Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 421 The First Time
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 421 The First Time

Wang Jiangnan let out a long sigh after reading through Tang Nan’s report. He leaned back against his chair and looked out of his window.

The scorching mid autumn sun was baking the ground with its relentless heat. What a nice day… Thought Wang Jiangnan as he continued staring at the scenery beyond his office window before returning his attention to the stack of reports on his desk.

“While Martial God’s launch has impacted us in no small way, and we’re losing more players since its launch, we’re still getting a large number of new players each day. This means that the losses in our player base are temporary. We should focus more effort on trying to get the older players to return while polishing the game for the new players so that they can get used to the game quicker. We should also be paying attention on Golden Era. The guild has managed to gain control of 30% of the game’s economy. We should prepare ourselves for when they withdraw from the game en masse.”

Wang Jiangnan’s attention drifted back to Tang Nan’s summary. He rubbed his chin as he read through it once again, appearing deep in thought.

“They’ll be leaving the game en masse?” Wang Jiangnan sighed, “I’ve been too busy nowadays. In fact, I’m so busy that I’ve forgotten all about Golden Era. They’re not just a large guild. They are also locusts.” he mumbled.

He then stared at the monitor displaying Martial God’s official website, “President Shu, I wonder how long will it take for your piece to make its next move… Fate at its current state…”

His eyes wandered to a certain group photo on his desk. Ye Ci’s face was still displaying a mask of calm indifference. It was as if she would never falter even at the face of the harshest challenge life could throw at her. Wang Jiangnan picked the frame up after staring at the photo for a long time, and wiped the dust away from its display glass.

Gongzi You would’ve said something like “Who cares if it’s tough? It can still be overcome!”

That’s right… I’ll overcome this challenge no matter how hard it is!

Wang Jiangnan let out one last sigh, and looked at the photo one last time, before setting it back to its original place and returning to his work. He barely had enough time to complete his daily tasks. Ahh how I wish that we get forty eight hours a day. There was simply a lot he had to do before Golden Era withdrew from Fate.

Ye Ci stretched herself as she sat at the stairs leading to the Arena. Perhaps due to the fact that she had been a common sight in Red Lake City, Ye Ci no longer attracted a crowd wherever she went even when she did not have a hood.

But her silvery hair still attracted occasional stares from the players around her.

This is such a nice spot to catch some sunlight. Ye Ci found herself feeling sleepy as she sat by the stairways. She leaned against one of the statues and drifted into sleep.

A sudden presence nearby jolted her awake. Her eyes shot open immediately, and her dagger was already pressed against the player’s throat before she could identify who the player was.

The player was apparently stunned by Ye Ci’s sudden movements as he stared at her with mouth agape.

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at the man with dark hair. She could see the ambition hidden behind his eyes. While the man himself was not handsome, he still had a certain charm about him. The surprise on his face was quickly replaced by a smile, “You’re fast.”

“Not fast enough, or you’d already be dead.” said Ye Ci as she sheathed her dagger. Due to her quick movements, her weapon had managed to draw blood from the slight wound on the man’s neck.

“As expected of Gongzi You.” the man raised an eyebrow, “You’re going to kill me in the full light of day?”

“It doesn’t matter anyways. One more player dying by my hands will not affect my Sin values anyways.”

The player chuckled at her words, “You’re an interesting person.”

Ye Ci chuckled along as well, “You’re one yourself.”

“Why is that?”

“You’re not supposed to be here, and yet here you are.”

“Oh? Where do you think I should be then?” the player stared at Ye Ci with interest gleaming in his eyes.

“The battlefield on the Western Continent of course, Guild Leader Breeze.” Ye ci stuck her tongue out and licked her dry lips. Why is the leader of Golden Era not present against a formidable opponent like Genesis? And why is he here of all places?

“Why must I be there?” asked Breeze, “We have many capable commanders in Golden Era. I am not required to take charge of such an insignificant battle.” and a smile appeared on his face as he spoke, “Unlike you, we do not have to rely on Purity Essence alone.”

A frown appeared on Ye Ci’s face. She did not like what Breeze said, but she knew that it was the truth. Upwards Ho! was like an ant compared to the juggernaut that was Golden Era.

“So…” Ye Ci laughed, “Do you happen to run into me here, or do you have something you need from me?”

“Does it matter?” The description of this girl on the forums are not accurate at all. She doesn’t look like someone who is overly petty. Thought Breeze.

“Well… If you met me by chance… Let’s just pretend that we didn’t recognize each other and move on.” and she continued after a slight pause, “But if there’s something you want for me… Take a seat.” she patted on the floor beside her, “I do not want to look up to you.”

“Very well…” Breeze chuckled after staring at Ye Ci for quite a while, “There is something I need from you.”

“Oh?” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow, “I thought only your wife would need something from me.”

“Do you think people will take pictures of us and post them on the forums?”

“Of course.” Ye Ci nodded.

“Ahhh… My wife trusts me.” Breeze laughed, “At least I know I won’t be punished by her. But you… I heard that Fleeting Time can be quite possessive. Are you not worried at all?”

Oh? So the boss of Golden Era is actually afraid of his wife? Ye Ci glanced at Breeze, “Ahh.. There’s nothing to be worried about.”

“Why is that?”

“He can’t beat me.” Ye Ci replied matter of factly.

Laughter erupted from Breeze. He could almost see the exasperated look on Fleeting Time’s face. He glanced at Gongzi You. she was smiling at him, but he could sense the hostility emanating from her eyes. “Gongzi You…” he sighed, “How much do you want for the quest lock? Name your price.”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》