Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 433 A Daring Attack
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 433 A Daring Attack

With her higher level and Stealth, it was almost impossible for the Golden Era players to even detect her presence.

But she was still cautious as she made her way through the ranks of Golden Era players.

Fate has a large and very diverse player base, and this meant that there was a always a possibility that an unknown expert was hidden among them. She knew that any tiny mistake would spell disaster for her incursion.

She treaded carefully along with the direction of the wind, carefully hiding her tracks as she made her way deeper and deeper into Golden Era’s formation slowly. The process was excruciatingly painful as she had to constantly pay attention to the direction of the wind, but she pressed on in Stealth.

It took skill and experience, but Ye Ci was able to remain undetected.

She was someone who paid attention to the slightest details, and had trained specifically for a scenario like this. While this trick had been picked up by many of the players, Ye Ci’s experience was way ahead of them.

The first line of defence was penetrated with ease. But she soon realized that it was not the only challenge she had to overcome.

What are they doing? Have they deployed such a large number of players just to take Sodom? Where are their siege weapons?

Ye Ci reported what she saw to Bai Mo as she continued her advance. Her surroundings were simply too quiet. There were no signs of an ongoing siege battle despite the manpower that was being deployed in the area.

Her progress was slow, as she had to be cautious of the Rangers constantly combing the area. They might not be as fast as Rogues nor do they have the high Agility of Hunters, but their Perception was the highest among the three classes.

Despite her confidence, Ye Ci was still wary of the capabilities of Golden Era’s Rangers.

Ye Ci was forced to take yet another stop as four Rangers stood not five meters away from her.

A frown appeared on her face. She could tell from their equipment that they were at least lvl80, and were equipped with very decent gears. It was not easy for a lvl80 Rogue to be armed with Purple quality equipment as long as they could afford it. But the players in front of her were only normal players of Golden Era.

She could immediately tell that something was not right. Even if Golden Era was backed by a large financial group, the should never be able to afford full sets of lvl80 Purple equipment on a normal player.

“I’ve penetrated deep into their ranks. I’m still a distance away from their command tent, but there are a lot of Rangers in the area. They’re all at least lvl80 and are armed with Purple equipment.”

“Purple?” Bai Mo was shocked.

“Yup! And they don’t appear to be their core players as well.” Ye Ci continued observing the actions of the four Rangers. They were having idle chatter with one another, but she could not tell what they were talking about.

But it gave her the opportunity to slip past the four Rangers easily.

A rumbling sound entered her ears as she pondered her next move.

Wait… Isn’t that…

And she heard the rumbling again. No way! A deep frown appeared on Ye Ci’s face. If it’s what I think it is, Sodom will fall to Golden Era on this day.

She had no time to waste. She began making her way to the source of the sound. Despite her need for haste, Ye Ci was able to remain cautious.

It still took her ten minutes to finally reach her destination. And her eyes widened at what she saw. Golden Era… Is indeed a guild that should never be underestimated.

She could see a group of players surrounding a magical circle glowing with purple light. They were chanting a spell that was rapidly turning the lush green grass into a huge black hole. Another rumbling sounded across the area, and the black hole grew in size.

It was a summoning circle.

A quick count on the number of players around the magical circle showed that there were thirty of them. She was certain that whatever that was being summoned was very big, and was a rare existence in Fate.

Such beings could only be summoned from specific Void Scrolls that could summon beings that were formidable in battle, with its strength being directly proportional to the number of summoners.

Such summoned monsters were a common sight in the later stage of Fate, but their presence could be considered overpowered in the current stage of the game.

Despite their great strength, these creatures were often not completely obedient to its summoners. They were monsters sealed within the void, and this meant that a summoner without sufficient power would never be able to bend a summoned beast to his or her will.

This was why the main summoner of such a monster would always be the core player of a guild with high level.

Ye Ci scanned the group of players, and was quick to spot Breeze among their numbers. There he is. He is definitely the main summoner.

While Breeze was not the highest leveled player in Golden Era, he was one of the most skillful among them. Ye Ci was certain that he was the only one who could handle whatever beast the planned to summon.

She could tell the players guarding the magical circle were all Golden Era’s Elites. She would never be able to escape even if she succeeded in assassinating their leader. But escaping was not her top priority. She knew that she must disrupt the summoning at all cost.

With her mind made, Ye Ci crept towards Breeze slowly and carefully.

Bai Mo was worried when she told him of the plan, “You’re trying to assassinate Breeze with so many players around? That’s too risky!”

“This is the only chance. If I don’t kill him now, we’ll never be able to take Sodom. There’s no way we can defeat a beast summoned with thirty summoners even if we throw everything our guild’s got at it. All our preparations will go to waste.” she took in a deep breath, “This is the only shot we have in defeating them.”

Bai Mo was silent for a long while. He knew that Ye Ci was speaking the truth, but it was guaranteed that she would be killed the moment she acted. And if she had to revive in the graveyard, her stats would be reduced by 50% for the duration of an hour. She would never be able to take part in the battle. This would greatly reduce the air combat capabilities of Upwards Ho!.

Ye Ci could understand his worries, “Don’t worry, I told Fleeting Time about this. He should be nearby. He’ll help with the attack on the city if anything happens to be.” and a smile appeared on her face, “Besides, how are you so sure that I’ll die?”

There was nothing Bai Mo could do but to agree, “Be careful out there.”

“Don’t worry, I’m Gongzi You.” said Ye Ci as she crept closer to Breeze.

She approached the man from behind.

And drew her Orange quality short sword that she obtained by completing a hidden quest. Breeze would die in one hit if she plunged it into his heart.

She was able to safely make her way to Breeze, and she raised her sword.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》