Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 393 Proceeding To The Next Stage 1
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 393 Proceeding To The Next Stage 1

Chapter 393 Proceeding To The Next Stage (1)

Only an idiot would tell the truth in a situation like this. Tan Polang chuckled at Ye Ci as he slid his hands into his pockets so that he would not clutch at them due to his anxiety, “Let’s go home, Sister Ye.”

Ye Ci raised her eyebrows and snorted at the boy, as if she was not interested at all in the idea. She was still waiting for an answer from him.

Tan Polang gulped and looked up into the clear sky. It did not feel like it had been snowing at all. It was as if the sky itself was telling him that he could not keep a secret in this world from Ye Ci.

And he finally buckled under her intense gaze. Of course, he only offered an explanation about his friendship with Fleeting Time, and hid the fact that he agreed to spy on Ye Ci for the man.

“Is that all?” Ye Ci was apparently finding it hard to believe Tan Polang’s words. She knew that Tan Polang was not as innocent as he claimed to be. There was no way the boy would remain uninvolved in this matter.

“Of course! I’m telling you nothing but the truth! You can ask Fleeting Time if you want! I’m not lying!” Tan Polang raised his hands. He knew Ye Ci very well. It was impossible for her to seek an answer from Fleeting Time especially on a topic like this, which was why he decided to push all the blame to Fleeting Time. I’m sorry, Fleeting Time. She’s too scary. She’s capable of killing me in-game and in real life.

He did not mind if it was a clean death, but the only thing he could forsee was endless torture at her hands.

Tan Polang blinked at Ye Ci. He was trying his very best to appear innocent, and to appeal to her benevolence.

Ye Ci continued staring at Tan Polang. She knew that she could not gain any valuable information from the boy, but she also knew that he was cooperating very closely with Fleeting Time. You little shit. I’ve treated you fairly well, haven’t I? But you sold me out! “I’ll have half of your red packet money this year.” she snorted.

“No way!” Tan Polang screeched miserably. He pleaded for mercy, but all his pleas fell on deaf ears. Ye Ci had no mercy for the “traitor”.

The Spring Festival came not a few days later. The game itself was bustling with activities just like real life.

The streets of the main cities were decorated with chinese-style decorations like NPCs performing lion dance, firecrackers, and Spring Festival Couplets.

Ye Ci spent less and less time online. Due to her missed opportunity caused by Zuo Xiaolan, and her failure to locate the shrine again, she decided to return to Red Lake City instead.

Fate officials would usually launch events in-game during festive seasons that could either increase a character’s reputation or reward them with a large sum of gold or even rare equipment. The Dragon Dance Festival that was held before was an example of such events, and they were all well accepted by the players.

Upwards Ho! had taken part in the dumpling wrapping competition this year, and was rewarded with a few pieces of decent equipment. But Ye Ci did not take part in the event as she still had the exploration of the Kira Mountain Range in mind.

Tan Polang had a sudden request for Zuo Xiaolan on the 27th day of New Year, “Mom, a friend of mine is here in our city. Can I invite him over for dinner?”

Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian had always been hospitable. They agreed to the request without even thinking about it. Ye Ci shot Tan Polang a glare, but it was ignored by the boy.

And because of that, Ye Ci decided to have a very serious discussion with Tan Polang.

“Is that friend of yours Fleeting Time?” Ye Ci had her hand on her hips as she stood behind Tan Polang, who was trying his best to focus his attention on his computer.

“Yes. What about it?” Tan Polang was forcing himself to remain calm.

“Why did you not ask me about it first?” Ye Ci’s heart was filled with fury. If he’s coming, doesn’t it mean that he’ll know where I live? Doesn’t it mean that he’ll make his way into my life? And my parents’ as well? Why does this feel so scary?

Tan Polang took a deep breath to strengthen his resolve, “Why should I discuss something like this with you?”

Ye Ci raised her eyebrows, and Tan Polang immediately found himself intimidated, “Even you admitted that there’s nothing between you two, but he’s my friend. He took real good care of me when I was on the national team, so why can’t I invite him over…”

Tan Polang’s voice was soft, but he was able to render Ye Ci completely speechless. The boy quickly grabbed the opening left by Ye Ci’s silence, “Besides, I haven’t met him for so many years. He did not know anybody in his city. There’s nothing wrong with me inviting him for a meal in our house, right? Can’t you be sympathetic? The Spring Festival is almost here, but he’s alone in an unfamiliar city! Don’t you pity him even one bit?” and he stood up without warning, “You’re such an unsympathetic person, Sister Ye!” and he rushed out of the room.

The only person remaining in the room was Ye Ci who was too stunned to even respond.

Am I being unsympathetic? Wait, how did it come to that? Thought Ye Ci, Wait a minute, Tan Polang was simply just redirecting the conversation! I was asking him why he didn’t talk to me about it first! How did it end with me being unsympathetic?

“Come back here, Tan Polang!” she shouted. But the boy was nowhere to be seen.

He had already left the house after leaving the room.

This was his first time shouting at Ye Ci, and his legs felt like jelly after the experience. Ye Ci’s angered voice was still reverberating in his ears.

He took in a deep breath and began to pray: I almost died taking a knife for you, Fleeting Time. I hope you’re able to put this opportunity to good use. My future depends on whether you’re able to tame this monster.

Yi Qingchen arrived at the Ye family home on time the next day, bearing gifts for the members of the family.

He was courteous and polite.

The family sat by the sofa and had small talks as it was still not time for dinner. Yi Qingchen’s performance exceeded Ye Ci’s expectations. He was able to say the right things that made Zuo Xiaoland and Ye Nantian very happy.

When it was near time for dinner, Zuo Xiaolan left to prepare food, leaving Ye Nantian, Ye Ci, Tan Polang, and their guest in the living room.

The four of them could not simply sit in silence, which was why they decided to play a game of mahjong instead.

Ye Nantian was the biggest winner on that day, while Yi Qingchen was the biggest loser.

While Yi Qingchen had been losing since the beginning, he did not display any hint of displeasure or anger much to Ye Nantian’s satisfaction. He grinned happily as he spoke to Yi Qingchen.

“How old are you this year, Little Yi?”

“Twenty six.”

“Aiya, I thought you’re barely pass the age of twenty like our Little Ci.”

Yi Qingchen smiled and directed his gaze to Ye Ci, “Ye Ci is past twenty already? You look so young, Uncle Ye, that I thought she’s only around the age of seventeen.”

Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Yi Qingchen and spoke with a voice that only she could hear, “How pretentious.”

Women were apparently not the only ones who were mindful of their age. Ye Nantian’s grin grew even wider at Yi Qingchen’s words, “Nah, Ye Ci will be twenty one soon. I’m an old man now.”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》