Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 441 No Making Without Breaking
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 441 No Making Without Breaking

Ye Ci gritted her teeth at Naga who was sitting not far away from her. You asshole! I know you said that we’ll meet again once the battle has been won, but do you really need to do it so fast? She was immediately yanked away into another realm by Naga immediately after the duration of her Dark Summoning was up.

Fleeting Time was shocked by her sudden disappearance, but he was quick to figure out what happened, and decided to simply take a nap on the ground.

“We meet again, Elf.” Naga was smiling at Ye Ci like a thousand years old fox. He was cunning, and yet so beautiful.

“Damn right. We meet again, Naga.” said Ye Ci through gritted teeth.

“You look like you’ve missed me very much, Elf.” Naga’s smile was very beautiful. It was hard for a player to imagine that such a gorgeous NPC was the Demon Lord that brought ruin to the land in the history books.

He looked at Ye Ci as if he was looking at a doll. That’s right, a doll.

Ye Ci did not like the feeling, but she still had to deal with Naga.

“I think you might have made a mistake. Because I don’t want to see you ever again for the rest of my life if it’s possible.” Ye Ci snorted. She was still affected by the loss of her experience points.

While it might be the least important thing in a game, it still represented the time she spent on the game. The one hour of fighting had burned away nearly two years worth of effort she had poured into her character.

But Naga paid no heed to Ye Ci’s words as he was staring at Fleeting Time. she did not know why he was staring at him, but it was not something that she had to worry about. She wanted to know what drove Naga to render her aid. I wonder what he wants from me. After all the effort, oh wait, nevermind. It’s nothing to a BOSS-tier NPC like him. Surely it’s not for charity!

A thick gray fog surrounded Ye Ci, obscuring Fleeting Time from her view. She knew that it was a high level illusion. It’d be nice if I can use it too.

“Ah, I see another who has inherited Dau’er’s will.” said Naga.

Another? Does it mean that I count as one too? Naga’s words sent a chill down Ye Ci’s spine.

Naga chuckled in amusement. But Ye Ci did not feel fear in the face of such a powerful Final BOSS.

She was instead reminded of the days she was hunted by Naga’s minions. Those were tough times. Her loss of nearly sixty levels was also due to the work of Naga. Will he pull some shenanigans off again this time? Maybe one that will send me all the way back to a newbie village?

“You’ve been asking what I want from helping you, Elf.” Naga leaned back against the chair that he magically summoned, “It’s time I tell you.”

“What do you want?”

“Look at me, and tell me what you see.” Naga redirected the conversation so quickly that Ye Ci was caught off guard. To her, Naga was still gorgeous as ever. But something was wrong about his form. He was transparent.

“You’re transparent.” replied Ye Ci truthfully.

“Of course.” Naga smiled at her, “Because you’re now looking at my soul.”


“I’ve always been in this form since the battle thousands of years ago.” Naga smiled at Ye Ci, “While I’ve managed to seal those so-called heroes who dared oppose me, I myself suffered the same fate as well.” Naga was still smiling as he revealed the truth to Ye Ci, but she could sense the hatred in her voice.

She finally understood why she was here. While Fate was a new game, the storyline used by the developers was corny as ever. So he wants revenge. And I’m a tool he needs to achieve that.

“Of all the adventurers out there, why me?” asked Ye Ci when Naga was done narrating his sad story. She was silently cursing at the Fate developers for the lame storyline.

“I did not choose you.” Naga motioned at Ye Ci’s finger, “It did.”

Ye Ci’s expression immediately darkened. How she wanted time to rewind to that moment three years ago when she first found the ring.

“Will you kill me if I refuse to help you?” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes.

“Of course not, I’m kind and benevolent after all.” Naga lied as naturally as he breathed, “But I’m sure you will come to see things my way.”

“Don’t be so sure about it.”

“We shall see.” there was a glint in Naga’s eyes as the words left his mouth. The illusion world made by Naga crumbled around Ye Ci, and she once again reappeared beside Fleeting Time. Neither of them knew what Naga was talking about.

But Ye Ci would soon find out.

“Die, you pawn of Naga!” NPCs would shout at Ye Ci whenever she tried to initiate a conversation. And the names of monsters in the field would appear green to her.

“Why don’t you just die, Naga!”

And she was summoned into the other realm by Naga again.

Reality has proven to her that no matter how strong a player was, he or she was still at the mercy of a Final BOSS like Naga.

A wise person submits to circumstances.

Ye Ci had always been a firm believer of that saying.

And that was why she agreed to Naga’s request. Or in game terms, she betrayed her faith and had fallen into darkness.

Naga then parted ways with Ye Ci with one final gift. Her level was completely reset to lvl1. “How can you use the powers gained by slaying your allies?” He smiled at her.

The only thing Ye Ci wanted to say at the moment was: F*ck you Naga!
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    《Reign of the Hunters》