Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 404 K.O
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 404 K.O

Green Hill’s Moon immediately swallowed the words he had for Ye Ci, and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He would have ignored the request of any other person, but he could only remain silent because it was Ye Ci.

The girl was way younger than him, but she always gave him a feeling that she was above him.

“Somebody wishes to see you.” Green Hill’s Moon sighed. I swear, Gongzi You is a man born with a woman’s body!

“Who? Breeze?” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes.

Green Hill’s Moon spoke up after a long silence, “Gongzi, if Fleeting Time knows that you’re always thinking about some other man, and a married one at that, he’ll be very sad.”

“What does it have to do with you?” Ye Ci was baffled.

I knew it… Gongzi You is more suited to be a man!

“Green Hill’s Moon, do you know that I’m very close from removing you from my friend’s list and

Blacklist you forever?” Ye Ci quickly lost her patience, “What do you want?”

Green Hill’s Moon let out another sigh. How did I even know a person like her? Damn it, why must we have such a close friendship? I can feel the pressure just by talking to her.

“Someone with the name White Fairytale paid me a large amount of money to set up a meeting with you.” Green Hill’s Moon finally went to the point. It was apparent that he knew something, but was holding it back.

But Ye Ci was not very understanding of Green Hill’s Moon’s “good intentions”.

“Who is that?” Ye Ci was confused. This doesn’t seem like a player from Golden Era. Why is this White Fairytale person looking for me?

Green Hill’s Moon fell from his chair when he heard her words, “Gongzi You, you do not know this person?”

Tried as she might, Ye Ci could not recall the person with the name White Fairytale, “Is White Fairytale a very skillful player or something?”

Green Hill’s Moon could feel pity for Ye Ci. Do you not know that she’s your love rival? He took a deep breath, and decided to tell Ye Ci the truth.

“Nope.” his voice was deep, “This person should be a concern for you.”

“Oh really?” Ye Ci had already made her way into the auction house and was browsing through the items on sale. I should be concerned about White Fairytale?

She knew that Green Hill’s Moon was a gossipy person. He would tell her all about the player by his own accord. Which meant that there was no need for her to even care about who the player was.

“You don’t believe me?” Green Hill’s Moon could tell that Ye Ci was not paying attention to her, “White Fairytale is a very beautiful lady. She’s way more beautiful than you.”

Ye Ci did not even bat an eye, “I know that. You can easily find a girl prettier than me on the streets. Why are you wasting your time like this?”

Green Hill’s Moon could feel a strong urge to peer into Ye Ci’s skull and see what was going on within her brain. Shouldn’t you have a sense of danger? “She’s a classmate of many years of Fleeting Time, and they are very close!” he said after taking a deep breath.

Fleeting Time’s classmate? Ye Ci continued browsing through the list of items. I think I know her. But since when? Why can’t I remember her? Ye Ci shook the thought away. She must’ve been someone who didn’t matter. That’s why she did not leave an impression on me. “Oh, I think I know of such a person. What about her?”

Why is she not concerned at all about her love rival? Thought Green Hill’s Moon, “She wants to meet you.”

“She wants to meet me?” Ye Ci was baffled, “I’ve only met her once. Why does she want to meet me?”

Green Hill’s Moon was immediately rendered speechless.

“I’m not going. I do not have the time to spare for an insignificant person. If it’s Breeze or Death Blossom, I wouldn’t mind.” she closed the auction interface after not finding what she wanted, and decided to resupply in the western district before leaving for the Kira Mountain Range.

“You’re not going to see her?” Green Hill’s Moon raised his voice, “Don’t you know that she’d had a crush on Fleeting Time for thirteen years? Why are you refusing to meet with her?”

Ye Ci sighed, “That’s between her and Fleeting TIme. It has nothing to do with me. You’re not the zookeeper, and I’m not the panda in the zoo. No matter how much she paid you, I’m not going to meet with her.” and ended the call.

Green Hill’s Moon lost his mind the moment his call with Ye Ci ended. He grabbed hold of his employee who was nearest to him and shouted, “Don’t you think she’s hopeless? Her EQ is next to zero! Serves her right if her boyfriend ends up cheating on her!”

The employee could see his world spinning. He was seated near Green Hill’s Moon, and had caught part of his conversation with Gongzi You. But he did not dare to comment on Gongzi You’s behavior, nor did he have the courage to say anything about his boss.

The only thing he could do was to console his boss with a gentle tone, “Boss, everyone has their own way of dealing with things. Maybe Gongzi You doesn’t see White Fairytale as a threat.”

A voice called out to Ye Ci just as she was ready to leave the city, “Gongzi You.”

Ye Ci stopped and studied her surroundings. She saw a female Cleric clad in exquisite looking clothes with a very beautiful face. The Cleric stood not far away from her. She brushed away the strands of hair away from her face as she called out to Ye Ci. She was just like a model in the commercials.

This must be White Fairytale. Ye Ci had long since forgotten her appearance after their first meeting, and would have been completely oblivious to her identity had it not been for the reminder from Green Hill’s Moon. Wow, she sure is a beauty.

“What is it?” Ye Ci wanted to take her leave immediately, but it was simply too impolite of her to not respond.

“I think it should talk.” Despite White Fairytale’s gentle tone, her hostility towards Ye Ci was very obvious.

“What do you want to talk about?” Ye Ci had nothing to discuss with the woman, “Equipment? Skills? Dungeon clearing? Or is it PVP? I can introduce you to a skillful Cleric if you want. There’s nothing we can talk about other than these things.”

A slight frown appeared on White Fairytale’s face. She had never thought highly of Ye Ci, and her strong dislike for Ye Ci had only grown stronger. “We might not have something in common to discuss about the game. But what about Fleeting Time?”

Ye Ci raised an eyebrow at White Fairytale. Despite her gentleness, White Fairytale had an air of arrogance about her. She was behaving as if she was superior to Ye Ci.

She has had a crush on Fleeting Time for thirteen years. Ye Ci found the situation funny. How does she even have the confidence to confront me about this? Is that the only reason why she’s bugging me?

“I think we have even less to talk about regarding this.”

“Why is that?” White Fairytale was shocked.

“I don’t think I have anything to discuss about my boyfriend with another woman.” Ye Ci chuckled, “shouldn’t that be obvious?”

“You!” White Fairytale immediately lost her calm. The words that left Ye Ci’s mouth were the words that she hated the most.

But Ye Ci was not one to care for the feelings of others. She had never taken White Fairytale seriously since the moment they met. She proceeded to leave the city and dismissed White Fairytale with a wave of her hand.

But the Cleric walked up to Ye Ci. But her hand that shot out to grab Ye Ci could not even reach the Huntress.

Ye Ci stared at her face that was twisted with anger. What an ugly face.

“Since when is he your boyfriend! I’ve loved him for thirteen years! He’s not yours!”

“You liking him for thirteen years have nothing to do with him being my boyfriend.” Ye Ci rolled her eyes at the woman.

“Why you! Of all people, why you?!” White Fairytale could feel the pain of a thousand ants gnawing at her body, “Why you, Gongzi You!?”

The only thing Ye Ci felt for her was annoyance. She frowned at White Fairytale. Her hand was already camping down on the woman’s cheeks before she could even react, “Because I’m Gongzi You.”

White Fairytale stared into Gongzi You’s ember eyes and felt a chill creeping down her spin.

“What you think is not important. It has nothing to do with me.” and Ye Ci released her grip on White Fairytale, who sat weakly onto the ground, “Do not provoke me. It will not end well for you.”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》