Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 461 Figh
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 461 Figh


Fate was still a considerably balanced game. In a situation where the difference in levels and equipment between players were not great, even a top tier player would have trouble taking on multiple opponents alone. But everything has an exception.

Top tier players were at the top of the food chain not only because of their mechanical skills, equipment, level, but also because of things like luck.

Luck was something that was very powerful in Fate. Just like how some could win hundreds of millions from a lottery and change his or her life forever, while many others could not.

The trio were exactly like that. Their luck that other players did not possess was also a factor that gave them a considerable advantage other than their mechanical skills, the efforts they put into the game, as well as their equipment and level.

The players on the third floor of the cathedral were between lvl60 to lvl65, and there were a dozen monster spawn locations with a high spawn rate. This made it a highly contested leveling area for members of the major guilds.

But a leveling party was usually not organized by the officers of a guild, and was instead led by the leaders of each of their squadrons. And these squadrons would usually not cut off the remainder of the players from the spawn locations as a tacit understanding between players.

After all, there was still a large number of solo players in the game, and the major guilds were reluctant in incurring their wrath. They might not be able to take the guilds on in a fight, but they could still easily harass members of the major guilds.

It was very rare for a guild to act like Golden Era, and clear out an entire leveling player. Ye Ci knew not if it was an order from Breeze. And if it was indeed an order from the leader of Golden Era, then the only thing that Ye Ci could say was that Breeze was an idiot.

Despite their lack of interaction, Ye Ci could tell from the few times they met that Breeze was someone who was highly ambitious, but was also capable of keeping a low profile.

It was not easy for Golden Era to take up all the spots with only sixty of their players, but it was also a sign that these players were very skillful.

And the players soon proved Ye Ci correct. They were able to work flawlessly with one another in their battle against the trio. Despite their best attempts to take out the Priests, Clerics, or any other healers among the Golden Era players, they did not succeed.

“That black robed Cleric in their party is good.” said Spotless Autumn when he dodged yet another attack. He gulped down a bottle of Haste Potion, and cast a large area Water type spell to slow down his opponents.

Players would normally be panicking when they were outnumbered in a PVP fight. And even if they were able to calm their nerves, they would never have the time to chat with each other in the party channel.

The same thing could not be said for the trio, who were casually chatting as the battle raged on.

“Yup. I think he has equipment that buffs his movement speed and evasion. Even I’m having some difficulties in taking him out.” Ye Ci nodded. She had attempted to kill the Cleric, but he was able to dodge her arrows and hide himself behind the Warriors or Paladins in his party.

“And his healing is good. We must take him out first or the fight will be hard for us.” Fleeting Time explained the situation calmly. A rough estimate placed the Cleric’s level at lvl64. He was certainly one of the higher level players in the party.

The Cleric had survived multiple attacks on him, and he was able to escape death on multiple occasions by dodging incoming attacks and was even able to save several other players in his party form the brink of death.

“What a waste of time. We’re not getting any EXP out of them, and I have only more Sin values to gain.” Ye Ci was at the end of her patience. The teamwork between the Cleric and his Paladin and Warrior party member was simply too frustrating.

“What are you planning to do?” Fleeting Time asked with a smile.

“I’ll blow them all away. My pet might have a lower level, but as long as they do not have Mithril armor, I’ll be able to burn them to death.” it was apparent that Ye Ci had finally lost her patience.

“Do you need some help?” Fleeting Time smiled at her, “Let’s end this.”

“You have an aerial steed as well?”

“As a matter of fact I do.”

“What’s your steed?”

“It’s something with a slightly lower tier than yours.” Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes.

Fleeting Time’s words could only mean two things. He knew that Ol’ Six was Ye Ci’s pet, and he had in his possession a formidable aerial steed.

There’s not many aerial steed in Fate, and a life form that was just one tier lower than a Dragon… Could it be?

Ye Ci wasted no time in guessing. She immediately summoned Ol’ Six. Despite the cathedral’s high ceiling, there was still not enough space for a Dragon to fly. Ol’ Six was forced to fight on land. Its speed was not as fast, but its Dragon Breath’s range was able to make up for its slower speed.

