Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 434 A Daring Rescue
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 434 A Daring Rescue

This is not good. Bai Mo could feel the veins on his temples bulging. This is really not good.

Ye Ci was dead, and she failed to destroy the summoning circle. While the summoning was still some time away from its completion, Bai Mo was certain that nobody else could pull off the stunt of assassinating the lead summoner a second time.

His morale was at a new low. It was apparent that the battle had been lost even before it began. It was certain beyond the shadow of a doubt that Golden Era was expecting an attack. They knew that Upwards Ho! was lying in wait with its allies so that they could launch an ambush on the guild as it breached the defences of the abandoned city.

But Golden Era proceeded with its attack despite the knowledge. This meant that they came prepared. And from the information relayed by Ye Ci, they did.

Nobody could take on a summoned beast at the current stage of the game, just like how Ye Ci’s Holy Dragon was virtually invincible before Mithril was still uncommon in the game.

And a summoned beast that required the combined strength of thirty two summoners would be a formidable foe. It would have a high level, and very strong stats. The beast could be used to easily breach the defences of Sodom, and to wipe out the guilds that set out to attack Golden Era.

It was also bait for Ye Ci.

Bai Mo finally realized Breeze’s plans after a short discussion with Ye Ci. As expected of Breeze. He sighed. The man had very good luck, and had the ability to control a massive guild of millions.

His intelligence was also something that filled Bai Mo with awe. The man correctly predicted that Ye Ci would act as a scout, and that she would attempt to disrupt the summoning once she spotted the summoning circle. That was why he used himself as bait, so that Ye Ci would act based on the assumption that he was the main summoner.

His predictions allowed him to take out Ye Ci, and Upwards Ho!’s only chance at turning the tables around.

“What can we do now?” Bai Mo let out a long sigh. This was a situation he did not want to see.

We’ve really suffered a catastrophic defeat here. Thought Ye Ci. But she was still thinking of a way to turn the situation around, “Hold on, I’ll continue observing the situation. If things continue going south, we’ll have to call for a retreat.”

“This sucks.” mumbled Bai Mo.

“There’s nothing we can do about it.” Ye Ci was still staring at the summoning circle. She could not tell which stage of the summoning she was observing as her vision was in black and white. But it looked like the process would be completed within an hour, “We can’t just throw our levels and equipment away at that thing.”

“I understand. Keep observing the situation. I’ll talk to you later.” Bai Mo could feel a sense of helplessness washing over him.

He ended the call with Ye Ci, and slammed his fists onto the ground where he sat and sighed. The officers of Upwards Ho! were concerned when they noticed his sour expression.

Timely Rain glanced at the players around him. They were all hesitant to be the one to speak up first. Guess that person will have to be me. “What is it, Old Mo? Bad news?”

“Yup.” Bai Mo nodded, “Gongzi You’s attack failed. She did not destroy the summoning circle, and…” a deep frown appeared on his face, “And she was killed.”

The expressions of the players around him immediately darkened. She was the best player in the Eastern Continent. If the best had fallen, nobody else would be able to succeed in the task. Her corpse would also be heavily guarded, which meant that any rescue attempts would be futile.

“Who did you say was dead?” a voice broke the silence.

The officers of Upwards Ho! looked towards the direction of the voice, and was shocked to see a hooded player standing not far away from Bai Mo. He removed his hood, revealing the silvery hair underneath. The person was Fleeting Time.

Their surprise came from the fact that he was a player from a hostile continent, but was still able to make his way to a heavily defended position. Bai Mo could feel a chill traveling down his spine. He could easily have assassinated everyone present if he’s an actual enemy.

“What are you here?” Bai Mo pursed his lips.

But his question went unanswered, “Who died?”

“Your wife. She snuck into Golden Era’s camp alone, and…” Fruit Jelly offered an answer when none came from Bai Mo, “We do not know what’s going on at the moment, but she seems to have been surrounded.”

Bai Mo rolled his eyes at Fruit Jelly. Woman, please… “Wife? They might not even get married.”

Fleeting Time pulled up his hood and turned around to leave, “I’ll go get her.”

“Are you sure you can make it?”

“She’s my woman. I can’t allow so many people to stare at her.” Fleeting Time smiled and disappeared.

“Your woman… Heh, you’re a shameless man.” Bai Mo muttered under his breath.

Ye Ci felt sorry for the color blind as she laid on the ground with her vision remaining black and white. Her eyes were fixed on the summoning circle, but mental fatigue was starting to set in.

Just when boredom started to set in, she saw one of the players posted around her slumping onto the ground.

This was something she did not expect. The Golden Era players around her were in a state of panic. She surveyed her surroundings, and saw a few more among their numbers dropping dead on the ground.

Even Breeze had been alerted by the sudden change in the situation. The leader of Golden Era rushed to the scene and shouted to his men, “Gather anyone with 200 points and above in Perception here now! We must find that guy!”

From her very limited field of view, Ye Ci could see player after player dropping dead on the ground. Even the Golden Era summoners who were not far away had started panicking.

Something must’ve happened!

Just then, her corpse was lifted up, and she saw the angry faces of the Golden Era players flashing before her vision, before she was finally sat down on the ground. “We meet again, Little Gongzi.” a smiling face appeared before her.

“Why are you here?” she typed out.

“Because you’re here.” Fleeting Time was carrying Ye Ci on the back of his Phoenix towards the concentration of Upwards Ho! players. He had relayed the situation to Bai Mo through Green Hill’s Moon before his daring attempt, and laid out his plan of attack.

He immediately made his way to safety once his rescue attempt turned out to be a success. No matter how formidable he might be, and how strong his Phoenix was, he was but a single player.

“Didn’t I tell you to help Bai Mo? Why did you rescue me? What if you died?”

“It’s alright. I’m not a man if I don’t come to your rescue.” he responded.

Ye Ci could feel a sliver of warmth seeping into her heart as she stared silently at Fleeting Time’s handsome face.

The number of pursuers behind Fleeting Time were rapidly increasing. He looked back at the sky that was full of Golden Era aerial steed, and used a bottle of Haste Potion on his Phoenix.

The whistling wind gushing past Ye Ci’s ears was a testimony of how fast the Phoenix was.

“You’re wrong if you think that assassination is my best skill.” Fleeting Time chuckled, “Escaping is what I’m best at.”

And his words rendered her speechless.

“What are those?” asked Ye Ci when she saw silhouettes appearing ahead.

“Reinforcements have arrived.” Fleeting Time replied with a smile as he stared at the aerial steeds from Upwards Ho!, Wolf Pack, Conquering The Heavens, and Tang Dynasty. The duo retreated to a relatively safe position, and Fleeting Time set Ye Ci on the ground, “Come, revive her.” he said to someone beyond her field of vision.

A bright light enveloped Ye Ci at the next moment. But a voice called out to her in her black and white world just as she was about to choose the option to revive, “You seem to have ran into trouble, Elf.”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》