Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 366 Hello Gongzi You
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 366 Hello Gongzi You

“What is it?” Fleeting Time shifted his gaze quickly from the white smoke to Ye Ci.

Ye Ci stared at Ye Ci, and after some slight hesitation, bit back the words that she originally intended to say, “Has the battle ended over there?”

“Yes. it has.” Fleeting Time nodded. He knew what Ye Ci was initially about to say, and he decided to not press her for details. But he still felt slightly dejected.

He was impressed by Gongzi You’s strength, but was also saddened by the fact that Gongzi You was shouldering her troubles alone. He wanted to assure her that things would be alright as long as he was with her, but he did not want to make things awkward for Gongzi You. The only thing he could do was to smile at her.

Ye Ci was shocked, “The construction is complete? It’s not even seventy two hours yet!”

“Yu.” Fleeting Time nodded, “Well, we do have a lot of manpower. That’s what they’re here for.”

Ye Ci smiled. She finally understood the meaning of ‘the power of the people’, “Am I still needed or I can go back now?”

Fleeting Time blinked at Ye Ci and sighed, “Head over to the fort. Absalom has a lot of rubbish to say to you.”

And Absalom indeed had a load of rubbish for Ye Ci. He tried to haggle, and to appeal to sympathy, but no matter what he said, Ye Ci continued leaning against a large piece of boulder and proceeded to ignore the man’s words while feeding Ol’ Six once in a short while.

She then glanced at Absalom, “I think the spring water in the newbie village will be able to quench your thirst.”

“Eh? What?” Absalom confused by Ye Ci words. He was in the middle of his speech to persuade Ye Ci to cut down on the number of Genesis elites that she would be bringing over to the Eastern Continent.

Silent Hymn and Fleeting Time tried their best to suppress the laughter that threatened to leave their mouths.

Ye Ci raised an eyebrow at the two standing at the side, then shifted her gaze back to Absalom. Ahhh.. The joke flew right over his head. She sighed. I was telling him to have a drink for all the blabbering he did so that I can leave. She looked up into the blue sky, “It’s nothing. Carry on if you still have something else to say.”

Fleeting Time was leaning against a boulder opposite to Ye Ci. He received more and more surprises from Gongzi You the more he interacted with the Huntress. She did not strike him as someone who was capable of telling corny jokes.

But Absalom’s thoughts were not on Ye Ci’s words. He realised that Ye Ci’s patience was already at its limits, but he did not want to give up on his persuasion attempt.

Ye Ci allowed her eyes to stray as Absalom droned on and on. She saw a woman in fiery robes approaching the group. She was finally able to recognise the familiar face as the woman came closer. But she did not expect the woman to greet her first, “Heh, do you still remember me Gongzi You? We met during your last visit here.”

Ye Ci had a decent memory. She would of course remember the woman, “Long time no see, Sour Apple.” Just then, she noticed another female Cleric in blue robes decorated with elegant patterns standing behind Sour Apple. A large gleaming gem was fixed on the tip of the staff she carried on her back.

From a glance, Ye Ci could tell that she was one of Genesis’s main Cleric. Her equipment was the best pre level 60 Cleric set, and they were all enchanted and were embedded with high level gems. She must be a very skillful player, or Genesis wouldn’t entrust something like this to her.

The Cleric was staring back at Ye Ci as well. Ye Ci would usually ignore the stares she received from someone else, but the Cleric was different. She did not like the way the Cleric was looking at her.

Absalom immediately clamped his mouth shut when he noticed that White Fairytale had arrived along with his wife. Even if Sour Apple was his wife, he understood very well that it was wise to not let too many people in on the guild’s secrets.He smiled at the two women as a form of greeting.

Silent Hymn did the same as well, but his gaze was shifting from Ye Ci to Fleeting Time, then to White Fairytale. A meaningful smile appeared on his face.

Absalom’s eyebrows furrowed when he noticed what was going on. He shot a glare at Sour Apple, who could only sigh in response. She was exasperated and embarrassed at the same time. White Fairytale had insisted on intruding upon the meeting when she saw Gongzi You despite Sour Apple’s best efforts to stop her friend.

Fleeting Time saw White Fairytale as well, but his expression did not change. He glanced at her as if she was just an insignificant member of the guild.

White Fairytale had been focusing solely on Fleeting Time after her arrival. She knew who the girl was. She was not an idiot, and was not blind and deaf. She knew every single rumor about Fleeting Time and the girl, and this was why she must have a look. She wanted to know just what sort of relationship Fleeting Time was having with the girl.

