Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 346 None Of My Business
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 346 None Of My Business

Ye Ci turned around and saw Wang Jiangnan behind her, “Say, what are you doing in a place like this? Did I do something again?” she stared quizzically at the man.

“Ahh, it’s not like I can stop you from keeping that line of thoughts.” Wang Jiangnan shrugged. He even squatted down and touched the scales on Ol’ Six’s back. But Ol’ Six did not even react to Wang Jiangnan’s touch.

Ye Ci was confused. And sensing her confusion, Wang Jiangnan smiled at her and said, “This is a special account. Only you can see me at the moment, and even your pet will not be able to detect my presence.”

Ye Ci pursed her lips and returned her attention to the skies ahead. She would often adjust Ol’ Six’s speed and make course corrections so that the Dragon was headed in the right direction.

“So what brings you here?”

“Make a guess.” Wang Jiangnan smiled at Ye Ci.

Ye Ci did not even need much thought, “It’s definitely because of the reports and complaints you receive from Golden Era players about my pet.”

“Aiya, as expected of Gongzi You. You’re not wrong!” Wang Jiangnan’s voice that was supposed to be filled with excitement was monotonous.

Ye Ci was baffled by Wang Jiangnan’s reaction. She turned around to face the customer service employee, but his expression was unexpectedly calm. She set Ol’ Six to automatic flight as the skies in Fate was still very safe. As the only player with an aerial steed, there was no fear of being ambushed in the sky.

Ye Ci then turned around and sat crossed-leg facing Wang Jiangnan, “Oh? Are you here to nerf my Dragon? And perhaps throwing me down from here while you’re at it?” Ye Ci smiled at Wang Jiangnan, “Too bad though, we’ve just flown past Champion City’s territory. Even if I die from the fall, I’ll not be sent to jail. After all, I’m in the wild right now.”

“Why would I do something lame like that?” Wang Jiangnan pursed his lips. He was not satisfied with the way Heaven and Earth Corporation dealt with Glory Corporation, and he was the one who gave Gongzi You the pet. If the Dragon was handled as a BUG, he would also be affected as well.

And of course, he did not wish to become a tool for Golden Era to ruin the game, even if it was something that was within his responsibility as a developer.

“I think it’s not because you don’t want to,” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at Wang Jiangnan, “It’s because you have something to do with this as well. I happened to luck out with the Holy Dragon, but you were the one who gave me the egg. So you’re partially at fault here, am I right?”

“Can you not be so smart?” Wang Jiangnan pursed his lips, “You don’t have to spell everything out for me. We both know what happened. Can’t you just pretend to be stupid just this once?”

“That’s just not who I am.” Ye Ci snorted.

She tilted her head and continued, “Even if you’re ignoring them right now, Golden Era will never let this go so easily. What are you planning to do?”

“You think the company will blame me for what happened?” Wang Jiangnan could tell the meaning behind Ye Ci’s words.

Ye Ci nodded. She had always been a cold and distant person, but when the future lead director of Fate was sitting right in front of her and was engaging her in a small talk, even she could not act so cold.

“It won’t happen. The company is barely surviving right now. They will turn a blind eye as long as it’s not an actual game breaking bug.” said Wang Jiangnan, “Besides, that Dragon of yours had already been made into a promotional material. Do you think game developers are stupid? Why would we slap ourselves on the face?” Wang Jiangnan was apparently in a bad mood.

Ye Ci could tell that something was going on in Wang Jiangnan’s life, but she kept the question she had to herself. Based on her memories from her last life, Fate was not the only one that suffered on Golden Era’s hands. Even the Glory Corporation itself was badly affected as a result.

Of course, the players themselves paid no attention to something like this. But when she thought about it, the only reason Golden Era could be so successful in establishing their presence in the game was because of financial backing from a third party.

The downfall of Fate, as well as the losses suffered by the Glory Corporation happened almost simultaneously. It was proof that Golden Era’s entry into Fate was orchestrated by the same person who wished to see the downfall of the Glory Corporation.

Everything was now clear to Ye Ci.

She pursed her lips at Wang Jiangnan and spoke, “So, what do you need from me?”

Wang Jiangnan suddenly found himself at a loss. Why did I log into the game to meet Gongzi You? Am I here for her opinions? Is that the truth? Is it… He had a feeling that the overly young girl was too mature for her age. He was able to calm himself down whenever he was around her, and she would always have an answer to his questions.

When did this all start? Even Wang Jiangnan himself could not answer the question. But even if the answer remained unknown, his subconscious mind acted before his rationale could ract. Perhaps this is why he was here.

