Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 380 Post Mortem
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 380 Post Mortem

Ye Ci jumped down from Ol’ Six, and landed on the streets with a summersault. She immediately ran up to Ol’ Six after she stood back up on her feet.

Battles were still raging within the fort. Ol’ Six’s landing had smashed many of the structures within the fort, and blocked some of the streets as well. The Upwards Ho! members immediately surrounded the Dragon when it crash landed in the fort out of curiosity and out of concern.

Ol’ Six was wailing in pain on the ground. It lifted its head when it saw Ye Ci approaching. One look at the Dragon’s status showed to Ye Ci that its stats were greatly reduced. And they did not recover even after Ye Ci cast Pet Healing on her Dragon.

This situation could only be solved by allowing Ol’ Six some rest.

Purity Essence and Mi Lu descended from the wall. They frowned at the members around Ol’ Six, and Purity Essence began barking out commands to the players, “Guys, while you’re staring at the Dragon in envy and in awe, Golden Era is feeling lonely! Do you want them to feel sad? Why don’t we show them some of our guild’s courtesy? Get back into the fight gentlemen! If you don’t return to your post, we won’t have a fort tomorrow!”

The man had always been talkative, but the members who knew him well understood that his orders were something that they could not ignore despite his carefree attitude. He was one of the best commanders in the entire guild, and disobeying his orders would spell trouble for them.

And that was how Purity Essence was able to disperse the crowd around Ol’ Six. he walked up to Ye Ci who was inspecting the injuries on Ol’ Six, “We have some potions that work well with injuries. I don’t know how well they will work on a pet, but it won’t hurt to try.”

“Thank you.” Ye Ci nodded at Purity Essence and accepted the potion from him.

“That won’t be enough. It’s a Dragon, not a player.” said Mi Lu as he handed more potions to Ye Ci from his inventory.

Ye Ci accepted their potions, and applied them on bandages before covering them on Ol’ Six’s wounds. But due to the sheer size of her pet, Ye Ci could only tend to the more serious wounds as the potions were simply not enough. Ol’ Six was wailing with a low voice all the time, as if it had something that it was trying to communicate with Ye Ci.

She petted the Dragon on its head. She knew that things could not go on as it was, and pulled out the few remaining Super Pet Cores from her inventory. Ol’ Six was not at a stage where it could evolve, but she Pet Cores could be used to treat the wounds of a pet.

Ye Ci did not know what would happen to Ol’ Six, but it was the only way.

The risks were great, but she had to take it.

Ye Ci looked at Ol’ Six, and the Dragon saw the Super Pet Cores in her clutches. It immediately understood what Ye Ci was trying to do. It hummed softly at Ye Ci, seemingly agreeing to it, and closed its eyes. She held the cores near Ol’ Six’s mouth, and the Dragon swallowed them all with a flick of its tongue. “Everything will be alright, Ol’ Six” Ye Ci murmured to her pet, “Go to sleep, and everything will be alright.”

Ol’ Six, seemingly understanding Ye Ci’s words, let out a low hum, and drifted into sleep. The Super Pet Core was starting to take effect as well, as Ol’ Six’s scales began emitting a faint glow.

Ye Ci dismissed Ol’ Six back into her pet inventory, and the Dragon’s status had changed from “Can be summoned” to “Evolving”. She was anxious, as she did not know what effects it would have on Ol’ Six.

But the ongoing battle still took priority in Ye Ci’s mind. She looked at Purity Essence and Mi Lu and asked, “Which area are you two in charge of?”

“We’re in charge of the defence of the walls.” came the reply from Purity Essence.

“What’s the situation?”

“You’ll know once we get to the walls.” replied Mi Lu, and the trio began making their way to the fort’s wall while they discussed the situation of the battle..

Upwards Ho! was no longer in a dire situation. The Golden Era guild has apparently underestimated the readiness of Upwards Ho! for a fight. While their light siege weapons were able to damage the fort’s walls to a certain extent, the massive defensive guns of Upwards Ho! had also exacted a heavy toll on the Golden Era players.

A report from Upwards Ho!’s Rogue squadron mentioned at least thirty thousand pieces of equipment recovered from their dead enemies. While the losses of Upwards Ho! was not at all small, but Golden Era’s equipment was of high quality. The equipment salvaged from the battlefield could easily make up for the losses that were suffered by Upwards Ho!, while the loss of the flying machine was a heavy blow to Golden Era.

Despite their fewer numbers, the players of Upwards Ho! was not affected by attrition due to the presence of NPCs in the fort. Golden Era’s players were not able to replenish their consumables, and their only option was to call for a retreat after the heavy losses they have suffered.

Timely Rain began overseeing the repairs on the fort after the battle, while Ye Ci attended a meeting of the guild’s officers.

The aim of the meeting was to analyze the battle that had taken place, and as someone who has not fought at the front lines, Ye Ci had nothing to say. She sat at a corner and listened to Bai Mo, Fruit Jelly, Let Go Of That Girl, A Golden Man, and the other officers as they conducted a post mortem of the battle.

She stared out of the windows, at the guild members who were putting their backs into the repairs. The fort was bustling with activity. It was as if the players were celebrating their victory with a banquet in the fort. They might be fatigued, but their morale remained high.

“Gongzi… Old Mo is talking to you.” Ye Ci was pulled back into reality from her daze by a slight nudge from Fruit Jelly.

She looked at Bai Mo and asked, “What did you say?”

“I’m asking if you have any comments to make about the battle.” Bai Mo noticed Ye Ci staring out of the window, but there was nothing he could do. She had always been uninterested in meetings such as this, and would rather be out leveling up.

“There’s nothing to add.” but something flashed across Ye Ci’s mind right after she spoke, “Wait, I just remembered something.”

“What is it?”

“The players who fought against me just now. They’re all equipped with Mithril Shirts. Where did they get those?”

Bai Mo was shocked, “It might be the few that we sold. The players who bought them hid their name. I did not expect Golden Era to be the buyers.”

Ye Ci did not immediately respond, and instead thought silently for a short moment before asking yet another question, “How are our guild’s Mithril Shirts sold?”

“We would usually place them on auction, or sell them directly to the other guilds.” replied Pickled Pepper Phoenix Claw, “Our transactions were all recorded.”

“It’s not about the accounts.” Ye Ci shook her head, “I’m just thinking that we’ll have more trouble in our hands in the coming days. From their actions today, Golden Era seems to have found out about our Mithril ore vein, and they want it.” she continued after a slight pause, “Death Blossom contacted me before. They wanted to buy Mithril from us, but I declined her offer. I guess they’re now trying to obtain it by force.”

“Our guild is growing. And while we’re maintaining a monopoly on the Mithril Shirts, we still lack funding. Have you thought of seeking investments like the other major guilds?” Bai Mo gave Ye Ci a meaningful look.

But Ye Ci could not understand the meaning he was trying to convey, “You’re the guild leader. It’s up to you to decide. I’m more suited to be fighting in the front lines.” she let out a sigh, “I think we should prioritize on leveling up.”

“What are you planning?” asked Bai Mo.

Ye Ci did not respond to the question. She stared out of the window for a long time before saying to Bai Mo, “There’s something I have to deal with. I’ll take my leave.” to the confusion of the officers.

And Bai Mo received a private message from Ye Ci at the same time, “We might have a spy in our midst.”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》