She knew that she was not liked by Fleeting Time, but she refused to let go. Even if he doesn’t like me, can he at least hate me? Hate is also an emotion, right? If he hates me, I will at least have a spot in his heart!

But the look that Fleeting Time gave her was enough to freeze her blood. She knew that her presence might anger Fleeting Time, but what she did not expect was the look she received from him. It was like he was simply looking at a piece of rock. His eyes were cold, and his face did not even show even a hint of emotion.

She bit on her lips as she cast a sideway glance at the girl who managed to capture Fleeting Time’s heart. Her silvery hair that matched Fleeting Time’s color was tied into a ponytail. She could sense a hint of arrogance in the girl’s eyes. The girl’s appearance was nothing out of the ordinary, but she exerted a strong pressure on those around her.

The girl’s Dragon stood beside her as she leaned against a boulder. A person like the girl would usually be ignored in the presence of something like a Dragon, but she was different.

Her appearance might not be remarkable, and her equipment was not at all impressive, but all eyes were still attracted by her presence.

So… This is Gongzi You?

The Gongzi You before her was not the Gongzi You that she imagined. She had always thought of Gongzi You as someone who was prettier, gentler, and someone who loved Fleeting Time even more than him.

Why is she able to grab his attention?

The atmosphere immediately grew awkward. Ye Ci was studying the Cleric with mild interest. She was a beauty who was even more gorgeous than Dong Yin and Peacock Blue, and her eyes had never left Fleeting Time the moment she arrived.

Ye Ci looked at the Cleric, then at Fleeting Time, and a smile that filled Fleeting Time’s heart with unease appeared on her face.

Fleeting Time wanted to say something to diffuse the situation, but he was at a loss for words. What can I say? I have nothing to do with this woman? He knew that it would only make matters worse. Let’s go somewhere else? One look at Ye Ci’s expression told him that she had no intention to leave.

White Fairytale walked up to Ye Ci when Fleeting Time was still figuring a way out of this situation. A gentle and yet charming smile hung on her face as she extended her hand towards Ye Ci, “Hello, I’m White Fairytale.”

Ye Ci stared at the Cleric as she walked gracefully towards her. Hell, even I might’ve fallen for her if I’m a guy. The hand that she extended towards Ye Ci was like a work of art. It was soft, delicate, and tender.


What does it have to do with me?

Shouldn’t someone be introducing her to me instead? Ye Ci realised that not a single person had made a move to introduce her to the Cleric. This was an indication that her presence was either not needed, or she came uninvited.

But all of it had nothing to do with Ye Ci. She was merely a business partner with Genesis, and anything else had nothing to do with her.

But why is she introducing herself to me?

Ye Ci looked at White Fairytale’s smiling face, then at her demure hand, and raised her eyebrow. She studied the faces of the Genesis members' present, and noticed different expressions. Absalom and Sour Apple had strange looks on their faces, while Fleeting Time’s eyebrows were furrowed, and Silent Hymn was watching the entire scene unfold with amusement on his face.

It took Ye Ci at least ten seconds to complete this series of action, and White Fairytale’s hand was left hanging in the air all this while. The atmosphere was very awkward, but she did not retract her hand because of that. The smile remained on her face as she waited for Ye Ci to shake her hand.

White Fairytale looked at Fleeting Time from the corner of her eyes. She saw the man’s eyebrows furrowing slightly when she extended her arm before the cold indifference once again returned. He was staring at her coldly as if she was a despicable enemy.

“Gongzi You.” Ye Ci finally shook White Fairytale’s hand before letting go quickly.

And just then, Fleeting Time who had remained motionless walked up to Ye Ci and slapped away White Fairytale’s hand that was still holding on to Ye Ci’s, “They say shitty mechanical skills are contagious.”

Ye Ci raised an eyebrow. This was not the first time Fleeting Time had done something like this, and the reasons he used were similar.

To her, Fleeting Time was not a very likeable person. He was handsome, but this attitude of his left more to be desired.

But… For reasons unknown to Ye Ci, she suddenly felt that the Fleeting Time with a deadpan expression at the moment was somewhat cute.

White Fairytale blushed and her eyes reddened. She lowered her head for a short while before once again looking at Ye Ci, “I’m Fleeting Time’s classmate.” she said with a sorrowful smile.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》