Reign of the Hunters
Chapter 449 An Invitation
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Reign of the Hunters
Author :Season Of Fireworks
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Chapter 449 An Invitation

Naga was an important character.

He was the core of Fate’s main quest.

Any artifact related to Naga was bound to be heavily guarded, especially when the artifact mentioned was Naga’s head.

Ye Ci sat thinking in front of the Dark Shrine after reading through the quest description. She looked up into the sky and sighed. There’s no way I can complete this mission on my own.

Her only option was to head to the mercenary guild of Evening Mist City.

The city was the base of operations for the Dark Players, and could only be accessed through special NPCs. Due to their significantly smaller numbers, only a single city was made available to the Dark Players.

While the Evening Mist City was smaller in scale, it was not lacking. What was made available to the mainstream players in Hero City was available to the Dark Players as well.

The streets of the city itself, while not as tightly packed as Hero City, was still bustling with activity. Many among the player base had embraced the Darkness just like Ye Ci, but not many of them were at a high level, and not a single one of them, including Ye Ci, had managed to reach lvl100.

Despite the disparity in strength, the game was still fair. It protected the Dark Players from being suppressed by the mainstream players who held the clear advantage, and even provided incentives for them to level up.

The developers had introduced a special item called Imaginary Stone that would decrease the difficulty of a dungeon by 30% while retaining its rewards.These items, while very potent, came at a high price and with a limited supply. An Imaginary Stone could only last five hours per use, and could only be used in dungeons accessible only to Dark Players.

She posted a quest looking for party members for a 100-players dungeon in Middle Continent’s Hero City with the requirement of lvl100 players. Her message attracted the attention of many Dark Players.

Due to their relatively small numbers, there were no large scale Dark Guilds at the current stage of the game, but many of the smaller guilds still approached Ye Ci in hopes of recruiting her help.

But she immediately disabled her Private Message channel.

It’ll take some time for us to get to lvl100 it seems.

Ye Ci did not show much interest in the ongoing PVP Tournament. She should have been one of the participants, but she had lost that ability. And being a spectator meant nothing to her. She avoided matches that even Fleeting Time participated in out of fear that her heart would be filled with more sadness and regrets.

Ye Ci flew towards the ocean after defeating yet a few lvl100 mainstream players. She was sad. Some things might not matter to her, but there were things that she found hard to let go. These were things that had been the driving force that kept pushing her forward to be a better player in her current life, but she lost the chance just like that.

When is the next PVP Tournament again? I think that’ll be six years later. Must I suffer through my regrets until then?

A figure appeared behind Ye Ci just as she was wallowing in her own thoughts. She stared at the person, and then looked away. She was not in the mood to entertain him at the moment.

The figure was not happy when he was completely ignored. He walked up to Ye Ci and poked her on her arm.

“Wang Jiangnan, do you wish to experience another freefall?” Ye Ci spoke through gritted teeth.

“It doesn’t matter.” Wang Jiangnan shrugged, “I’m the lead developer. Even if you kick me down right now, I’ll be back within a second.”

“Fine! What do you want from me?!”

“You don’t seem to be in a good mood.” Wang Jiangnan chuckled.

“What does it have to do with you?”

Wang Jiangnan was not angry. He instead leaned forward and whispered into her ears, “Unsatisfied desires?”

He was kicked down from Ol’ Six the next moment. Ahh… Can’t she take a joke? He was back on Ol’ Six moments later, and shouted before Ye Ci could act, “I’m here for official business!”

“Hurry up, or it won’t be just a kick.”

“I’m here to invite you to attend the 4th Anniversary event. Are you going?”

“A 4th Anniversary event?” Ye Ci raised her eyebrows. She did not remember something like this from her last life.

“Yup. We decided to make a celebration for our game. And as a blessing too so that I would last for years to come.” said Wang Jiangnan half jokingly.

“But why me?” Ye Ci decided to attend after a brief moment of consideration, “I’m no longer the Solo King of the Eastern Continent.”

“Hmm… Let me think…” Wang Jiangnan rubbed his chin before continuing, “What about the player with the most player kills?”

Ye Ci broke into laughter upon hearing his words, “That… Is not a bad excuse. I like it.”

“It’s settled then. I’ll get someone to send you an invitation card.” and Wang Jiangnan began to sit down, “With that out of the way, let us talk about the less important stuff.”

“Like what?”

“Like the PVP Tournament! Why is a PVP enthusiast like you missing out on it?”

“There’s nothing much to look at. It’s not like I can take part in those matches. Might as well not think about it.” Ye Ci’s mood immediately soured.

Wang Jiangnan could understand how she felt. He patted her on the back and said to her, “Well, you can always do it next time.”

Ye Ci cast a glance at him and remained silent.

“Hey hey hey, should’ve you be glad that the lead developer of Fate is consoling you and promised to hold another PVP tournament just for you?”

What he received in response was a snort from Ye Ci, “Wang Jiangnan, do you think that I don’t know just how much you guys were able to gain from the tournament? You were able to chase Golden Era away, and earn a lot from all the advertisements from your tournament.”

“You… Did not give me face at all.” Wang Jiangnan pursed his lips, “Alright then. I’ll get someone to send you an invitation tomorrow. Is your address up to date?”


Wang Jiangnan patted Ye Ci on the shoulder once again before leaving.
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    《Reign of the Hunters》