Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 413 A Sneak Attack
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 413 A Sneak Attack

The three thousand elites leased from Genesis might not be a significant number, but they have been distributed into each squadron within the guild. These veterans with good skills and game sense served as examples that were followed up Upwards Ho! players.

The effects could be felt by Breeze who was in command of Golden Era’s players during the battle.

While Upwards Ho! numbers barely changed since their last battle, the quality of the guild’s player was on a different level. Breeze had made arrangements to exploit the lack of game sense of Upwards Ho! players after their last engagement.

But he was shocked to realize that his strategy was not working well on the guild. Upwards Ho! was able to remedy their shortcomings within a very short amount of time. While their players might still not be as good as Golden Era, they simply made up for it by having more higher level players.

The battle became a stalemate.

Breeze was forced to resort to other tactics to achieve victory.

The person in command on Upwards Ho!’s side was Purity Essence. This was his first time in command during a large-scale battle. While he had knowledge about the different strategies that could be employed in a large scale PVP, he was still lacking in experience.

This made him jittery, which was something Bai Mo could understand. Despite the leniency given to him by Bai Mo, mistakes were not made by Purity Essence.

A smile appeared on Ye Ci’s face when she listened in on the command channel. He’s still not at his peak, but he’s almost there. Besides, every legend has a humble beginning.

She was late to the battle, but she still managed to have a firm grasp of the situation. She understood very well that reckless actions would only put Purity Essence’s efforts to waste.

This was a brawl between guilds in the wild. Players who were slain would suffer losses in EXP and in equipment.

Golden Era was superior to Upwards Ho! in terms of wealth and manpower.

This meant that Upwards Ho! could not afford to lose.

With this knowledge in mind, Ye Ci knew that she would have to coordinate with her guildmates.

“Purity, I’m here. Where do you need me?” she asked.

“Eh? Why are you here?” Purity Essence was shocked.

“Why won’t I?” Ye Ci sighed. Is it because of my long absence from guild activity?

“No, that’s not what I meant.” Purity Essence knew of course what Ye Ci was talking about, “What I mean is that… You’re a red name.. It’s too dangerous for you! If you die, you’ll get sent to jail.”

Ah… My red name… Ye Ci sighed when she saw her Sin value, “Forget about that. I’ve avoided all the patrols on my way here. I should be alright if I’m careful enough.”

“Alright then. Join our attack group against the enemy Clerics. They’re very well defended. Our previous attempts at getting to them have failed. But we might succeed with you on board.” said Purity Essence.

“I’ll go alone. Breeze knew that I’m here. He’ll be expecting me. Going with a group will only attract attention. If I go alone, it’ll be easier for me to escape.” observed Ye Ci.

Purity Essence agreed to her proposal after a short moment of thought. He was the player in command, which meant that he did not have the time to discuss the details of Ye Ci’s attack plan. He returned his attention to the battle after telling her to be careful.

Ye Ci dashed through the sea of players and dismissed Ol’ Four before entering stealth, vanishing from sight on the chaotic battlefield.

She equipped her Secret Cloak. It was the best tool for a sneak attack as it would be able to hide her name, level and stats as long as her face was not revealed.

It did not take her long to make her way past the battle lines of both guilds, and towards the Clerics of Golden Era.

At first glance, the Cleric seemed scattered, but a person with a keen eye could tell that they were positioned in a way that placed them within the protective umbrella of the guild’s mages as well as the protection of Golden Era’s knights.

Ye Ci activated her recording as she crept up on the Clerics. She wanted to record Golden Era’s strategy so that it could be used against the guild in the future.

Her steps were light as she slipped past a Knight and plunged her blade into a Cleric at the edge of the formation. She was able to dispatch her opponent easily with a swift strike, but she did not linger for long.

Despite the abundance of victims, her target had always been the ones with better equipment. She disappeared from view and snuck away from the group before they could even realize what had happened.

Casualties were something to be expected in a battle no matter how well the players were protected. Even if the Clerics were heavily defended, some of them were still expected to die.

Ye Ci was able to sneak in and out of their formation unnoticed with the help of her Secret Cloak, assassinating targets and retreating unmolested until the casualties were finally noted by Breeze.

He knew that the rate of attrition was simply too high. It was a sneak attack.

Just then, another report came in from the Knights protecting the Clerics, informing him of three more deaths. One of the Clerics was equipped with high level gear.

“It’s a sneak attack! Keep your eyes peeled! Someone must’ve snuck into our ranks! I want you to hunt that player down at all cost!” Breeze barked out his commands.

His expression darkened as casualty reports continued streaming in. The Clerics had all been slain by a player without name. It was at that moment that Breeze realized that the player was equipped with a Secret Cloak.

And there were only a hundred Secret Cloaks in the entire game, with the majority of them in Golden Era’s inventory. Few were lost in their failed assasination attempts on the top players, and it was apparent that one of them was being used against his own players.

Breeze was almost certain that the player behind the sneak attack was Gongzi You herself. She was the only one in Upwards Ho! to be bold enough to try and succeed in such a feat.

“Protect our surviving Clerics! And I want that player found!” Breeze roared with anger.

Ye Ci succeeded in taking out yet another Cleric as she slipped through the protective circle of Knights and rogues.

A smile appeared on face as she watched the defenders wandering around frantically in an attempt to locate her. She was about to move on to her next target when a hand grabbed hold of her arm.

She was caught completely off guard, as she did not expect someone to be able to sneak up on her unnoticed. She pulled her arm away from the person, and swung her dagger.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》