Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 407 PVP Cultivation Program
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 407 PVP Cultivation Program

Perhaps due to the discomfort of so many stares, or perhaps due to the pressure of meeting Gongzi You, Unbridled Willow was quick to offer a satisfying price and complete the deal.

As a Physical Damage character, Unbridled Willow ordered a dish that increased his Physical Damage by 100 points for three hours as well.

As take away was allowed by the tavern, he was able to leave happily with his food.

“Gongzi You, are you not afraid that Thousand Sunsets will find out about this?” asked Unbridled Willow before they part ways.

Ye Ci responded with a laugh, “What can he do? Iron Blood does not have the capabilities to defeat us. Besides, if I can think of selling this to you, he will definitely think of doing the same.”

“That makes sense.” Unbridled Willow nodded after a slight moment of hesitation.

“Alright, I shall take my leave. Let’s do business again when the chance arises.” Ye Ci parted ways with him with a wave.

“Yup. Definitely.” Unbridled Willow nodded at Ye Ci, before returning to his home city as well.

Battles between guilds have been raging on every single day since the introduction of the Guild Wars system into the game. While the victors could not enjoy looting their defeated opponents, the reward in gold coins was still very bountiful indeed.

PVP in the game was brought to a new height.

As Fixed Battles that were fought between guilds would not result in the loss of experience and equipment, players became bold when it came to PVP.

A Guild War session could allow more players to join in on the action compared to the Arena, which meant that players were able to work out their teamwork during battle.

But Ye Ci remained uninterested in participating in PVP.

She saw it as a trap set by Wang Jiangnan. PVP was just like gambling. Everybody wanted to win, but there would always be losers. Participating in PVP was just like gambling in a very large scale.

The will to win, and the will to keep winning more could easily turn a PVE player into a PVP player. Once they have grown used to combat in an environment where they would not be penalised upon death, the players would then gain the confidence to fight in wild maps as well. This was a path that was being paved into the direction of turning Fate into a PVP oriented game.

Nobody knew what would happen to the game, but it was certain that the larger guilds would suffer from such uncertainties.

That was what Ye Ci thought.

And that was why she made the decision to stay away from this meaningless PVP.

She was bored out of her mind.

With the progression of her quest stuck, and no dungeon clearing expeditions to join, the only way to spend her time was to level up her character.

She was a patient person, but fighting the same monsters again and again was stretching her patience to its limit.

Some form of entertainment was what she needed.

That was how she found herself outside of Hero City, laying on Ol’ Six back. Any players from opposing continents who saw Ol’ Six would immediately retreat back into the city and leave from a different entrance.

They did not wish to part with their hard earned money and equipment.

“Are you bored as well, Ol’ Six?” Ye Ci basked herself under the warm sunlight.

Ol’ Six lifted its head and let out a growl, as if to express affirmation to her question.

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, and sat up after a few moments, “Then why don’t we do something fun?”

Hence a Huntress on a Dragon was soon spotted in the lvl70 maps of the Northern Continent, challenging high level players with good equipment to a fight.

Lethal Poison was baffled when he received the news. It was obvious that the Huntress was none other than Gongzi You. Isn’t she in the Middle Continent? Why is she here?

He was able to obtain the answer to his question through Green Hill’s Moon, much to his regret.

“Because I’m bored.”

It was Gongzi You’s reply.

But I did not loot their equipment.

It was the answer he received from Gongzi You.

And this was why he gladly accepted the calls for Northern Continent players to unite against Gongzi You.

Players were curious when they spotted the large contingent of high level players heading towards the Snowy Highlands of the Northern Continent, and many of them began asking questions.

“Is there some sort of event going on?”

“Yup. A rare Field BOSS appeared in the Snowy Highlands.”

Hence the already vast number of players headed to the Snowy Highlands continued to grow.

This is too easy. Thought the “Field BOSS'' as she scoured the Snowy Highlands for opponents. Should I head to the main city instead? But that thought was immediately dismissed as she knew that it was impossible for her to enter the city due to her status as a red name.

But the world is always full of surprises. The humanoid Field BOSS received hers when she saw the large group of players making their way towards her.

And she immediately began to flee on dragonback. Damn you Lethal Poison! Why didn’t you tell me about this?

The humanoid Field BOSS began to flee towards the border between the Northern Continent and the Eastern Continent as arrows and spells crashed onto Ol’ Six.

Wow, even low level accounts are formidable in significant numbers. Ye Ci sighed.

Of course, her definition of “low level” included players who were three levels below her.

And the surprises of the world did not stop.

As she approached the borders between the Eastern and Northern Continents, she spotted a large contingent of Eastern Continent players advancing into the Snowy Highlands.

What are they doing?

She was quick to spot Upwards Ho!’s elites among the players. And curiosity drove her to send a message to Bai Mo.

“Oh. I heard that you ran into trouble in the Snowy Highlands. So I brought reinforcements.”

“All these guilds are willing to listen to you?” Ye Ci was shocked.

“I told them that a large number of Northern Continent players had gathered here. It’s a good opportunity to earn some Honor Points.” came the reply.

Ye Ci was rendered speechless. This guy can be quite cunning at times. Thought Ye Ci as she joined in on the battle.

The battle between the players of both continents were furious, and resulted in casualties by the hundreds. But this did not stop waves after waves of players from throwing themselves into the fray.

Wang Jiangnan’s PVP Cultivation Program had finally bore its first fruit in the Northern Continent’s Snowy Highlands.

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    《Reign of the Hunters》