Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 444 Meeting Again
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 444 Meeting Again

Ye Ci saw a figure walking towards her through the crowd and took a seat beside her. And just like her, he was equipped with a cloak. Many of the players were equipped with a cloak, partially to look cool, and to avoid the enemy they have made.

Why is he here?

For reasons not known even to her, Ye Ci realized that the seat beside her would always be left empty whenever she was in a public setting in game or in real life.

Nobody, including Bai Mo, her parents, and Tan Polang, has taken the seat beside her. And no one other than her had noticed such a fact. She had long since grown used to it. Perhaps it is the air I give off. Why else would nobody want to sit beside me whenever we’re out?

It was the same even when she was in the arena. Her equipment was nothing out of the ordinary, and the spot she had taken was chosen at random. But in the bustling stadium, not a single person had taken the seat beside her, until the cloaked man arrived. Did the sun rise from the west this morning?

This was why Ye Ci noticed the presence of the person at all. But she redirected her attention back to the match after stealing a few glances at him. She was here today for the map, and anything else was not a concern of hers.

This was the first time she saw Lamb With Fangs in action for the first time, and she was determined to study the moves of the contestant. After all, a post-game recording would have easily missed many of the tiny details due to the edits. A live game where players could watch the fight from multiple angles was the best way to gauge a player’s strength.

Fleeting Time’s movements were fast. Even Ye Ci would have missed the moment he struck had she not been familiar with his fighting style. Ye Ci immediately panned the camera upwards the moment Fleeting Time disappeared from view.

And just as she expected, a silhouette shot towards Lamb With Fangs from the air. While the Ranger showed some hesitation, he was still able to react correctly and in time by jumping backwards, narrowly avoiding Fleeting Time’s arrow while firing one of his own at the Hunter.

No one expected Fleeting Time to dodge the attack in midair, but he was able to avoid the arrow with a slight twist of his body. It looked like a narrow miss, but the dodge was perfect. Fleeting Time was able to change his trajectory as well in mid air, and was once again on an attacking course towards Lamb With Fangs.

It all happened in the span of a few seconds, but it came to a shock to the many players watching the match. Ye Ci’s eyes narrowed as she saw the move. It had been ten months since she last fought against Fleeting Time, and he had become stronger.

Lamb With Fangs was apparently caught off guard by the sudden maneuver. He was forced to go on the defense. It appeared as if he was able to avoid a hit from Fleeting Time’s twin blades, but the system registered the attack as a hit.

“Who do you think will win?” Ye Ci heard a familiar voice beside her. Her body immediately grew tense as she turned around to face the cloaked figure beside her.

“What is it, Gongzi You? Are you surprised to see me here?” the figure slowly pulled down his hood.

Ye Ci’s gaze pierced through the man like thousands of daggers.

“Long time no see, Gongzi You.” he smiled at her.

She narrowed her eyes at the person and smiled at him as well, “Indeed. It has been a while, Breeze.”

Breeze was giving a gentle gaze. His demeanor was not that of a guild with millions of members, and instead of a nextdoor neighbour or an old friend. But this raised an alarm for Ye Ci. She was not afraid of a fight, but she did not know what he was up to.

What does he want?

Ye Ci had stopped involving herself in any disputes between guilds after the last battle with Golden Era. She laid low as best as she could when she started over. While her name was still known throughout the game due to her many outstanding bounties, she was no longer the person standing at the top of the food chain. She was no longer the Gongzi You who was feared by many. And this was why many among the players had the courage to attempt to claim the bounty placed on her. She did not mind such a life.

This was why she was confused when Breeze showed up. Her instincts were telling her that Breeze wanted something from her, but she did not know what it was.

She had grown too complacent after the battle for Sodom.

But she was still a lion.

“While they are almost equal in terms of skills, I believe that Fleeting Time will emerge victorious.” replied Ye Ci after some moment of silence as she watched the fight.

“Because he’s your boyfriend?”

Ye Ci eyed Breeze with disdain clear on his face. Can you not be so gossipy?

“Was I wrong?” he shrugged. He understood what she was trying to convey, but he did not feel that he said anything wrong.

“Fleeting Time is Fleeting Time, just like how I am Gongzi You. Me believing that he will win has nothing to do with our relationship.” she realized that she had never talked about Fleeting Time with someone else so calmly before.

“Oh? Then why are you so sure?” Breeze was curious.

“Because I’m the only one who is allowed to win against him. He will not lose before I defeat him with my own hands.”

Her words stunned Breeze into silence.

And he chuckled at her after a long pause, “I see you’re still as arrogant as ever, Gongzi You.”

“Arrogant?” Ye Ci pursed her lips, “No, it’s confidence.” she narrowed her eyes at Breeze, “You’re still as cunning as always, Breeze. Let’s stop beating around the bush. What do you want from me?”

This elicited a laugh from Breeze, “This is the only thing I like about you, Gongzi You. You’re a very straightforward person.”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》