Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 403 Holy Mountain
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 403 Holy Mountain

Just how many of us have accepted this quest? Ye Ci did not know the answer, but she herself knew of three other people who were trying to complete this quest.

She did not know how many of the players would ultimately complete the quest, as she had no memory of large scale quests such as this in her last life. Her old self had never even received this quest, nor did any players who have completed the quest made any post about the quest.

But since the quest was accepted, this meant that she had to proceed with and and see to its end. There might be obstacles along the way, but they were things that she must overcome.

Spotless Autumn accepted the Sorcerer’s quest, while she and Fleeting Time were trying to complete the Hunter’s questline. It was obvious that Lethal Poison was here because of the Druid quest.

I wonder who will be the ones to complete the quest for Warriors, Paladins, Rogues, Rangers, Warlocks, Clerics, and the other classes that exist in the game?

The Holy Mountain was at the northernmost edge of the Middle Continent, in a map called the Land of Bitter Cold.

As high tier life forms, a Holy Dragon and a Phoenix had no problem dealing with the bone chilling winds in the map, but the same could not be said for Ye Ci and Fleeting Time who were mere players. Even the highest grade of Cold Resistant potion was not able to resist the effects of the chilling wind.

Ye Ci let out a huff as she stood at the foot of the Holy Mountain. There was nothing but snow in her vision. She tugged at her thick fur coat as she leaned against a tree, awaiting for Fleeting Time’s return.

Ol’ Six that was perched beside her was not even affected by the extremely low temperature.

The duo had attempted to fly towards the top of the mountain on multiple occasions, but they were both forced to land as neither of them could withstand the cold. They made the decision o split up to look for a way to the top of the mountain.

Ye Ci was the first one to return to the foot of the mountain. She decided to wait for Fleeting Time as he was nowhere to be seen. She was afflicted by the “Cold” debuff as she waited patiently for him. And as she pulled out a potion from her inventory, she quickly realised that her actions had become slower due to the debuffs.

With a sigh, Ye Ci gulped down the Cold Resistant Potion, but it did very little to alleviate the effects of the debuff. It was apparent that the potion was not enough to resist the extreme cold.

She glanced at her status. While her HP will not drop from the cold while she was at the foot of the mountain, her capabilities in combat would be severely limited due to the cold. Fortunately for the duo, however, the monster population at the foot of the Holy Mountain was relatively small.

The place is so cold that even time itself seemed to have been frozen solid by the extremely low temperature. Ye Ci paced back and forth as she continued waiting for Fleeting Time. She made the decision to leave the map if Fleeting Time did not show up.

Just then, his Phoenix landed slowly at a spot near her. She walked up to the Phoenix and leaned against it, as it was a very good source of heat in this cold environment.

“I don’t think it’s possible for us to get up there.” Fleeting Time grimaced at Ye Ci who was holding her hands near one of the fires on his Phoenix’s body.

“You did not find a way up?”

“Nope. I think we’ll never be able to get up there until we hit lvl100.” Fleeting Time walked up to Ye Ci, grabbed hold of her hands, and huffed a puff of hot air at her palms, “This place is cold.”

Ye Ci was stunned at the gesture that came so naturally by Fleeting Time, but she was able to mask her surprise, “Spotless Autumn’s quest seems to be in another location. I wonder how things are over there.”

“I doubt he’ll be faring better than us.” Fleeting Time chuckled.

Ye Ci snorted in response. He’s not wrong. Spotless Autumn would’ve come looking for my free labor if he has a way of completing his quest. He must’ve gotten stuck somewhere like us.

The duo eventually made the decision to leave the cold map.

There was no time limit to their quest, which meant that the quest would not be affected as long as it was completed. It was not worth the risk of dying and losing their experience points.

Their trip to the Holy Mountain however, was far from fruitless. They were able to locate a leveling spot on their way back to Hero City. But Fleeting Time was called away by Absalom as their guild was challenged by its rival, the Ostentatious Heart.

Ostentatious Heart was a guild based in the American continent that had been active for thirty long years. The guild’s history was ten years longer than that of Genesis, and its current leader Solomon was its sixth leader. The thirty years old man was very ambitious, and had led his guild into greatness in Fate.

Genesis was ranked second after Ostentatious Heart in her last life, and while they viewed having deals with Golden Era as something that was beneath them, the guild was still able to thrive as the top superguild in the Western Continent.

Despite the destruction that Golden Era wrought by the game in her last life, Ostentatious Heart had only lost not more than ten thousand of its members, and not a single one of the guild’s elites was among their numbers. They were only a small part of the five million player strong guild.

This was why Ye Ci always held the guild in high regard. She would have decided to work with Ostentatious Heart if not for her relationship with Fleeting Time.

Fleeting Time was hesitant when he received the message. He knew that he must take part in the battle between guilds, but he was worried for Ye Ci.

“This is the first time Genesis is challenged by a guild that was on the same par.” Ye Ci could read his thoughts.


“Are you sure you don’t want to go have a look? Ostentatious Heart is an old guild. They have been laying low for a long time. Even if you are the Solo King of the Western Continent, I’m sure they have players who can match you in combat. Don’t you think you’ll be missing out if you don’t go?” Ye Ci smiled at him.

And as expected, Fleeting Time appeared to be deep in thought. But he was still slightly hesitant. He glanced at Ye Ci and sighed, “But I’m worried about you.”

Ye Ci broke into laughter and patted Fleeting Time on his shoulder, “You know how good I am. There is no need to be worried. How do you think I’ve been doing so far without you?”

Fleeting Time smiled awkwardly at her. He could of course not tell her that he was refusing to part with her after spending only such a short time with her. They both have things that must be done, and it was exactly that that made their time together precious. He pulled Ye Ci into an embrace, “I’ll be going then.”

Ye Ci stood watching as Fleeting Time shot into the sky on his Phoenix like an arrow. The lingering warmth from his touch was still fresh on her head.

She then turned around and headed to the Wild Cat tavern in the western district, but a call from Green Hill’s Moon came in just then, “Gongzi, where are you?”

Truth to be told, Ye Ci did not like talking to Green Hill’s Moon unless she had something she needed from the man. He was simply too gossipy to like.

And this was why she was annoyed by the call.

She pretended to not hear his voice no matter how hard he tried.

“Gongzi, stop pretending to not be there. I know you’re online.”

A frown appeared on Ye Ci’s face and a sigh escaped her lips. She was not shameless enough to continue ignoring Green Hill’s Moon. “Since you know I’m trying my hardest to pretend to not be here,” she finally relented after five minutes of continuous call, “Then why don’t you pretend to give up as well?”

“I wanted to do that, but there’s something I really need to tell you.”

“What is it? Is it about Golden Era?” Ye Ci immediately thought of the task she gave Green Hill’s Moon not a few days ago.

“Golden Era?” Green Hill’s Moon was slightly stunned, and he immediately shook his head, “It’s not that,” he sighed, “Say, must you always think about the politics between guilds? Don’t you have other things in your mind?”

Ye Ci sighed, “Of course I do!”

“And what are they?”

“Questing and leveling up.”

This sent Green Hill’s Moon into a long moment of silence, “Don’t you have even the slightest feelings like a normal girl?”

Ye Ci’s expression immediately stiffened, “Green Hill’s Moon, maybe you should stop beating around the bush.” she said in a menacing voice.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》