Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 370 Bad Luck Returns
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 370 Bad Luck Returns

And with that, the Black Widow’s body began to bulge and morph into a gigantic arachne. Her lower limb was that of a spider, while her upper limb retained its human form. Her arms morphed themselves into two long scythes, and she began swinging them wildly at Ye Ci. Her attacks were not able to land due to the choke point.

Ye Ci would duck whenever the scythes swung by, and then resume her attack while directing Ol’ Six to attack with its Dragon Breath.

It did not take long for the Black Widow’s HP to be nearing the 10% mark. Don’t tell me she’s going to change into something else?

Reality would soon prove to Ye Ci that she had jinxed herself. The Black Widow roared when her HP was at 10%, “Do you think you can win, Elf? I will let you have a taste of death!”

And the NPC headed to her throne.

Ye Ci was rather upset by how the situation was progressing. Damn it! I bet something bad is going to happen!

And it did.

The Black Widow activated a mechanism on her throne, and the throne slowly swung open to reveal a gigantic hole beneath. What the heck is this? Is she going to jump down there? Thought Ye Ci.

Just then, a giant maggot rose from the hole. One look at the maggot would send anyone with a fear of insects scurrying for their lives.

Ye Ci sighed. Ahh, so she summoned some sort of pet?

But what happened next made Ye Ci curse the developer who designed the map. You sun of a beach!

The Black Widow jumped onto the maggot, which opened its mouth and swallowed her lower limb whole. A bright green light shone from the BOSS just when Ye Ci thought that the Black Widow was feeding herself to her pet. But when the glow of the green light faded again...

Ye Ci continued cursing at the developer as she evaded a poison attack from the BOSS. Are you kidding me! Which sicko came up with a BOSS like this!

The Black Widow had fused herself with the maggot. Her upper torso had become the mouth of the maggot, while her limbs its feelers that were attempting to sense Ye Ci’s location so that it could attack her with a spray of poison.

Each venom attack would inflict a damage over time debuff, Slow, Defense Reduction and many other negative stats on a target. While the BOSS could not leave the hole, it could still attack in very short intervals in a 360 degrees circle.

While it seemed that the BOSS attack could be easily avoided, each spray of venom had a large AOE with long range. Even Ye Ci with her high Speed and Agility dared not to stop or risk being hit by the poison.

The dangers of the poison was very apparent as it splashed on Ol’ Six. The Dragon turned into different shades of color with each attack according to the debuffing effects of the poison. It would have died if not for its high defense value.

Ol’ Six followed behind Ye Ci as she evaded the attacks. But with its originally slow movement speed and the various debuff, the Dragon had become the main focus of the BOSS’s attack. The only thing Ye Ci could do was to run around in circles around the BOSS while attacking and healing her pet.

The BOSS was designed as a test for a player’s Stamina and Speed. A player with insufficient Speed and Stamina would quickly find himself or herself in trouble during the fight.

White Ye Ci’s Stamina was slightly lacking, her attack was high, and with Ol’ Six attracting the attention of the BOSS, she was able to quickly defeat it without much trouble. With a final hiss, the BOSS exploded into pieces of meat that would deal poison damage to anything that was hit by it.

The explosion was so great that Ye Ci was not able to avoid the attack. Her health immediately plunged and she would have died had she not immediately chug down a few bottles of Health Potion.

Ye Ci then proceeded to heal Ol’ Six when her health was in stable condition. Even the formidable Dragon had its health reduced to a 10%. A lesser pet would have already been killed by the BOSS.

She then fed food to Ol’ Six to recover its mood before going up to the BOSS’s corpse.

But the BOSS, and its many pieces that were scattered throughout the hall by the explosion had disappeared, leaving a chest by the throne.

Ye Ci had zero expectations for the loot. Her bad luck would usually mean that the chest would never yield any Hunter related equipment. It was something that she had gotten used to.

But it did not stop the overwhelming disappointment she felt when all six lvl70 Purple quality equipment with very good stats were of other character classes. The single Orange quality weapon she obtained was a Warrior’s shield.

Ye Ci could feel the corners of her lips twitching, “Equipment is not important anyways! My level is the best equipment! My mechanical skills are the best equipment!” she tried her best to console herself as tears began welling in her eyes.

Her first Orange equipment was a Warrior’s equipment, and it was bound!

Ye Ci felt a strong urge to bash her head against a nearby wall. Ol’ Six sat beside Ye Ci, eyeing the chest intently for anything that it might be able to eat.

I will not suffer alone. Thought Ye Ci after she was done mourning her bad luck. She immediately opened the Guild Channel and shared the stats of the equipment into the channel used by Upwards Ho!’s elites.

The channel immediately quieted down when the members saw the stats of the equipment. They asked for Ye Ci’s location but they received no response.

She received a private message from Bai Mo when all the equipment had been posted, “Where did you get these?”

“The Red Monastery.”

“No way! These are lvl70 equipment, the Red Monastery is a lvl40 dungeon.”

“There’s a hidden room in the final BOSS’s study.” Ye Ci sighed.

“You killed the BOSS alone?” Bai Mo narrowed his eyes. Ye Ci came back from the Western Continent, and it was very likely that she returned to the East with a certain someone...

“Yup.” Ye Ci, who was still immersed in her own sorrows, was oblivious to the hidden meaning in Bai Mo’s words.

“You don’t sound happy.” observed Bai Mo, “You didn’t get an equipment for yourself again?”


“So what? Shouldn’t you be used to it already?”

Ye Ci almost coughed up blood at his remark.

And she decided to retaliate, “By the way, I got an Orange equipment too. A Warrior’s shield.”

“Really?!” Bai Mo practically screamed into the voice chat, “Are the stats good?”

“Very good.”

“Give it to me!!”

A sly smile appeared on Ye Ci’s lips, “It’s bound.”

She did not receive any response after that. Bai Mo must’ve fainted from all the blood he’s coughing up. She ended the voice call and was about to leave when she noticed a strange glimmer from the hold under the BOSS’s throne.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》