Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 387 Discovery
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 387 Discovery

Gravedigger Goblins would appear for a duration of thirty minutes. They would usually remain in a fixed area if there were no players around, and would then disappear when the time was up.

Any attacks would immediately trigger a Gravedigger Goblin to begin to flee while dropping gold coins along the way, attracting the attention of players nearby and adding more pressure to the player who first discovered it.

Despite their lack of ability to fight back, the goblins were fast and were immune to crowd control abilities. They could easily escape from classes like Sorcerers, Clerics, and other characters with low movement speed.

Of course, players in Ye Ci’s current life knew nothing about Gravedigger Goblins yet, or the major guilds would have already long since been organizing parties in search for these creatures.

And with the peculiar setting of the Kira Mountain Range, the map was devoid of any player presence. Ye Ci had never run into any players during her two months exploring the map. She was not worried about any competition.

As a Sorceress in her last life, Ye Ci suffered greatly in her attempt to hunt the goblins. She once spotted a Gravedigger Goblin in a lvl120 map, and it took her nearly an hour to slay the goblin. The loot did nothing to keep Ye Ci from cursing Wang Jiangnan during the chase.

And Ye Ci was no longer a Sorceress. To prevent herself from tiring out during the chase, Ye Ci sat recovering her Stamina. She immediately began the attack once her Stamina was full.

She nocked an arrow, and fired off a shot at the Goblin, which was immediately alerted of Ye Ci’s presence. With a shriek, the Goblin immediately began to flee, and Ye Ci bounded after it in pursuit.

Attack after attack landed on the Goblin. It would have looked like a porcupine if a Hunter’s arrow would be removed by the system once it hit its target.

A Gravedigger Goblin did not possess high intelligence. The Goblin’s escape route was entirely random. But this also meant that the Goblin would usually wander into a mass of monsters, which would often be a problem for the players pursuing the Goblin.

Fortunately for Ye Ci, she had Ol’ Six by her side.

The Gravedigger Goblin attracted a lot of monsters as it fled, but they were all annihilated by Ol’ Six. This enabled Ye Ci to concentrate her attacks on the little goblin.

It had been a long time since she had to fight a Gravedigger Goblin. And she both loved and hated the goblin at the same time.

The movements of the goblin was simply too unpredictable for Ye Ci as she followed it in hot pursuit.

But due to her high movement speed as a Huntress, Ye Ci was still able to keep up with her prey. She would have been struggling at this point as a Sorceress.

While it was impossible for her to kill the goblin with a few hits, she was still able to keep up with its pace.

A Gravedigger Goblin would never stop once it began to flee, and Ye Ci did not even have the chance to study the map. She chased the Goblin through the thick forest, where sunlight could barely penetrate the leaves of the tall trees. The ground was covered with a thick layer of leaves, which captured the moisture very well. Water seeped into Ye Ci’s shoes as she bounded through the forest ground, and the uniquely pleasant scent of rotting leaves assaulted her nose.

Gold coins fell from the Goblin’s sack as it fled. They glinted on the dark forest ground, allowing Ye Ci to catch up with the Goblin on multiple occasions when she had almost lost her target.

And after a long pursuit, the Goblin’s health was finally near its end. Ye Ci let off a sigh of relief, and fired off the last arrow at her prey. With a shriek, the Goblin dropped dead on the ground, and the large sack it carried dropped onto the ground.

She walked up to the Goblin and began looting its corpse once she was sure that it was not faking its death.

And the God of Fortune did not disappoint, as Ye Ci was able to obtain a very bountiful loot from the Goblin.

She received four pieces of equipment and a large amount of gold. It came to her surprise that three of them were for the Hunter class: A lvl85 bow, a Purple quality quiver, and a protective charm.

Acute Bow of Devouring Snake

Quality: Purple

Strength +298

Agility +642

Endurance +310

Attack Speed +158

Critical Attack +30%

Critical Damage +30%

Additional skill:

Applies Poison Damage with attack. Triggers “Devour” after dealing three consecutive critical attacks.

Level Requirement: 85

Class: Hunter, Ranger

Devour: Creates a black hole using the power of the Snake God that devours an enemy with the highest Hit Points, and deals Dark damage to enemies within a 20 yards radius.

Vampiric Falcon Quiver:

Quality: Purple

Agility +300

Endurance +205

Attack Speed +80

Applies Lifesteal to attacks.

Elemental Protective Charm

Quality: Purple

Endurance +55

Critical Attack +15%

Critical Damage +10%


Increase the drop rate of gold and equipment from monsters.

The last piece of equipment was a Cleric’s ring with good stats, but Ye Ci did not even bother to have a look at its stats as she would never be able to put it to use. She would later hand it to Bai Mo so that it could be given to a Cleric in the guild.

Tears flowed down Ye Ci’s cheeks as she looked at the three Hunter equipment.

It has not been easy!

She had never been able to obtain more than a single piece of equipment from the many BOSSes she killed since she started playing the game. It all felt like a dream to her. Am I finally rid of my bad luck?

While the bow could only be equipped by a lvl85 character, Ye Ci was able to solve the problem by using her Brooch of Deceit. She then equipped the quiver and the protective charm.

The increase in her stats was very significant. Due to her luck, she had been using the same lvl60 equipment for a very long time. She was able to defeat monsters using her superior mechanical skills alone, but her damage output was not enough. It would have been impossible for her to level up if not for a strong pet like Ol’ Six.

She was finally able to deal some decent damage with the new equipment in hand.

Ye Ci immediately started to survey her surroundings once she took stock of the loot. She was in a place that she did not recognise. A quick glance at her map told her that she was in a previously unexplored area. It was a spot hidden from view by the high mountain ridges.

Where am I?

Ye Ci was quick to realise that she was surrounded by the ruins of an old building, and that she was standing in a courtyard. Only a few pillars remained of the large structure.

She took a few steps towards the ruins, and immediately received a system notification, “You’ve discovered the Elven Shrine.”

The Elven Shrine? Ye Ci was shocked. But her surprise was quickly replaced by a wave of joy. I finally found this place!
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    《Reign of the Hunters》