Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 416 Conversation
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 416 Conversation

And silence fell upon the two. They continued standing at the edge of what was still a battlefield moments ago in silence. It would have been an impressive scenery if the corpses of the dead still littered the battlefield.

But there was nothing. The flat land just beyond the walls of Champion City was still a sea of green. Sunlight shone down on the land below, and the breeze caressed the flowers and grasses on the field. It was as if the battle that had been fought between the two guilds did not even happen.

Fleeting Time smiled as he gazed at something afar. Bai Mo glanced at the man, and stared at the direction he was looking at. He could see some trees and a tiny pond. It was a very common sight in Fate. There was nothing special to look at.

Bai Mo did not attempt to guess what Fleeting Time saw, for it was not his concern. To him, Fleeting Time was someone who was trying to snatch his precious sister away from him. He saw Fleeting Time as nothing but a rascal.

He had a strong urge to beat the rascal up, and probably even take his life. But it was not something he could do.

Even if they have no common grounds, Bai Mo knew that he had to pretend that it existed.

“What do you like about her?” Bai Mo sighed, “Her looks are average, and surely you’ve witnessed her temper. She doesn’t even feel like a girl at all. So what made you like her?”

Fleeting Time was not surprised by the question. While the question itself was overly blunt, and came from someone who Ye Ci thought highly of, Fleeting Time was not surprised. He retracted his gaze and stared at Bai Mo.

The ghost of a smile appeared on his lips as he clutched at his hair, “You’re not wrong. She’s not like a girl at all. Her looks are average, and she’s too thin. And I have indeed experienced how bad her temper can be first hand. She’s not gentle, lacks empathy, and is a very stingy person. You’re right about her.”

He continued staring at Bai Mo, but the man’s eyes were just like two pools of water that ran so deep that he could not guess what the man was thinking.

“But… Why does it matter?” Fleeting Time blinked, and shifted his gaze back to the scenery afar, “So what if there’s nothing good about her? She’s Ye Ci.”

Bai Mo did not like the answer. He did not like it even one bit. He had stated his point, and received a response. But there was annoyance in his heart.

It was the feeling that a sibling felt when his sister was being criticized by someone else. He was the only one who had the right to do that.

The last few words that left Fleeting Time’s mouth served only to deepen his annoyance. Oh, she’s Ye Ci? So what if she’s Ye Ci? Heck, I’m Bai Mo! What sort of dogshit answer is that?

While the answer itself might not be an ideal one, Bai Mo could not find the words to refute it.

And it was apparent that Fleeting Time did not plan to continue talking as well. He continued staring at the pond with a smile on his face, as if there was treasure hidden within. Bai Mo followed his gaze towards the pond. It was really nothing out of the ordinary. He settled with staring up at the azure sky instead.

Fleeting Time was the one who finally broke the silence. His voice was sincere as he spoke. The sincerity in his voice scared Bai Mo. He could simply not imagine a rascal like Fleeting Time to be so sincere.

“In a sense, you and I are enemies.” Fleeting Time sighed, “I know that my words might be so hollow, but some things must be said. Thank you for your hard work for the last twenty years. I’ll be taking over from here.”

“Yi Qingchen, you have a very punchable face.” Bai Mo snorted coldly.

Fleeting Time laughed at Bai Mo as he made his way towards the pond, “You can’t beat me, cousin.” and he continued after a slight pause, “In game or in real life.”

Bai Mo snorted disdainfully at the man. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and stared at Fleeting Time as he left. He allowed his gaze to drift back once again towards the pond, and what he saw came as a shock to him.

He saw the reflection of a tree on the pond, and a silhouette was sitting on one of the branches of the tree. From his location, he would never have seen the player if not for the tree’s reflection.

Bai Mo finally realised what Fleeting Time was looking at.

He continued to stare in silence as Fleeting Time made his way towards the tree, and said something to the person on the tree, and received a reply. Fleeting Time said something again and spread his arms open, as if waiting for something.

He waited and waited, until even Bai Mo was growing bored when he saw the figure with long hair jumping down from the tree.

And landed in Fleeting Time’s embrace.

Bai Mo let out a sigh, and turned around to leave. He needed to look for Timely Rain. nobody knew what sort of trickery Golden Era would be trying next.

He stopped after taking a few steps. But he did not turn around. He stood in silence for the briefest of moments before continuing his way to look for Timely Rain.

Ahh… So the saying is true… A girl can’t be sheltered forever, especially when they come of age.

Ye Ci did not know what happened between Bai Mo and Fleeting Time.

She stared at them from afar and let out a yawn. She looked around and spotted a tree nearby. That looks comfortable. Thought Ye Ci as she made her way to the tree and climbed up to one of its branches before lying down.

Sunlight seeped through the tiny cracks between the leaves onto Ye Ci. Her eyelids were heavy. And she did not even realize it when she drifted off to sleep.

The sudden presence of an approaching player shocked her awake moments later. But she did not sense danger. She looked down, and locked eyes with a gentle gaze.

That man was making his way straight towards her.

“When did you arrive?” Ye Ci blinked.

“I just got here. Did I wake you up from your sleep?”

Ye Ci shook her head.

“Come down.” Fleeting Time spread his arms open.

Ye Ci raised an eyebrow at him, “What’s with the gesture?”

“Jump, I’ll catch you.”

Do you really have to? Ye Ci had wanted to say. I don’t need you to catch me even if the tree is taller. But the words refused to leave her mouth. She ended up staring at Fleeting Time’s open arms for a long time.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》