Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 353 Andriel’s Reques
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 353 Andriel’s Reques


According to the description of Ye Ci’s quest, she had already discovered Andriel’s grave, but there was no update to her quest. Could it be a BUG?

She took a few steps back, and walked towards Andriel’s grave again. A system notification immediately chimed in her ears, “You have discovered Andriel’s Grave”. But there were still no changes on her quest description much to her confusion. Is this a BUG or is there something that I’ve missed?

Ye Ci did not like contacting customer service in circumstances like this, as Fate was different from traditional MMORPGs. It required players to be observant and think critically in completing a quest. Contacting the customer service at this point would render the clever designs of the game pointless.

Not triggering the next stage of the quest despite locating Andriel’s grave meant that there were details that she must have missed.

Ye Ci studied the site of Andriel’s grave, and began thinking of what Tamra said to her when he gave her the quest.

“I’ve not left this place for a long time, young one. And it has been a long while since I’ve visited his grave. Can you do it in my stead?” were Tamra’s words to Ye Ci. Visiting someone who’s already dead? Oh! Is he asking me to clean up the grave site?

Ye Ci looked at scattered remains of a corpse around the grave, and realisation flashed across her mind. This must be it! She carefully picked up the remains, and cleaned them with a high grade cloth carefully before placing them into her inventory. They were listen a quest items to Ye Ci with the name Unknown Remains.

A smile appeared on Ye Ci’s face. It seems that I’m correct.

And with an idea already in her mind, Ye Ci began to proceed to cleaning the collapsed grave. It was apparent that the grave had been neglected for a long time.

Ye Ci then picked up the half a corpse remaining in the grave and cleaned it before placing it into her inventory. It was displayed as “Andriel’s Incomplete Remains” in her inventory. She then combined the two parts of Andriel’s remains in her inventory into “Andriel’s Complete Remains”.

She let out a sigh once the task was done, and proceeded to repair the damaged grave. Fate was a game featuring many different races, but their remains were designed to be similar to that of a human’s. This meant that Andriel’s remains looked just like a human skeleton.

Ye Ci herself had already grown numb to the scary atmosphere of the game, but new players would definitely be horrified by the remains in their inventory.

It did not take Ye Ci very long to completely repair the grave site, and she placed Andriel’s remains into the grave after wrapping it with some high grade animal skin.

Ye Ci stood up after the deed was done and let out a long sigh. She then called up her Quest panel, and saw that the description of her quest had changed to “Talk to Andriel.”

Talk? To Andriel?

Ye Ci could feel the corners of her lips twitching. You’ve gotta be kidding me! Why must games do this all the time? Must I talk to the guy after cleaning up his grave? Doesn’t it mean that Andriel will not have a peaceful death if more players accepted the Hidden Quest?

Just as she was complaining to herself, Ye Ci could feel a chill crawling down her spine.

She turned around, and saw a puff of green smoke rising from the grave and forming itself into the shape of an Elf. There was a tiny wound at the figure’s ear, just like what Tamra described in his diary.

Andriel’s appearance began to form from the green shape. The Elf’s eyes remained close until his entire form had taken shape.

And he stared at Ye Ci with his blue eyes.

“Oh, what do we have here? A young Elf.” Andriel’s voice was pleasing to the ears. It was as if the Elf was alive. Ye Ci had never heard the voice of the Elf when he was alive, but she was certain that it would be very pleasant as well.

“Greetings, my name is Gongzi You.” Ye Ci greeted the spirit of Andriel, “I am here to pay my respects, great hero.”

The spirit of Andriel stared at Ye Ci intently, with a sense of longing and kindness in his eyes, “You’re… Alive?”

“Yes, I am.”

“How long has it been since I’ve seen an Elf alive at such a young age?”

Andriel closed his eyes and let out a long sigh before opening his eyes once again, “You do not seem like you came from the field of battle. I do not smell the stench of war on you. Where are you from?”

“I came from our homeland, and ran into Tamra. He wanted me to visit an old friend of his in his stead.” Ye Ci’s reply was short and simple.

“Our homeland?” Andriel appeared to be taken aback. Tears welled in his eyes as he leaned closer to Ye Ci and took in a deep breath, “Yes, I can smell the scent of the forest on you. I like that smell.” the spirit let out a sigh, “Does it mean that the war has ended?”

