Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 425 Brewing Storm 1
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 425 Brewing Storm 1

Death Blossom chuckled at her husband, “Honey, did you say that Gongzi You do not count as a woman?”

“Yup. I did.” replied Breeze as he made notes on the dungeon clearing guide that he was reading. He was someone who did not like gossiping, nor was he interested in a girl like Ye Ci.

“Then… Why do you think Fleeting Time likes her?” asked Death Blossom with a sadistic grin. It was obvious that she was trying to bait her husband into making a mistake.

Breeze did not know how to respond. He noticed the excitement on her face. It was as if she wanted him to take part in gossiping as well. He sighed to himself. He did not want to splash a bucket of cold water onto the burning passion of his wife, “Maybe he likes girls like her…” he responded.

Death Blossom blinked, and blinked again, “Honey, I don’t think you’re suited to be a DPS. You should be a tank instead.”

“Why is that?” Breeze was confused.

“You’re very good at pulling aggro, and your taunts are on point as well.” said Death Blossom.

Breeze thought about her words for a moment before bursting into laughter. He patted her head and said, “Nonsense.”

Death Blossom chuckled at his response, “Honey, how do you think Fleeting Time will respond when he sees the video?”

How will he respond? Breeze looked up at the ceiling and thought for a long while before finally shaking his head, “I can’t tell how the other fox is thinking either.”

Even Absalom, who was friends with the other fox for many years, could not tell what he was thinking. He noticed the post on the forum, and quickly read through all its content. From his past experience with the fox, Absalom expected him to be in a bad mood, and might even kill a few players to vent his anger.

But it did not happen.

Fleeting Time remained smiling when he saw the thread, “I need to replace some of my equipment. Are you guys heading into the dungeon today? Mind if I tag along?”

The core players of Genesis would of course head into the dungeon on a daily basis. But Absalom could not comprehend what was going on, “Are you alright?” Things did not happen as he had expected.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Fleeting Time raised his eyebrow and wore the teasing grin he would always have when he talked to Absalom.

Something’s not right! This is impossible! Thought Absalom

And just like that, Fleeting TIme joined Genesis’s elites in their dungeon clearing.

Absalom was never in charge of directing the actions of his players in a dungeon, which afforded him the free time to steal occasional glances at Fleeting Time. But the man remained calm and collected even when he was in the dungeon. Wait, this is not like him! He’s actually slacking off! Shouldn’t you be venting your anger on these monsters? This does not make sense!

Absalom could feel fire in his heart. It was the flames of gossip that were looking for an outlet.

He simply could not believe what he saw.

“Are you really alright?” asked Absalom before logging off.

Fleeting Time pursed his lips, “Can you not look at me like that? I almost thought that you’re no longer into women.”

Absalom’s expression immediately darkened, “I shouldn’t have been so worried, you asshole!”

His anger was further fueled by Fleeting Time’s laughter.

Absalom told his wife about the forum post before heading to bed.

Sour Apple rolled her eyes and sighed, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Why is that?” Absalom was curious.

“White Fairytale was in a good mood today.”

The couple stared at the ceiling of their bedroom for a long while before finally realizing that there was nothing they could do about it, and went to sleep.

Ye Ci received a message from Green Hill’s Moon the next day that Fleeting Time was waiting for her in the Wild Cat Tavern.

The duo would always meet at the tavern since they began their adventures on the middle continent. But Ye Ci could feel a sense of guilt in her heart.

But Green Hill’s Moon did not seem to be able to read the atmosphere well. “Are you going to have ‘the talk’?”

“Huh?” Ye Ci was not paying full attention to his words.

“I’m talking about the video that was posted on the forums yesterday! Does Fleeting Time know about it? Are you going to break up with him?” Green Hill’s Moon’s thirst for gossip knows no bounds.

Even Ye Ci began to have doubts in her heart when she heard his words. Is that why he’s looking for me?

She ended the call from Green Hill’s Moon and headed to the Wild Cat Tavern. She was early, but her sense of guilt was screaming at her to arrive early, as she had done something wrong.

“The weather is good today, and I did nothing wrong. It’s only fair for me to arrive early. I can’t let him wait for me all the time! I should be the one waiting for him once in a while. Yup. That’s right. I have always been a fair person…” Ye Ci muttered to herself before entering the Wild Cat Tavern.

A beautiful Cleric in an elegant dress walked into the tavern not long after Ye Ci had taken her seat.

The Cleric scanned her surroundings, and was quick to spot her target. She immediately made her way through her crowd to Ye Ci, ignoring the glances she received from the male players around her.

Ye Ci was busy reading a book she borrowed from the library when she noticed a person taking a seat in front of her. Wait, that’s not a waitress, and that’s definitely not Fleeting Time.

She looked up and found the owner of a very beautiful face smiling at her.

Who could it be if not White Fairytale?

“We meet again, Gongzi You.” said White Fairytale.

Ye Ci stared at her for a few seconds before returning her attention to the book.

White Fairytale’s smile widened, “I saw the post on the forums yesterday.” and she paused in wait for a response from Ye Ci, but the Huntress was still flipping through the pages of her book.

The corners of White Fairytale’s lips twitched, “I’m shocked. I didn’t expect you to be someone with such a heavy taste. You’re actually willing to play third wheel in a relationship? A tomboy like you with no looks nor body figure to show…” White Fairytale tried her best to get a response out of Ye Ci.

But her efforts were in vain.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》