Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 448 A Mission
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 448 A Mission

Ye Ci felt no need to waste time on pointless bickering with an NPC with a childish personality. “Naga, why are you here?” she decided to ask the question to the answer the wanted the most instead.

“Of course I’ll be here! This is my palace! Why must you ask something so stupid?” Naga snorted.

Ye Ci clenched her fist, took in a deep breath, and relaxed her grip. Forget about it Ye Ci, there’s no need for me to lower myself to his level. Isn’t he just a clump of data?

“I know this is your palace, and it would of course be natural for you to be here.” she spoke up after persuading herself to calm her nerves, “But since you’re here, why do you still need me to get the stuff for you” asked Ye Ci. You’re the idiot! Were the words that she wanted to say to Naga.

But Naga ignored her courtesy, “I’m a spirit alright? How am I supposed to pick something up? Have the intelligence of Elves dropped since the age of Dau’er?” The Dark Lord was dancing in the air, showing off his beautiful robes and flaunting his appearance like a peacock.

And it was apparent that Ye Ci was at the limits of her patience. She did not show even a hint of emotion. Her body was relaxed as she leaned against one of the stone altars.

She stared at Naga in silence, with her face devoid of emotion, and filling the entire space around her with her aura of displeasure.

The NPC who was prancing about finally felt the anger flowing out of Ye Ci, “Hey, are you angry, Elf?”

Ye Ci rolled her eyes at the demon lord. Has he become somewhat slow due to thousands of years of isolation? She ignored the question and gestured at the weapons, “How did you get these things?”

“Oh these?” Naga, who was floating around, stopped midair and a grin appeared on his face, “These are my spoils of war of course.”

Ye Ci could still remember the history she had read from the National Library. The Nine Great Heroes of the Alliance banded together in a final battle against Naga in the height of the conflict, but they were all slain by the Dark Lord.

Naga, however, was not able to savor his victory. His body was sealed away by a magical circle created by the Nine Heroes themselves. Only his soul was able to escape eternal imprisonment.

The balance of power between the Alliance races were reshuffled after the demise of their leaders, while the forces of Chaos were also in disarray with the defeat of their supreme ruler.

And this eventually led to a race between both sides to look for a way for the resurrection of their kings. This would then be affected by the main questline of Fate, through the progress of players while completing their quests.

Ye Ci brushed her hand against each of the weapons. One could tell that they were masterfully crafted just with a glance. Her gaze swept through the row of weapons before finally landing on the wide grin on Naga’s face, “Tell me, Naga. What do you want me to do for you?”

“Aiya, you’re not like Dau’er at all. Why are you so direct? Shouldn’t you engage me in a debate between good and evil before asking me that…” Naga’s yammering continued and he would not stop.

Despite the impatient glare from Ye Ci, the NPC showed no signs of stopping until she finally cut him off with a question of her own, “Naga, how many years have you been sealed?”

“Hmm?” Ye Ci’s sudden question threw Naga off from his line of thinking. It took him quite a while before he could muster a response, “A couple thousands of years I guess.” he shrugged, “One who was trapped in a prison like that perceives time differently.”

“Did you have anyone talking with you?” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow.

“Of course not!” Naga’s expression darkened, “I was alone when those nine sealed me. I should’ve sealed them separately so that they can suffer as I have…”

Ye Ci sighed at his words. Wait, aren’t you angry at the wrong things, “Tell me what you need me to do.” learning from her mistake moments before, she spoke up before Naga could continue off another tangent.

Naga was apparently not happy not happy when he was cut off by Ye Ci. He gritted his teeth and the Huntress, but no words left his mouth.

“Naga,” Ye Ci raised her voice, “The efforts to free the nine heroes are going very well. You do know what it means to have them released, and what will happen if you remain sealed while they’re able to roam freely. We have capable warriors, but they have the numbers. Having the heroes on their side will tip the scales heavily in their favor. Are you sure that you want to delay this any longer?” she raised an eyebrow at the Dark Lord, “Or perhaps you want to die on their hands for real this time?”

Naga’s expression darkened even further, “Do you think I haven’t thought about that? But…” he bit back his words, and floated towards the bow and said to Ye Ci, “This was Dau’er’s bow. And now it belongs to you.”

He sent the bow flying towards Ye Ci, who snatched it out of the air.

It’s heavy. Thought Ye Ci as she gripped the bow. One glance at the Strength requirements of the bow told Ye Ci that she could not use it to its full potential at her current level. She need to be at least lvl100, but she was still at lvl89. 11 levels to go.

‘Corrupted Bow of the King’ the name of the weapon was displayed in Ye Ci’s view. There was only a short line in the bow’s description ‘Status available after equipping.’. But the red glow around the weapon was a sign that she had not reached the level to equip the bow.

“What I need to do is simple, Elf.”

Ye Ci placed the bow in her inventory, and looked up at Naga.

“Go, bring back my head.”
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    《Reign of the Hunters》