Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 379 Seriously Injured
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 379 Seriously Injured

Ye Ci could see her past self in Gongzi Yi.

She had once been trying her best to be as good as Fleeting Time, and would take any opportunity to prove that she was the better player. She might not be as crazed as Gongzi Yi, but she knew deep down that the girl had the same spirit within her.

But unlike the girl, she had never once let it show, and instead kept that desire locked in the deepest part of her heart. Gongzi Yi was many times more courageous than her in this regard.

Reality however, stated that not a single soul would care even if she was an imitation. Her capabilities and her skills as a player were the one doing the talking for her.

Gongzi Yi was also someone who was aiming for the top. And she was able to force Ye Ci into a rather dire situation, which was a feat that not many could accomplish. Fleeting Time, Spotless Autumn, Lethal Poison, and Gongzi Yi were the only ones who were capable of such a thing.

Ye Ci stole a glance at Gongzi Yi’s Void Dragon. Its chest was still heaving as it gasped for air. The Dragon’s fatigue was still great despite the short rest. It was apparent that the fight had pushed its stamina to the absolute limit. If the fight continued to be dragged on, the Void Dragon might even suffer from injuries.

Ol’ Six was not doing very well either. Its body was covered in wounds, and some of the deeper wounds were oozing blue blood. She did not know how long her pet would last.

Perhaps sensing her worry, Ol’ Six turned its head to face Ye Ci and let out a growl. She was shocked, but a smile spread across her face. She immediately fired off an arrow at Gongzi Yi. It was an attack launched without a skill. The arrow flew straight and true, whistling through the air at Gongzi Yi.

Gongzi Yi sneered coldly at Ye Ci. She dodged the arrow, and retaliated with attacks of her own.

But Ye Ci was not in a hurry to fight back. She turned Ol’ Six around, and flew in evasive patterns in the sky while occasionally firing back at her opponent. It seemed like she was attempting to escape.

Gongzi Yi had also realised that her Void Dragon’s stamina was fast deteriorating. “Gongzi You! Is this how you became the Solo Queen?” she shouted at Ye Ci as she gave chase, “By running away in a fight? Come fight me fair and square!”

Ye Ci turned her head around to look at Gongzi Yi. She smiled when she noticed the frustration that was clearly written on her opponent’s face, “Haven’t I been fighting you fair and square? Did I ask for help? Or was I using some sort of BUG to my advantage? So how have I not been fighting fair and square?”

“Don’t run if you dare, Gongzi You! Stop!” Gongzi Yi grew even more distressed as her Dragon’s stamina grew worse.

Ye Ci stopped Ol’ Six abruptly and smiled at Gongzi Yi who was still far away, “Alright, I’ve stopped.” she said as she fired off her arrow that was laced with poison at her opponent.

Gongzi Yi did not expect such a maneuver. She knew that Gongzi You was attempting to push the stamina of her Void Dragon to its limits. She was expecting Gongzi You to continue speeding away until her Dragon’s stamina was completely depleted. The counterattack caught her completely off guard.

She was so surprised by the attack that she did not think of dodging the arrow that buried itself in her chest. While the arrow did not hit her vital spot, it still dealt a significant amount of damage to Gongzi Yi. The poison on the arrow continued to siphon away her HP bit by bit as she evaded more attacks from Gongzi You, while simultaneously gulping down Health Potions to counteract the damage over time effect of the poison.

While Gongzi Yi was quick, Ye Ci was quicker. She flew Ol’ Six in front of her opponent and attacked with Dragon Breath.

Despite her Mithril Shirt, Gongzi Yi’s health plunged again. This threw her into a state of panic. She began to flee as she continued to down potion after potion to avoid outright dying to Ol’ Six’s Dragon Breath.

But Ye Ci’s aim had not been Gongzi Yi all along. She was aiming for the Void Dragon. She had realised that the Void Dragon was not protected by any defensive equipment during the fight. A Void Dragon’s basic defensive stats were not as formidable as a Holy Dragon. It was inferior in many ways in terms of defense and its offensive capabilities.

And as expected, the Void Dragon could not evade the attack. It let out a sharp wail when the Dragon Breath connected, and its body began to tremble. Gongzi Yi who was riding on the Dragon was losing her balance. She could not even fight back as her steed was shaking with pain. It was even thinking of turning around to flee.

Gongzi Yi immediately stopped her steed. But while she was able to stop her steed from fleeing, she quickly noticed a DEBUFF called “Fear” on her Dragon. And the description of the DEBUFF caused unease in her heart. The movement speed of her steed was decreased by 30%.

Her most potent weapon against the Holy Dragon, which was the Void Dragon’s speed, was well and truly nullified. She was at a complete disadvantage in a situation like this. Despite her burning desire to continue the fight, her rationality was still intact. Knowing that continuing the fight would endanger the life of her Void Dragon, she decided to retreat. The life of her steed was way more important than the fight. Gongzi You was going nowhere, but it would not be easy to resurrect a dead Dragon.

Although she was on the verge of victory, but the price of victory was simply too much to pay. Gong Yi considered her options, and spoke with a voice full of regret, “Gongzi You, we’ll continue our fight next time!” and she turned her Dragon around to retreat from the battlefield.

What she did not expect, however, was the Void Dragon to swing its spiky tail at Gongzi You.

Ye Ci saw the Void Dragon lifting its tail, and knew what was coming. She attempted to pull Ol’ Six up. Others in the game might not know that Dragons were a very warlike race, and they were very petty in nature. A Dragon could hold a grudge against its enemy, and would do all it can to inflict harm upon its enemy even at the cost of its life.

The Void Dragon’s acted out of spite for the battle that it had lost.

And Ye Ci knew that she could not allow the attack to connect.

But O’ Six acted even quicker than Ye Ci. It was a Dragon, and even when it did not grow up among its kind, its instinct was something that had been imprinted in its blood.

The first thing it did was to attempt to intercept the Void Dragon’s tail spike before it could hit.

Dragon scales were extremely thick, and made very good armor. But a Dragon’s tailspike was even tougher than its scales. It was very rare for a Dragon’s scale to withstand an attack from the tailspike of its own kind, and Ol’ Six was not exempted from that rule.

The Void Dragon’s tailspike sunk deep into Ol’ Six’s flesh. While none of its vitals had been hit, one of the spikes barely missed its heart by the tiniest of margin.

And the Void Dragon disappeared after letting out a low growl. It was a sign that the Dragon had returned to the pet inventory due to the injuries it sustained.

Gongzi Yi did not expect the turn of events at all. She was shocked. And as she plunged towards the ground at, she eyed Ol’ Six that was groaning in pain and gave Ye Ci a knowing smile. The fight had ended in a draw.

While Gongzi Yi was unfazed by the turn of events, Ye Ci was heart broken. Her Ol’ Six! Her Holy Dragon! The fight ended in a draw, but her Dragon had been seriously injured.

Ye Ci did not want to remain in the air out of fear for the appearance of more aerial steeds. She comforted Ol’ Six that was struggling to fly towards the fort in pain. The Dragon crashed into the fort, crushing some of the buildings under its weight and throwing Ye Ci clean off its back. She might have died had she not reacted in time.
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