Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 410 Taking Them By Surprise
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 410 Taking Them By Surprise

Gongzi Yi sneered as Ye Ci soared towards her. She was able to evade Ye Ci’s arrows with a slight movement of her body, “Don’t think that you can defeat me so easily Gongzi You. Do you think that I’ve blindly copied your moves? No! I have also thought of ways to counter yours at the same time!”

But her words did nothing to shake Ye Ci’s resolve. She continued her intercept course towards Gongzi Yi and drew her short sword.

The sword slashed through the air towards Gongzi Yi, who was caught completely off guard. When she finally attempted to dodge, Ye Ci’s attack had left a deep gash on her arm.

Ye Ci put a significant distance between herself and her opponent before turning around. “What a shame.” she sighed. It was faint, but her sigh was like a sharp blade that was being stabbed into Gongzi Yi’s heart.

It was a shame that Gongzi Yi was an imitation of herself. As a player, she was skillful. The blow would have landed on her chest had she not reacted in time.

“Gongzi You!” Gongzi Yi’s face reddened with rage when she heard Ye Ci’s words.

But Ye Ci’s attention was no longer on her, “It seems that today is not the day of our battle.” she looked at Death Blossom.

“While it is what I want, I have to agree that it’s not the time yet.” The smile on Death Blossom’s face was a charming one, “This is a battle between our guilds. The outcome of this battle will not be determined by our fight alone.”

She did not receive any response from Ye Ci, who let out a laugh and climbed higher into the sky.

“After her!” shouted Death Blossom.

Gongzi Yi had already reacted before Death Blossom had shouted out those words. She was already ascending in pursuit of Ye Ci while Death Blossom was lagging behind.

Her firebird was fast, but it was still slower than Ye Ci’s Holy Dragon and Gongzi Yi’s Void Dragon. She could only sigh as she looked at the two Dragons that were way ahead of her. It seems that Golden Era has to dominate the skies before we can be masters of the world of Fate.

“Is this why they call you the top player of the Eastern Continent, Gongzi You? The only thing you can do is to flee in the face of a strong opposition! Is this how you became the Solo Queen of the East?” Gongzi Yi was taunting Ye Ci as she followed behind her opponent. Her Void Dragon had not seemed to have evolved after their last fight. Its size was significantly smaller than Ol’ Six, which was covered in blue scales that glinted under the sunlight.

But Ye Ci did not slow down. She continued to climb higher into the sky with Gongzi Yi and Death Blossom in tow.

“You’re nothing but a coward, Gongzi You! Are you afraid of me?!” The taunts did not stop.

Ye Ci might have fallen for the provocation if she was her old self. But she was a changed person in this life. Gongzi Yi’s taunts fell on deaf ears as Ye Ci did not even react to a sigle word she said.

Her only concern was to make sure that Gongzi Yi and Death Blossom were behind her. And a smile appeared on her face when their presence were confirmed.

The air became significantly colder as their altitude increased. And the low temperature would naturally affect a player’s ability to fight.

A player’s level and stats were the only thing other than his or her equipment that could help in withstanding the cold in Fate.

Ye Ci had made a lot of preparations against the cold during her trip to the Holy Mountain. While she was unable to proceed further due to her low level, it was still enough for her to withstand the cold at her current altitude.

Her pursuers, however, were not prepared. And their lower levels meant that their tolerance to the cold was lower than Ye Ci’s.

Their movements became slower and slower as the temperature dropped. But it was too late when they finally realized the problem, for Gongzi You had turned around and was diving at the duo.

An attack with high damage was not scary, as one would be able to take appropriate actions to defend against such an attack. The most deadly attack was one that was sudden and was least expected.

The only defense a person had against such an attack was his or her sheer instinct, for even the slightest hesitation could be the deciding factor of the fight.

This was why openings like this would always decide the outcome in a fight between expats.

Ye Ci could hold her own against Gongzi Yi alone, but the presence of Death Blossom acting as a support was something that she could not take lightly, especially when the three of them were players of similar caliber.

That was why Ye Ci needed an opening.

She knew that a drawn out battle would drain her Stamina and place her in a disadvantage.

She must strike hard and fast. And it must happen when they least expect it.

Gongzi Yi saw Gongzi You leaping down from her Holy Dragon and was diving straight at her. She did not know what Gongzi You was planning, and reacted by attempting to dodge the attack.

She was shocked to realize that her body, which was being affected by the cold, was slow to respond. A simple action to evade the attack was now a full second longer.

A second was short, but it could mean a world of difference in a dire situation. Gongzi Yi could see the cold glint of Gongzi You’s weapon, but she did not even have the time to think as her body immediately reacted by pulling on the Void Dragon’s reins.

She simply did not have enough time to react.

Gongzi You’s sword plunged itself into Gongzi Yi’s head in the next moment as Ye Ci landed beside her. Gongzi Yi noticed the smile on Gongzi You’s face as her world turned grey, “Imitation is not enough if you want to be at the top. You still need this…” and she tapped lightly on her head.

Gongzi Yi slumped onto her Dragon, which then disappeared after letting out a wail. As Gongzi Yi plunged towards the ground at very high speed. And was soon tumbling past Death Blossom.

Death Blossom had only realized that something was not right, and was about to turn around before she saw a shadow brushing past her. She felt a searing pain on her neck before she could even react.

An arrow had buried itself on her throat. It was a hit on a vital spot that instantly took away 10% of her HP. Was that Gongzi Yi? Or could it be Gongzi You? As her eyes darted towards the silhouette that had brushed past her. She could not tell due to the similarities of their appearances.

That’s Gongzi You! She was quick to make the realization. Gongzi You was looking up at her as she continued falling towards the ground and slung her arrow. The Huntress sent her a flying kiss with a smile on her face.

A set of giant wings appeared under Gongzi You and stopped her descent before she disappeared from Death Blossom’s view, and made a dash towards the battlefield.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》