“Yes, o’ great hero.”

“So we Elves did not fall into ruins after Dau’er’s demise?”

“Yes. Our race was able to survive thanks to the bravery of heroes like you.” Ye Ci placed her hand on her chest and knelt before Andriel, “I thank you on behalf of the members of our race.”

Andriel stared silently at Ye Ci for a long while before sighing, “That’s good… That’s good.” He looked up into the sky and extended an arm towards Ye Ci, “Rise, young one. I am glad to see you.”

Ye Ci rose to her feet and stared at Andriel, “Is Tamra still hiding in that cave?” he asked.

“Yes. He told me that he hasn’t left that place for a long time. That’s why he wanted me to come visit you.”

Andriel nodded at Ye Ci, the smile on his lips was full of sorrow as he spoke, “I’ve brought trouble to his doorsteps. He’s not like me. He’s just a refugee fleeing the war, but I am a warrior fighting at the frontlines. Dying in battle is my glory, and ensuring the survival of our race is his mission. I shouldn’t have forced my duty upon him. Perhaps this is why he no longer visits me.”

Ye Ci paid close attention to every word. She was certain that the secret behind the Elven King Dau’er was hidden in this quest. She knew that she could not afford to miss any of the NPCs’ words.

And it was apparent that Andriel’s mission was highly important. According to Tamra’s diary, Andriel handed him something very important before his death. This was why Tamra was pursued by Naga’s minions and was forced to hide in the cave for the rest of his life.

“We Elves have always been a race that was true to our hearts. If Tamra is angry with you, he wouldn’t have missed you so dearly. He wouldn’t have asked me to visit you in his stead. So don’t worry.” Ye Ci smiled. She was hoping to give consolation to Andriel, as it was the only way she would be able to obtain any useful information from the Elf.

Andriel stared gently at Ye Ci, “Thank you, young one. I do not know if this is what Tamra thinks of me, but thank you. You must’ve faced many difficulties to get here from our homeland. Tell me, are you brave?”

“Yes, great hero. I am willing to help fulfill any wish that you still hold.” Ye Ci was able to sense the meaning behind Andriel’s words.

The Elf was satisfied with Ye Ci’s response. He extended his arm towards Ye Ci, and revealed a brooch in his palm, “This was given to me by Tamra as an encouragement for me to live. But I’ve disappointed him in the end. I give this to you now, please hand it back to Tamra. Tell him that you’re willing to take over the burden he has been carrying with him. Please tell him to accept this brooch from me. I want to encourage him to continue living just as he did for me. I want him to return to our homeland instead of ending up like me. We’re Elves, and we belong with the trees in our homeland.”

Andriel drew his hand back to Ye Ci’s confusion when she extended her hand to accept the brooch, “What is it?”

Worry was written all over Andriel’s face, “Young one, do you know what it means to take over the burden from Tamra?”

Ye Ci tilted her head and smiled at the Elf, “What is there to fear? Death is probably the worst outcome I have to face, and I do not fear death.”

Andriel was stunned by her response. A bright smile appeared on his face after a long while, “I can sense Dau’er’s bravery on you. I think I’ve made the right judgement.”

And with that, he handed the brooch to Ye Ci. He clasped Ye Ci’s hand tightly, and she could feel a chill crawling on the skin of her hand, “Go, young one! You can always come to me if you have questions. Place your palm on my grave, and I shall know that you need me.”

Andriel then let go of Ye Ci’s hand, and disappeared into a puff of green smoke.

Ye Ci then summoned Ol’ Six and headed back to Tamra’s cave.

She handed the brooch back to Tamra, and relayed to him what had happened. The Elf appeared deep in thought as he accepted the brooch from Ye Ci. his shoulders were trembling. Despite the calm expression on his face, the Elf’s true feelings were revealed in his eyes.

He let out a sigh after a long silence and stared at Ye Ci, “I’m old. I don’t think I can make it home anymore. Has Andriel forgotten? I don’t even remember the way home anymore…”

Even if they were in a game, Ye Ci had a realisation that war would always leave an irremovable scar on those who survived.

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    《Reign of the Hunters》