Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 426 Brewing Storm 2
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 426 Brewing Storm 2

Chapter 426 Brewing Storm (2)

Why do humans communicate? Because it can help forge a better future.

And why do humans like to hold a conversation with one another? Because the spark of inspiration often comes from it.

Humans have always been social animals. And if two humans remained silent when they were with one another, history would not have moved forward.

Gongzi You’s silence despite White Fairytale’s best attempt was a source of frustration for the girl. And it was also something that appeared to be very discourteous in the eyes of the male players in the tavern.

How could you ignore such a beautiful lady? Hey you! That’s right, you! Can you please notice the beauty in front of you? They were all staring at the hooded player in front of White Fairytale.

Of course, those words remained unspoken. The players knew better than to meddle in somebody else’s affair. They also knew that nothing good would come from their intervention as they can sense the overpowering aura from the hooded player.

White Fairytale was seething with anger. She glared at Ye Ci in silence, boring holes in the Huntress’s body with her killer gaze.

This continued for quite a while before she finally took in a deep breath and grabbed Ye Ci’s hand in an attempt to attract her attention.

And she received what she sought, as Ye Ci looked up at her.

“Gongzi You, why don’t you leave Fleeting Time alone from now on? You’ve lost your right to stay by his side after what happened.” said White Fairytale.

Ye Ci tilted her head. She was confused by those words, “And what rights do you have to say that? As his classmate? As someone who had a crush on him? Or his next girlfriend?”

White Fairytale opened her mouth, but words refused to come out. There were subtle differences between the three. She was indeed his classmate, but this did not give her the right to interfere in his love life. But to be identified as someone who had a crush on him was something that White Fairytale would never accept. As for Fleeting Time’s future girlfriend..

She could tell that it was a far cry. The only thing she could do was to stare at Gongzi You with disdain. She wanted to refute the girl’s words, but she found herself speechless.

Ye Ci seized the opportunity to pull her hand away from White Fairytale, “And since you do not have a right, why does it matter to you?”

The Cleric glared at her and bit her lips. Her face was painted with a bright shade of red as she continued staring at Ye Ci, but she was at a loss for words. She felt insulted. Years of unrequited love for Fleeting Time had made her numb to such a thing. But the girl who sat in front of her once again made her feel the stinging pain from an insult.

She saw a cup resting on the table from the corners of her eyes, and lifted it with her hand. A stinging pain shot up her hand before she could splash the content of the cup onto Ye Ci’s face, “Don’t waste a cup of perfectly fine drink.”

Ye Ci’s left hand was gripping tightly on White Fairytale’s wrist. The Cleric subconsciously loosened her grip due to the pain, and Ye Ci took the cup away from her. She released White Fairytale’s hand, and took a sip from the cup as she allowed her gaze to drift towards the entrance of the tavern.

White Fairytale followed Ye Ci’s gaze, and saw Fleeting Time with his arms crossed in front of him.

She recoiled in shock.

Fleeting Time made his way towards the two before White Fairytale could react. “Fleeting Time…”

But the man’s attention was on the other person who was sitting by the table. He walked past White Fairytale as if she was a stranger, and made his way towards Ye Ci with a gentle smile on his face.

White Fairytale could feel a stinging pain in her heart. She extended her hand to grab Fleeting Time on his shoulder, but was immediately shrugged away. He then dusted the place where her hand had touched as if out of reflex. And the simple act drove sharp pain into her heart.

“Why is she here?” Fleeting Time did not even look at White Fairytale as he spoke.

Ye Ci shrugged in response as she placed her book back into her inventory, “How would I know?”

Fleeting Time grunted in response and took a seat beside Ye Ci.

This was too much for White Fairytale to bear. She stood up, and immediately left the tavern with tears streaming down her cheeks. She had never shed a tear when she was treated coldly by Fleeting Time in the past. But she could not hold her sadness back any longer.

The patrons in the tavern grew restless.

Fleeting Time came without a hood. His face was something that was known by the vast majority of the players, and they have most certainly heard the Cleric calling out his name.

They were certain that the man was Fleeting Time. This meant that the person who had been reading a book could only be Gongzi You.

Wait… If that’s the case, who was that girl? What’s her relationship with Gongzi You and Fleeting Time?

This became prime gossipping material for the players present.

“Your classmate left.” said Ye Ci with a half-smile.

But Fleeting Time’s smile widened into a grin when he heard her words. He continued staring at Ye Ci, who grew uncomfortable under his gaze, “What is it?”

“Why? I can’t meet with you now that you’ve found a new lover?” there was not a hint of anger in Fleeting Time’s expression.

Ye Ci cleared her throat, “To tell you the truth…”

But Fleeting Time placed his fingers on her lips before she could continue, and he spoke to her with a gentle tone, “I know. You do not have to explain yourself to me.” he continued when he saw Ye Ci raising an eyebrow at him, “You feeling the need to explain means that I do not trust you. But I trust you no matter what. So, you do not have to explain anything to me. I will not accept it.”

Ye Ci could feel the last few remnants of the wall she had built around her heart crumbling, giving way to the warmth that came pouring in. A bright smile slowly spread itself across her lips.

Fleeting Time mirrored her smile, “But…”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》