Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 417 Something Troublesome
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 417 Something Troublesome

Ye Ci raised an eyebrow at Fleeting Time. She wanted to test his patience, and the endurance of his arms.

That was why she continued laying on the branch and stared at the man below. But he was apparently more patient than her. He stood unmoving like a statue, with a smile on his face. He did not lose his temper, nor did he display any discontent. He was behaving as if it was something expected of him.

“Hey, are your hands not fatigued?” Ye Ci called down to him.

“Of course they are.” Fleeting Time replied truthfully, he did not mind.

“Then why don’t you put your hands down?” Ye Ci was at the edge of throwing a tantrum. Why must he always test my patience? Does he not know that I’m known for that?

“Because I’m waiting for you.”

Ye Ci snorted at him and lifted her chin, “Very well. You can remain that way. I’m not going down there.”

“Alright!” Fleeting Time was not angered, and instead replied naturally. Everyone who does not know him would even think that he was someone with a good temper. But was he?

“Oi, do you really think that I’ll jump down like that? I’ll never do something so disgusting.” Ye Ci called down to him as he maintained the posture.

He did not display any hint of displeasure. The smile on his face had grown even brighter. It was as if he was certain that he had won.

“I’ve seen things like this on movies and TV. I’ll not fall for it. I can land safely from places that are higher than this. Move away!”

But Fleeting Time was still smiling at Ye Ci. He sighed and called out to her, “Little Gongzi, I don’t think I can catch you now even if you want me too. I can feel my arms stiffening. I can’t move them. Can you come down here and help me check them out?”

Ye Ci stared at Fleeting Time’s expression and sighed. She refused to believe what he said. He did not look like someone who could not move. She bit on her lips. For reasons unknown, warmth was seeping into her heart as she looked at his open arms.

“I-I’m just going to help you check your hands okay?” she looked around, and took in a deep breath before jumping down after making sure that there was nobody else around.

Fleeting Time pulled the frail figure into his embrace and buried his face into her silvery hair. He could smell the faint scent of grass and sunshine on her hair. It was a very pleasant feeling.

And Ye Ci was filled with embarrassment. What a stupid thing to do. She thought to herself. I hope nobody saw it. If they did… My reputation is finished… Her heart was thumping wildly in her chest and at the same time, she could also hear the thumping of Fleeting Time’s heart.

A pair of lips planted themselves on her neck. They were moist, but they also left a fiery sensation where they met her skin.

She attempted to push Fleeting Time away, but he tightened his grip, “Fleeting Time, don’t do that.” she visibly gulped.

Fleeting Time’s blood was boiling. But when Ye Ci’s voice crept into his ears, he let out a sigh.

Ye Ci leaned her head against his shoulder, enjoying the sunlight shining down on them, and her body relaxed, “Fleeting Time, you have a lot of bones.” she said after a long silence.

And she received a chuckle in response, “We both have the same number of bones.”

Ye Ci immediately realized the stupidity of her words, “You’re not a likable person.”





“Oh really?”


This continued for a long while before the two finally broke into laughter.

The weather was great, in game and in real life.

Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian went for an evening walk after dinner, and Ye Ci and Bai Mo did the same as well. Tan Polang was the only one left in the house. Tears were streaming down his cheek as he stood at the balcony. Why does the youngest one always have to stay behind and clean the dishes? I want to go out as well!

Despite his complaints, Tan Polang completed his mission of cleaning the dishes. His anguish grew deeper as his eyes caught the dart board in the living room.

Three darts were stuck out from the board, and two of them were “resting” on the areas that were marked “rest” while one of them was at an area that was labeled “do all the chores”.

Of course, the two darts belonged to Ye Ci and Bai Mo, while the remaining one belonged to Tan Polang. This was how the three of them decided on who would be doing the chores, and it was obvious that Tan Polang was the biggest loser.

Tan Polang’s cellphone rang as he was welling in his sadness. Much to his surprise, the caller was Absalom.

Silent Hymn had always been the one contacting him when he was still with Genesis. It was very rare for the leader of the guild himself to call the number.

Absalom started the conversation by talking about very trivial matters. He asked about Tan Polang’s well-being, and then moved on to what he was doing in real life. The boy finally let out a sigh after the conversation dragged out for a long time, “What do you need from me, guild leader? Stop beating around the bush. There are chores I have to do.”

But Absalom was still not getting to the point. Tan Polang’s patience was already stretched to his limit, “Guild leader, I’ll hang up now if you have nothing important to tell me. The call charges are not cheap right?”

“Well I’m the one paying.” responded Absalom.

“Well, aren't I helping you to save money?” Tan Polang chuckled, “Come on, stop beating around the bush. Aren’t we supposed to be friends?”

“Alright then. Polang, has Fleeting Time been to your place? Is he still there or has he left?” said Absalom.

“Eh?” Tan Polang was shocked by the question. Did Fleeting Time not tell Absalom where he is? Should I keep it a secret from him as well? But what if it’s something important? “Why are you asking this?”

Absalom massaged his temple. He could hear Mo Leng’s sobs coming from downstairs. He was at the verge of losing his mind. The scariest people in this world are not the ones who are not afraid to die, they are probably people who are shameless.

He and his wife Sour Apple were not very thick-skinned. This was why there was nothing they could do against people like Mo Leng. The woman caught wind of news that Fleeting Time had returned to the country, and she had been looking for him to no avail. This was why the husband and wife once again became her victims.

Mo Leng’s actions sent Absalom into a fit of rage, but his anger dissipated when Mo Leng broke into tears.

There was nothing Absalom could do. He had always thought of it as Fleeting Time’s troubles, but it was now his instead. Damn you! Can’t you handle Mo Leng first before going to meet Gongzi You and disappearing?

The sobs from Mo Leng continued to torment Absalom who was making the call upstairs. “I seem to have found myself in a very troublesome situation.”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》