Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 367 Living The Momen
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 367 Living The Momen


Classmate is a very abstruse word.

Especially when it was used to describe the relationship between a man and a woman of marriageable age.

It was something that one would use to introduce a friend of the opposite sex, “This is my classmate.”

And this would usually earn looks that said “I know where this is going” from one’s peers.

It was like a gray area between being friends and being a couple. It was an informal declaration that there was something between the two.

Had Ye Ci not been a reincarnator, she would not have understood the meaning behind White Fairytale’s words. She would naively believe that White Fairytale was nothing but a classmate of Fleeting Time.

But her last life has taught her a lot.

She narrowed her eyes at White Fairytale, and then glanced at Fleeting Time. A slight smile appeared on her face, “Oh.” she nodded.

Fleeting Time frowned. He also knew what White Fairytale was hinting at, but he could not refute her words, “We’re friends back in junior high school.”

But White Fairytale immediately spoke up after him, with a bright smile, “That’s right! From junior high, to senior high, and all the way to university. It’s a shame we’re not studying the same major, but we’ve spent at least ten years as classmates.”

Fleeting Time’s face was devoid of emotion as he stared at White Fairytale. He was angered by the smug smile of White Fairytale’s face.

Ye Ci’s smile grew even wider. She now knew why the woman was talking to her. She could feel the hostility seeping from White Fairytale, and that hostility was directed towards her.

But… What does it have to do with me?

Ye Ce yawned at the back and forth between Fleeting Time and White Fairytale and spoke to Absalom, “So are you done here?”

Absalom was of course not done, but he knew better than to continue the previous conversation in a situation like this, “Yeah. I’m done.”

“I’ll take my leave then.” Ye Ci immediately mounted Ol’ Six and waved at the group, “See you.”

Ol’ Six shot up into the sky with a loud roar.

“Gongzi You!” White Fairytale suddenly called out to Ye Ci.

Ye Ci pulled on Ol’ Six’s reins and looked down at White Fairytale, “What is it?”

“Why don’t we go for a drink the next time we meet? The Black Tea in the Western Continent is quite famous in the game.” White Fairytale was smiling as she waved her hand at Ye Ci.

But she was cut off mid sentence by Ye Ci, “I’m sorry, but I do not drink with strangers. Besides, I’d prefer wine since we’re in a game.”

White Fairytale’s smile immediately froze, but it was ignored by Ye Ci as she flew away on Ol’ Six.

Fleeting Time cast a look at White Fairytale that was so cold that it could freeze the very air in front of him. He summoned his Phoenix to follow after Ye Ci, but White Fairytale grabbed hold of his arm, “Don’t be like this, Fleeting Time.”

But Fleeting Time was calmer than a pool of water, “Let go.”

“Fleeting Time…”

“Let go.” a slight frown formed on Fleeting Time’s forehead.

As a person who had a crush on Fleeting Time for thirteen years, White Fairytale knew him very well. She understood every single bit of his body language. His left brow would always rise when he was angry, and his brows would crease, while his mouth would be pursed up into a straight line.

And if the situation continued to be unpleasant to Fleeting Time, his anger would erupt, and he might even take things too far.

White Fairytale did not wish to see Fleeting Time going after Gongzi You, but she was also afraid of his anger. She loosened her grip, and Fleeting Time’s arm immediately shot out from her hands. He jumped onto his Phoenix and immediately flew up into the sky after Gongzi You.

Absalom felt nothing but heartache and sorrow as the duo departed. His three thousand elites were given away just like that. He felt like he would cough up at least three litres of blood. But what was done was done, and there was no way he could take his words back.

He sighed and gave Silent Hymn a meaningful glance. As he left along with his second in command, Absalom shot his wife a glare and snorted.

Sour Apple sighed when she saw his expression. Her actions had caused a lot of trouble. No matter how much Absalom loved her, he was still a man of principles. He had already insisted upon removing Mo Leng from the guild after her “attempted suicide”, but he lacked a valid reason.

Silent Hymn on the other hand was worried that White Fairytale might seek revenge on the guild by selling Genesis’s secrets to the other guilds on the Western Continent. And this was why she was still allowed to remain in the guild. One thing however was made very clear to Sour Apple: She must cut ties with Mo Leng and not tell her anything about the decisions made by the guild’s officers.

Of course, it was all done without White Fairytale’s knowledge. Sour Apple was the only one who knew, and she shared the same views as Absalom. She had even begun keeping a distance from White Fairytale, but the incident today was something she did not anticipate would happen. She stared at White Fairytale who was still looking at the direction where Fleeting Time had left and sighed. Why is this happening to me...

Fleeting Time was able to quickly catch up with Ye Ci. He studied her expression but found nothing out of the ordinary. But he was still unsettled by what happened.

Ye Ci of course knew that Fleeting Time had caught up to her. She cast a sideway glance at the man, and noticed that his eyebrows were furrowed, and worry was written all over his face much to her fascination. I’ve never thought that I’d see such an expression on his face.

She retracted her gaze and stared to the front. White Fairytale had not done anything to place her in a bad mood, but it made her realise that some things must be let go.

Her encounter with Fleeting Time was something that was bound to happen. He was her target that must be surpassed, but she had also ended up as his target as well. She did not dislike Fleeting Time. She was merely not used to the feeling of being the focus of the attention of her target.. And this filled her with unease.


That’s right, she was filled with unease.

This was a common emotion when humans found that things were no longer in their control. Ye Ci did not know how to proceed. She did not know if she should face it head on or to flee.

The romantic relationship she shared with someone else in her last life had affected her in ways she did not realise. And what about this life? Do I still have it in me to trust someone else again? Or will this new relationship end in yet another failure?

She was never one to hesitate, but at this very moment, she found herself hesitating. She let out a long sigh. Being in a relationship was harder than clearing the hardest difficulty dungeon.

“Fleeting Time, how would you deal with something that you’re not sure of?” Ye Ci looked up into the sky.

Fleeting Time was surprised. He was still thinking of a way to initiate a conversation with Ye Ci, but she had spoken to him.

This question sent his imagination running wild. Something that is uncertain? Well aren’t I facing such a situation right now? He smiled at Ye Ci and gave her his response, “Nobody knows what will happen in the future. And since it’s full of uncertainty, why don’t we just live the moment to the fullest?”

Ye Ci raised an eyebrow and looked at Fleeting Time, “Live the moment?”

Fleeting Time nodded in response. Ye Ci looked away from him and into the skies ahead. It’d be nice to live out the moment and not think about the future.

And what should I be doing in the present? Ye Ci laughed. Well, Fleeting Time is not that bad of a person. I don’t think I hate him that much, and at least… It’s not like I didn’t enjoyed the moment we shared in the wisteria garden.

And with that, Ye Ci came to a sudden realisation.

Fleeting Time was worried when Ye Ci remained silent. Panic gripped his heart as he stared at her face. And he finally spoke up after some hesitation, “I… She and I are just friends, Little Gongzi. Nothing but that.”

A faint smile appeared on Ye Ci’s lips, “Fleeting Time…”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》