“Hey, don’t waste my time. Haven’t you heard? Time is money.” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow.

Wang Jiangnan was embarrassed, but he still could not make up his mind. Should I tell her? But we’re not that close are we? He raised his head and grinned at Ye Ci, “Why are you so sure that I need something from you? Can’t I just here to witness the journey of a red named player?”

Ye Ci let out a snort and stood up slowly, “Oh really?”

A feeling of unease crept into Wang Jiangnan’s heart as he noticed Ye Ci’s narrowed eyes, “Hey hey hey, what are you trying to do? This is a GM account, I’ll kill you where you stand with just a string of….” Ye Ci raised a food and gave him a kick before he could finish his sentence.

Ye Ci dusted her hands and looked down at the direction that Wang Jiangnan fell, “So what if you’re a GM? I’ll do that to a GM if the GM annoys me.”

Wang Jiangnan, who was in a freefall, immediately keyed in a string of commands and reappeared on Ol’ Six’s back. He noticed the glare from Ye Ci and immediately crouched down and grabbed hold of the scales on Ol’ Six’s back, “Alright, alright, I’ll stop beating around the bush! I promise! This has nothing to do with your red name. Don’t kick me down again! It’s not pleasant to be in a freefall with my head pointing downwards!”

With the promise to speak the truth from Wang Jiangnan, Ye Ci decided to stop messing with the future lead director of Fate. After all, her future lies in his hands, “Alright then. Speak up. I don’t have much time.”

Wang Jiangnan sat in front of Ye Ci, and finally told her about the events that were happening in Glory Corporation, and about the offer from Heaven and Earth Corporation. He needed a listener, and was in need of Ye Ci’s advice. Of course, it was under the guise that these were things that happened to a friend of his.

She of course knew what was going on in his mind, and understood that Glory Corporation was undergoing a large problem. But she was baffled. Wang Jiangnan was poached as well in my last life? But just what sort of decision did he make back then if he’s asking me about it now?”

“What does it have to do with me?” Ye Ci offered her response after some moments of thought.

“That’s because you’ve always been very straightforward.”

“And what does it have to do with you anyways?” Ye Ci rolled her eyes.

If “it’s none of my business” and “what does it have anything to do with you?” could be used as answers to many of the issues we face in our lives, then we would be able to save a lot of time for ourselves.

Wang Jiangnan was at a loss for words.

“Is your friend short of money?” Ye Ci snorted.

“I guess you’re right.” Wang Jiangnan felt as if the darkness in his heart had been dispelled by Ye Ci’s words, “What business do I have with his own decision anyways.”

And he stood up and said to Ye Ci, “Say, do you need some favors from me, red name? I can give you items to clear all those Sin points of yours.”

Ye Ci cast the future lead developer of Fate a sideway glance, “It has nothing to do with you!”

Wang Jiangnan broke out into laughter and patted Ye Ci on the shoulder, “I’ll be on my way then.”

“Yeah, show yourself out.” Ye Ci did not even turn around to face him.

Wang Jiangnan lowered his hand, and called out a control panel. He gave one final look at Ye Ci and a smile spread across his lips. “Thank you.” he said after a long while and disappeared in a flash of light.

Ye Ci did not even turn around. She continued staring at the skies ahead as she flew towards hero City. “Idiot. How are you supposed to convince people that you’re a genius if you have to ask me something so simple?” she sighed.

She then looked up at the azure skies, and the bright sun. So even a developer has his own worries and doubts. Thank God he has not given up yet, or Fate… Is finished.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the sun for a long while.

She then opened her eyes and flew Ol’ Six higher into the sky. She was cheering Wang Jiangnan on in her heart.

You can do it Wang Jiangnan! For your dreams! And for Fate!

Wang Jiangnan’s mind was filled with Ye Ci’s words as he climbed out of the gaming cabin.

“Is your friend short of money?”

“What does it have to do with you!”

And he chuckled to himself.

The girl was right. What happened to the company, and the decisions of his coworkers were none of his business. So what if Heaven and Earth offered him a higher salary? His salary with Glory was enough for him to lead a comfortable life. Do I really need the money? No! I do not!

So why am I giving up on my dreams? He was finally reminded of his dream when he first joined the company. He remembered the joy when his name was tucked away at the smallest corner of the long list of Fate developers.

His dreams had nothing to do with money! His dreams were with the game called Fate. Anything else… Was none of his business!
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    《Reign of the Hunters》