Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 422 Unforeseen Circumstances
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 422 Unforeseen Circumstances

The sun was setting.

And Red Lake City was a very beautiful city, and the sunset made it an even more lovely sight.

Ye Ci blinked at the man sitting beside her, and blinked again. She then looked towards the lake not far away, and rubbed her ears with her thumbs. Her expression was that of shock and confusion. I must’ve heard it wrong, haven’t I?

Her body language was saying that same thing.

The man sighed when he saw her reaction. It’s a very obvious question. Does she have to react like that? “Yes, you heard me right.”

The movements of Ye Ci’s hands stopped, and she sighed at Breeze, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’ll be straightforward with you Gongzi You. I’m here today because I have information that nobody else have.” Breeze has gathered a lot of information about Gongzi You. He knew her habits well, and especially her strong dislike for people who beat around the bush. She was a cunning person. He knew that he could not best Gongzi You in a word game.

Of course, there were people in this world who would willingly allow themselves to get tricked. But Breeze did not count himself as one of them. He was never greedy, and he did not like to be placed in a position of disadvantage as well.

Ye Ci acted as if she did not understand Breeze’s words. She continued staring at him innocently, but he could see the calculative look in her eyes.

Breeze drummed his fingers against his arm. He was not rushing the matter. He knew that Gongzi You had her own considerations as well. She would never make a decision when she could not make up her mind.

And that was why Breeze allowed her some time to think.

Ye Ci lowered her hands and narrowed her eyes at Breeze. Bai Mo was the only one who knew of her endeavors in the Southern Continent, and she knew very well that he would never let the secret slip.

“So you know something that others do not…” she smiled at Breeze, “Then how can you be sure that it’s the truth?”

Breeze was rendered speechless by her words. A deep frown appeared on his face, as if he was thinking about something. It took him quite a while to recover from this state, “Gongzi You, I know that you hold the quest lock to the Southern Continent’s Mithril ore vein. I’m not here to play reasoning games with you today. I want access to that lock.”

Ye Ci raised an eyebrow. So… The cat’s out of the back huh? She was hoping that the conversation could drag on, as it would give her the chance to earn more out of it. But Breeze apparently refused to yield the high ground to her.

“Would you mind if I repeat what I’ve said once again? That I don’t know what you’re talking about?” she spread her arms open.

“Oh, I won’t.” Breeze chuckled, “Because what you say will not alter the truth,” he looked at the setting sun, and let out a breath, “The sun is setting now. And that is the truth. The time of the day will not change just because someone says otherwise.”

It was Ye Ci’s turn to frown. She shot Breeze an annoyed look. She did not like to be seen through, especially by her opponent. And that was why she remained silent. But Breeze did not seem to mind the glare on her face.

This is so strange. Thought Ye Ci. While she was a solo player and one of the best in her last life, she still held fear for the high ranking officers of the major guilds. But the fear was no longer present in her current life. She had once viewed Breeze’s authority in envy in her last life. It was something that she wanted the most back then.

But it all seemed so trivial to her in her current life. She realized that the man was a human being with flesh and blood just like her. There was nothing he had in his possession that was worthy of her envy.

And with that thought in mind, her mood improved vastly. The fact that Breeze was able to find out about the Southern Continent’s quest lock was no longer a weight in her mind, “Alright then. Let’s say that it’s the truth… So what?”

So what?

Breeze raised an eyebrow at her. He hated the two words. Gongzi You was able to seize the initiative from him with a mere two words. And this was why he did not like to beg for a favor, no matter who it might be.

As long as one had to resort to begging, one would always be placed on the back foot. Breeze had always been the one holding the initiative. He would never beg whenever there was an alternative. But the person before him had forced him into a position where he must beg.

Breeze knew that things would not be easy when he learned that Gongzi You was the one who held the quest lock for the Southern Continent Mithril ore vein. Gongzi You was perhaps the only one in Fate who could force him out of his position of power. The best outcome of his encounter with Gongzi You resulted in nothing but a draw. This was why he had long since given up on trying to beat Upwards Ho! down.

And he found his decision to be the correct one.

As long as Gongzi You was not involved, Breeze would quickly find himself achieving success when it came to the suppression of the smaller guilds. And from that day onwards, he avoided Gongzi You whenever he could.

But fate has different ideas for him.

Gongzi You had still somehow become the obstacle between him and the acquisition of a Mithril ore vein. The importance of Mithril had become more and more apparent one year after its discovery.

These ores had extremely low drop rates in dungeons, but the demands were high. Players could only defeat monsters of lvl80 and above with Mithril equipment. A party exploring a dungeon without Mithril weapons or equipment would find itself quickly wiped out by the monsters within the dungeon.

And because of that, the guilds holding the only Mithril ore veins in the game became some of the most powerful guilds in the game. Upwards Ho!, Genesis, and Heavenly Body held three of the four known ore veins in the game, while the last remaining ore vein remained locked.

Golden Era knew that holding a Mithril ore vein would be the key to its dominion over the world of Fate, but the last remaining Mithril ore vein was in Gongzi You’s hands.

That was why Breeze was forced to go to Ye Ci.

“Gongzi You…” he sighed. He had been sighing a lot since the conversation with the girl started, “I’m very sincere with my offer. I hope you can sell the quest lock to me. I’ll accept any price you name me.”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》