Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 447 Some Little Things
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 447 Some Little Things

The night was beautiful.

Ye Ci and Fleeting Time were feeling tipsy after their drink, and yet sober at the same time. They sat on a large chunk of rock and began having a casual conversation.

This was one of the few times they were able to relax and enjoy each other’s company since Ye Ci’s level had been reset.

Fleeting Time handed Ye Ci some roasted rabbit meat after removing the bones with his dagger, and she received it with no hesitation. She felt bad for the dagger. That thing must have Orange quality. To be used to slice meat… If the dagger is sentient, it would’ve cried.

“Breeze came looking for you today?”

“How did you know?”

“Oh, a friend of mine told me about it.”

Ye Ci gave him a nod. It was not unusual for a major guild to have spies in Golden Era, just like how it would have spies in the other major guilds, “He told me that Golden Era is pulling out of Fate.”

“Eh?” This came as a shock to Fleeting Time. But it did not affect the movements of his hands as he continued to dice the rabbit meat, “That’s weird. We have so many spies in that guild, but none of them discovered the secret.”

“Of course you won’t find out! He just made the decision. Is it still a secret if you manage to find out immediately after the decision was made?” Ye Ci snorted.

“You have a point.” and he then shifted the topic with a smile, “Fancy some fruits? I brought some honeydew from Hero City.”

“Wow, as expected of a rich man. What a waste.” said Ye Ci as she took the expensive fruit from Fleeting Time. Despite her complaints, she showed no intention of holding back.

“Well, what’s the point of earning money if my wife can’t spend it?” This came naturally to Fleeting Time, but Ye Ci still blushed at his words.

She redirected the conversation with a light cough, “Breeze wanted us to take in some of his players who will not be pulling out of the game. But I rejected his request.”

“Why did you do that? Isn’t this a good opportunity for Upwards Ho!?”

“Firstly, I’ve never intervened in guild affairs. It’d be better if Bai Mo is the one handling this. And secondly, I do not know what Breeze is up to. It doesn’t hurt to be careful.”

Fleeting Time responded with nothing but a smile.

On such a beautiful night, nothing had to be said. Even a time spent in silence was joyful for the couple.

Tomorrow will come no matter what. And both of them had things that they had to worry about. What mattered was that they enjoyed their moments together.

The weather on the next day was hot. And Ye Ci had nothing but curses for Naga as she stood by the edge of a cliff. Damn it! Why did you choose a place like this as your base? She looked down at the boiling lava and visibly gulped. It sure looks hot down there.

A small rock tumbled its way down towards the lava, and disappeared into a puff of green smoke. Ye Ci rolled her eyes. She knew that Fate was highly realistic. But this meant that she would never be able to reclaim her equipment if she fell into the lava.

She began cursing at Naga again. Can’t you think of somewhere better as your base?!

But there was a quest to be completed. She gulped down yet another Heat Resistant potion and continued moving forward. She looked up at the skull-shaped cave entrance at the top of the mountain and sighed. How many more potions do I have to use?

She was finally able to reach her destination after expanding half her supplies of Heat Resistant Potion. The interior of the case was not as narrow as she expected. It was wide and had an air of grandeur. Stairs, fountains, statues, and all sorts of ornaments decorated the interior of the cave.

There was a thick layer of dust on all the furniture. It was apparent that the place had been abandoned for a very long time.

Ye Ci covered her nose as she walked deeper into Naga’s palace. She did not dare to breathe in the thick layer of dust that could be found in every corner of the palace.

The palace was big, and was almost empty as Ye Ci moved deeper into its interior. There was nothing but torches on the walls around her. It was as silent as a grave. This was a sight Ye Ci did not expect that see. The base of a demon king should be filled with monsters, but there was nothing here.

Ye Ci was overjoyed when she first received the quest from Naga. After all, her days have grown quite boring with the neverending PVP. That was why she made all the preparations required to reach her destination with much enthusiasm when Naga relayed his wish to retrieve something from his old palace.

But reality was not what she expected.

And this made her angry.

Without an outlet to vent her anger, Ye Ci stomped her way to the highest floor of Naga’s castle. She paid close attention to her surroundings for loot that might compensate her for her lost time.

It did not take her long to arrive at a hall lined by two rows of pillars where a large throne sat.

What caught Ye Ci’s attention was not the throne, and instead two stone altars beside the throne. She could feel a strong compulsion drawing her towards the altars. Her eyes widened when she made her way to the altar.

Nine weapons were arrayed on the stone altars. They were clearly weapons for each of the nine classes in Fate. She immediately understood who the weapons belonged to the moment she laid her eyes upon them.

“Ahh, I knew you'd be interested in these.” came a voice from behind Ye Ci as she stared at the weapons.

She drew her bow with a quick movement and nocked an arrow without even thinking. It was then that she realized who the voice belonged to.

Ye Ci slung her bow and sighed, “Can’t you make a sound before you start talking to me?”

“And how do you suppose I do that? Are you expecting a spirit to make noise when he walks? Why don’t you demonstrate to me how it’s done?”

After her long interaction with Naga, Ye Ci came to realize that he was not the scary Demon Lord recorded in the history books. He was more like an immature brat in his rebellious stage.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》