Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 334 It’s A Trap
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 334 It’s A Trap

Ye Ci waited patiently behind Breeze, waiting for the perfect time and perfect angle to strike. She finally found what she wanted. The tip of her blade was mere inches away from the mage’s back. Any slight movement from either one of them would result in his death.

And Ye Ci was a person of action instead of worrying too much about consequences.

She took her aim carefully, and plunged the blade into Breeze’s back.

Her attack hit its mark. The blade of her saber pierced through the man’s ribs and buried itself in his heart. He was dead in the blink of an eye.

Breeze could feel something plunging itself into his back, and saw the blade of a sword erupting from his chest. It happened so fast that he did not even register the pain. The blade disappeared from view at the next moment, and blood began to gush out from the open wound.

The pain when the blade was pulled out was so intense that it shot across the nerves of all his limbs. He saw his health plunging rapidly, and realized that he had been dealt the killing blow. His body refused to move, or rather, it was not able to move. He did not even know how Gongzi You was able to take him out in one hit.

The heart!

It was the most vital organ of a human’s body, and also its weakest spot. A blow to the heart would always end a life. But landing the blow was no easy feat.

Breeze had tried acting as a target with the melee players of his guild after he made the decision to be bait. Many of them could not hit his heart even when he was not moving. The few who managed to land their attacks were not able to deal a fatal strike due to the damage that was negated by his ribcage.

He was able to recover with a single Health Potion in most of the scenarios that had been acted out. And this was why he allowed Ye Ci to appear behind him unguarded.

What he did not expect was that Gongzi You was able to strike at his heart. And she was able to land the killing blow. The thin blade of her sword pierced through his Mithril armor, went past his ribs, and struck his heart.

Her movements were precise and clean. There was no hesitation when she struck. Breeze was able to turn around before he dropped dead on the ground, and saw Gongzi You who had revealed herself after the attack.

There was no way she could escape.

He saw her struggling to dodge the torrent of skills and spells that flew towards her. For every attack that missed, many more found their marks. Breeze would have smiled at the sight if he was not already a corpse on the ground.

“We must not let Gongzi You leave alive, no matter the cost!” He gave the order into the Guild Chat.

Ye Ci received a notification that she had dealt a killing blow to Breeze the moment her attack landed, and a damage indicator appeared. The numbers did not matter to her, for Breeze was dead.

She sheathed her weapon and attempted to leave, but her form was already revealed to the Golden Era elites that had been laying in wait around Breeze. Attacks, spells, and different skills immediately rained down upon her. Try as she might to dodge the attacks, there was nothing she could do. She was in the midst of Golden Era’s formation, and escape was all but impossible once she was spotted.

Well, at least I stopped the summoning. Thought Ye Ci. But her face paled the next moment when she cast a glance at the direction of the summoning circle.

It did not disappear.

And another player was already moving in to take Breeze’s spot around the summoning circle.

A summoning circle in the world of Fate was deployed by a main summoner with a scroll, and other players could then aid him or her in the summoning of the beast from the void. The death of the main summoner would destroy the summoning circle and the scroll would disappear along with it as well.

The summoning circle would continue to exist as long as the main summoner remained alive. Any casualties among the supporting summoners could be replaced, while the summoning itself would not be canceled, and was merely delayed.

The continued existence of the summoning circle could only mean one thing: Breeze was not the main summoner. He was just an easily replaceable part of the process, and was also a bait.

Ye Ci was furious. She did not expect him to sacrifice himself just to lay a trap to her. He knew she would assume that he was the main summoner in the ritual, and he knew that she was the only one capable of slipping through the defences of Golden Era.

And she took the bait.

She had failed to stop the summoning, and might not even survive her attempt to escape.

Ye Ci cast one final glance at the summoning circle, and fled for her life.

She was a top-tier player, but her strength was still limited, especially when she was surrounded by a vast number of Golden Era’s elites. Fate was a very fair game. There was no way she could survive.

The last of her health was drained away within seconds. She did not even make it very far away from Breeze when she finally dropped dead on the ground.

Ahh.. It seems that I’ve underestimated him. She grimaced. And I’ve underestimated the capabilities of Golden Era as well. She thought as a large number of aerial steed appeared in the sky above her.

I’ve been bested by Breeze. She let out a long sigh. Fortunately for Ye Ci, she did not summon Ol’ Six into battle, as it would not be easy to revive a Holy Dragon.

A person appeared in her black and white vision just as she thought of relaying the information to Bai Mo. it was Breeze. He was alive and was standing before her.

Breeze made his way to Ye Ci’s “corpse” and knelt beside her. The Huntress’s face was pale as always, and her amber eyes were wide open. He let out a sigh at the sight of the dead top-tier player. Even when a player was dead, they could still see their surroundings, and listen to the words of the living.

“Gongzi You, do you know how much preparation I made just to kill you?” he said with a smile.

But Ye Ci, of course, was not able to give him a response. I was too greedy. I shouldn’t have tried destroying the summoning circle on my own. She thought to herself.

“I know you’re not happy with how things ended, but you’ve killed so many of us, while I can only kill you just this once. Truth to be told, I’m not happy with the results either. But…” Breeze let out a long sigh, “I think this is my only chance of killing you.”

And with that, Breeze stood up and turned around to leave, but not before giving out instructions to the Golden Era players around him, “Watch her, do not give her the chance to revive herself.”

It was only natural for Golden Era to stand watch around her.

There was only one Gongzi You in Upwards Ho!, and the entire Eastern Continent. As long as her corpse was there, no one would be able to stop the summoning.

While she might not be the only top-tier player on the continent, she was most certainly the only one with the right tools to achieve such a feat. Sodom would most definitely fall into the hands of Golden Era.

Damn it! I guess we’re destined to lose this battle. She sighed. She immediately gave Bai Mo a call.

“Are you alright?” was the first thing she heard when the call connected.

“I’m doing fine. The grass here is soft.”

Bai Mo immediately realized the meaning behind her words, “What?! You’re dead?!”

“Of course! How do you expect me to survive in the midst of thousands of their elites?” and she continued after a short pause. “I have good news and bad news for you.”

“Alright, let’s listen to the good news.”

“I killed Breeze,” said Ye Ci.

And this is the good news? “What about the bad news then?”

“Well, you see…” Ye Ci eyed the glowing summoning circle, before continuing, “He’s not the main summoner.”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》