Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 418 Three Years
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 418 Three Years

Tan Polang had long since heard rumors about the relationship between Fleeting Time, White Fairytale, and Absalom.

While he was interested in the gossip, he simply did not have the energy nor did he feel the need to delve into this topic. Besides, he could feel danger lurking beneath the truth.

He understood very well that the more he knew, the more he would be entangled in the mess. And Tan Polang was someone who did not like to get involved in a messy situation. This was why he was able to quickly suppress his curiosity.

Absalom’s voice was strange during the call. While Tan Polang did not ask for the truth, he could still sense that it had something to do with White Fairytale. He knew of the girl’s crush on Fleeting Time when he was still in Genesis, while Fleeting Time had always avoided her like the plague.

But the girl was persistent. She would always jump at any chance to approach Fleeting Time, and would often head into the dungeon whenever he was part of the exploration team. She would be kind and gentle even if her advances were rejected.

This caused Fleeting Time to slowly stop taking part in dungeon explorations, and it also meant that Tan Polang’s time to interact with Fleeting Time was greatly reduced as well. As someone who looked up to Fleeting Time a lot, Tan Polang ended up holding a grudge against White Fairytale because of that for a very long time.

He had almost forgotten about her after migrating to the Eastern Continent, but the desperation in Absalom’s voice reminded him of White Fairytale. Anger boiled within him. He had already seen Fleeting Time as his brother in law. He would never offer his help to anyone who might jeopardize that future.

But he could tell that something was troubling Absalom very deeply, “Leader, don’t you have Fleeting Time’s phone number?” he sighed. “What don’t you just talk to him?”

“I would’ve just asked him if he’s willing to tell me.” Tan Polang could hear the helplessness in Absalom’s voice, “This is driving me nuts.”

While Tan Polang was sympathetic to what Absalom must face, he still found himself feeling a wee bit of delight at the man’s misfortune. Of course, he was careful to mask his feelings, “If even Fleeting Time refuses to tell you, then there’s nothing I can say.” and he lowered his voice, “Leader, there are things that I simply can’t help you out with. After all…” he continued after a slight pause, “Gongzi You is my sister.”

“I know.” Absalom could tell that he had run into a dead end, “I hope you don’t mind what I did. I’m getting very desperate here.”

Tan Polang let out a sigh of relief once he was certain that Absalom no longer had the attention to press him for answers. He would not know how to handle Absalom if the questioning continued. He was afraid that their years of friendship would be harmed if the situation continued.

But with things already as they were, he knew that this was no longer his biggest worry, “Leader, I know that I’m not in a position to say this, but there’s something that I just have to say to you.”

“What is it?”

“Some things will only be a liability if you do not cut it off.”

Absalom grimaced at those words, “I know, but I simply do not know how to handle someone so shameless.”

He ended the call after more small talks with Tan Polang and returned to Mo Leng, while the boy busied himself with the chores in the kitchen. He thought of the call as he washed the dishes, and came to the conclusion that it must be kept a secret from Ye Ci and Bai Mo. He did not know how Ye Ci would react to the existence of White Fairytale. It was a huge risk that might destroy the relationship between Fleeting Time and Ye Ci.

Of course, unbeknownst to the boy, Ye Ci had long since known about the story between Fleeting Time and White Fairytale. All of Tan Polang’s worries were all for naught.

The matter continued to weigh down on Tan Polang’s mind even as he moved on to the other chores in the house. He pulled out his phone, intending to give Fleeting Time a call, but immediately decided against it.

It’s very inappropriate for me to tell him what to do. He thought. And he knew that Fleeting Time was just like Ye Ci. He did not like to be told what to do. No matter how close they might be, Tan Polang knew that what he was about to say to Fleeting Time was highly inappropriate. Besides, he knew that his emotions might get in the way if he made the call, and it might even lead to a grave misunderstanding. That was why he settled for a text message instead.

“Brother Fleeting Time, Absalom was looking for you. He called me to ask if you went back. I told him to ask you himself.” Tan Polang made a few amendments to the message before finally hitting the ‘send’ button.

The message served to voice his worry about White Fairtytale while informing Fleeting Time of what had transpired.

Fleeting Time’s reply came very quickly, “Don’t worry. I’ll handle it.”

It was not much, but Tan Polang let out a sigh of relief at the response. Whenever Fleeting Time said to not worry about something, it meant that he would settle it in the best possible way.

“What were you and Fleeting Time talking about?” a curious Ye Ci asked Bai Mo.

“A girl should not be so curious about the affairs of men.” Bai Mo snorted at her.

“Don’t get too full of yourself. Do you think that I won’t dare to beat you up?” Ye Ci landed a kick on Bai Mo’s butt.

But Bai Mo was able to nimbly dodge her kick, “Oh really? Do you think we’re in the game right now? How are you so sure that you can win?” he laughed.

Ye Ci snorted at her cousin. She did not want to admit defeat, but her curiosity was simply too strong, “Fine, fine, just tell me!”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Well not really.”

“Is that so? I actually wanted to tell you. But since you’re not that interested in finding out, I guess I don’t have to.” Bai Mo saw through Ye Ci immediately.

And Ye Ci proceeded to continue to force the answer out of Bai Mo, who finally lost his patience, “Fine! You damned brat! It’s nothing big, can’t you give me a break?”

“It’s nothing much. Just a brief handover ceremony.”

Ye Ci was baffled, “What is being handed over?” she stared incredulously at Bai Mo, “Oh, do you mean the three thousand elites?”

Bai Mo glanced at Ye Ci, but he had no intention of explaining himself, “We’ll be dealing with Genesis a lot more now. So there was much to discuss.”

Ye Ci nodded in agreement. But she could feel an unknown sense of disappointment in a corner of her heart.

The days passed without much incident. Mid Autumn arrived in the blink of an eye, as well as the third anniversary of Fate’s launch.

Upwards Ho! growth continued throughout the months. Its core players now numbered three hundred thousand. While the guild could still not match the scale of a major guild, it was still comparable in strength with a large guild.

Golden Era was also working in expanding its influence as well. The major guild with countless members on all four continents had been growing at a very fast pace. It soon found itself locked in conflict with many of the large guilds in Fate. While casualties were suffered by both sides, the victor could still not be determined.

While this was all going on, Ye Ci had been leveling up nonstop while attempting to explore the Holy Mountain. When she was finally at lvl110, she no longer received damage from the cold at the Holy Mountain. This meant that she could finally explore the map without worry.

At the same time, a new patch was also released by Wang Jiangnan. A major event was also announced by the lead developer of Fate just before the Mid Autumn Festival. It was the first Solo PVP Tournament.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》