The loud chirping of a bird rang out on the third floor of the cathedral not long after Ol’ Six appeared. Ye Ci turned around to see a bird with fiery feathers standing not far behind her.

Ye Ci took in a sharp breath. It’s a phoenix! While Phoenixes ranked one tier lower than Dragons, they had a very powerful skill that could be utilized in battle. It was a skill called Nirvana. The skill had a CD of four hours. This meant that the Phoenix could revive itself in combat every 4 hours.

“Do you really have to do that? There’s no way I can win at this point!” exclaimed Spotless Autumn when he spotted the two pets. Despite his words, he began retreating behind the two large animals.

“Spotless Autumn, it’s just one gold coin. Do you really have to be that stingy?” said Ye Ci as she directed Ol’ Six’s attack against the Golden Era players.

“Many a mickle makes a muckle.” came the reply from Spotless Autumn.

And Ye Ci almost coughed up blood.

If the previous battle was a contest of skills between the two sides, it had become a one-sided slaughter. The Golden Era players were defenseless against the combined might of a Dragon and a Phoenix without Mithril armor.

And the battle ended very quickly just like Fleeting Time said. The Golden Era players were reduced into corpses in less than a minute along with the many monsters in the third floor of the cathedral. The trio received a large amount of Honor Points, Experience Points, Sin value, and equipment during that short window of time.

The majority of the Golden Era players did not like trash talking, and a few of the dead Golden Era players were apparently the minority in their guild. Text bubbles with very intimate greetings for the female family members of the trio immediately appeared from the corpses, but these were completely ignored, for another text bubble appeared on the Cleric’s corpse.

“Don’t you think it’s foolish of you to fight against us? So what if you are top players? Do you think you can take on the entire Golden Era guild?” his words were logical, but it meant nothing to Ye Ci.

“And what do you want us to do? Sit still as you attack us?” she sneered.

“Of course not.” replied the Cleric, “But if you can apologize to us in the World Channel, we will forget about what happened today. If not…”

Ye Ci ignored the Cleric’s threat and said to Spotless Autumn, “Pick up their equipment. You’ll probably make enough money for a month’s worth of leveling.”

“Aiya, you’re such a good person, Gongzi You!” said Spotless Autumn as he began happily picking up the equipment.

“We’ll be taking a portion of the money.” said Fleeting Time, and Spotless Autumn stumbled.

“Gongzi You, Fleeting Time, you’ll regret this!”

But his threats were completely ignored.

The map was not a large one, which meant that its graveyard was at a relatively near spot. The trio immediately ran into Golden Era players in larger numbers when they walked out of the cathedral.

At least 500 had gathered before the cathedral, and they were led by the Cleric himself, “Gongzi You, Fleeting Time, Spotless Autumn… I told you you’ll regret what yo-” an arrow pierced through the Cleric’s throat before he could finish his sentence, sending him back to the grave. The attack came so fast that nobody realised that Gongzi You Had already begun her attack.

Another battle ensued in front of the cathedral. While Ol’ Six and the Phoenix were finally able to take flight, this did not mean that the battle was made easier.

Without the confines of the cathedral, the Golden Era that came prepared were able to scatter after consuming Haste Potion. They were able to deal a considerable amount of damage to both the aerial steed.

But it was all still a futile attempt. While some of them were able to avoid the aerial steeds’ attack, many more were caught and the damage they took could not be healed by the Clerics who were a distance away. Before long, the Golden Era players have already suffered heavy casualties.

“Do not panic! Reinforcements are on the way” shouted a voice as the battle continued. It was the Cleric.

Ye Ci could feel her head aching. She did not wish to waste more time in a fight against more Golden Era players. Her goal was to end the battle as soon as possible and leave the area.

The Golden Era players might not be afraid of death, but she was worried about wasting her time.

But the Cleric’s words did nothing to raise the morale of his men. They were pitched in a one-sided battle against two aerial steeds, and they knew that their reinforcements would also suffer heavy casualties when they joined the battle.

A familiar voice called out to Ye Ci just as she thought the battle was at its end, “Long time no see, Gongzi You.”

Ye Ci steadied Ol’ Six in the air, and spotted the owner of the voice when she lowered her altitude. She did not know how she should respond to the greeting.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》