even fight back as they were cut down by Gongzi You.

Gongzi You were maneuvering around the Rogues at high speed. Their 50% reduced movement speed meant that they never had hope to catch up to Gongzi You before they were turned into two corpses lying on the ground. Gongzi You aimed her bow into the sky, and arrows rained upon the four Rogues that were stunned by her pet.

March Spring was 70 yards behind Gongzi You. He immediately charged at her when she released an AOE skill that required a small window of channeling. The entire assassination group was pinned down. He was the only one available. He knew he did not have a chance if he attacked Gongzi You head on. But from his current position, March Spring felt that he had a 50% chance of winning.

Even if his chances were at a mere 20%, March Spring knew that he had to strike. He charged at Gongzi You, raised his twin daggers, aiming them straight at Gongzi You’s back. It was a high level Rogue skill: Double Evisceration.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》