Reincarnated as a Dragon!?
52 A day in Daena’s shoes
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Reincarnated as a Dragon!?
Author :jules_west
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52 A day in Daena’s shoes


Just before Kuro left to find this specific healer


Daena's POV

Kuro had just left and I just stood there wondering what Kuro meant with the special healer, could he be seeing a secret lover? No that would be impossible.

Firstly, he does not like humans at least I think he doesn't and secondly, nobody would want him as their lover, maybe he has a disease that cannot be healed by normal means.

No, he wouldn't just get sick I mean he got bitten by hellhounds and he didn't get cursed I think, so that wouldn't be the case either.

Well, it doesn't matter he gave me a whole platinum coin so I can do whatever I want with it. Oh, I can go shopping because I need some new stuff.

So, I went out onto the streets to find a few shops where I could find the items I needed. After some time, I finally found a shop where I could find one of the items I needed.

So, I walked inside, the shop itself looked interesting, you could see hides everywhere, and stuffed animal heads on the wall. They even had some rare goods like a Djiein tooth, these are big spiders that live in the woods and that will sneak up on you. They are scary and hard to kill because they hide their own heart.

[Human man] "How might I help you?" a man asked me while I was looking around the shop.

[Daena] "Do you sell any knives used for skinning and hunting?"

[Human man] "Yes we have a big assortment of them, this way please." I follow the man to a room full of daggers and knives, they all have different shapes some seem weird and just made for looks and others seem simple. "These are our hunting, and skinning knives."

I started looking over the knives some seemed distinct and others looked like they were just made to be pretty. So, I started looking for a knife that looked strong and wouldn't lose its sharpness.

In the end, I choose a knife with a blade made of a purplish metal with a hilt made from a black material complementing the blade. the seller said that the blade was made from a durable material that wouldn't lose its sharpness even after using it a thousand times, in the end, the blade cost me 1 gold and 5 silver

The next shop that I wanted to visit was a shop where I could find magic weapons, this shop was hard to find because you won't find magic weapons at blacksmiths.

So after about a day of looking around, I finally found a shop that had a few magic weapons.

[Human woman] "What is a young girl doing at my shop" I heard a woman say when I walked in.

[Daena] "I am an adventurer so I'm looking for a good magic weapon."

[Human woman] "Follow me then, but I don't have a lot of them."

We walk into a room where I can see a lot of weapons, and I see a few that are behind glass.

[human woman] "Those are all the magic weapons I have." She points towards the weapons behind the glass.

So, I start looking at the weapons, I can see a few different types of swords, some blunt weapons and a few different types of axes and a pair of daggers.

The daggers were a bright silver with a green glow.

[Daena] "how much are these?"

[Human woman] "those are daggers made out of mithril and can cut through almost anything because of their wind properties; there are about 78 gold coins."

That is expensive but I guess the blades are of good quality.

[Daena] "I'll buy them."

[human woman] "should I wrap them inside some cloth or are you going to use them immediately?"

[Daena] "wrap them in some cloth please."

The woman grabs a pair of keys out of her pocket and opens the glass case and grabs the daggers out of it. Then she moves to the counter and grabs a piece of red cloth and wraps the dagger in the cloth, she grabs a wooden box just big enough for the dagger and puts the daggers in it.

[Human woman] "that will be 79 gold coins please."

[Daena] "You said 78 gold coins just a minute ago."

[Human woman] "I know I did but the cloth costs an extra 1 gold coin"

[Daena] "what piece of cloth costs and extra 1 gold coin."

[Human woman] "It's a high-quality cloth"

[Daena] "well here is your money" I give the woman the 79 gold coins.

[Humans woman] "Thanks for doing business." She gives me the box with the daggers inside.

Alright now it's time to test out these daggers, I went to the guild to search for a suitable quest that I could do.

In the end, I found a suitable quest. It was just going to a bandit camp and dealing with some bandits and bringing back the money they stole.

After I had given the quest to the receptionist at the guild in this city I went out to find this bandit camp, it didn't take long because it wasn't far from the main road that leads to the city.

This road went through the forest and the bandits had set up their camp a few hundred meters from the main road. When I arrived at their camp I could see about 8 bandits and 1 that seemed like their leader.

I grabbed my daggers and snuck over to their camp, two were keeping watch while the others were doing chores, while the boss was lazing around.

I quickly dealt with the bandits who were standing guard around their camp, Then I shot an arrow through the head of the captain causing all the bandits to be in an uproar.

Then it was just killing them with the bow till there were 2 left. I walked out of my hiding spot into their camp where I see the two bandits trying to keep one of the lethally injured alive.

[Daena] "you two have to be happy you're going to get killed by my new weapons." I grab my daggers and show them off a bit.

One of the bandits charged at me with his sword trying to chop down on me, I block the sword with my dagger but the dagger just cuts straight through the sword, I stab him in the gut with my other dagger.

Then the other bandit charged at me with an axe, I evaded his slash and cut his throat with my dagger. Both bandits lay there on the ground struggling not to bleed out.

I quickly cut off both their heads putting them out of their misery…


I'm back with a new chap and it's long, someone asked me to make longer chapters so from now on I'll try to do that but that, of course, means less chapter per week so I'll probably write 3/4 chapters per week depending on how busy I am.

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and thx to Aqua, Leugimalme, loli, Alpha, IamDraggon, and Dragonartist3D for their proofreading.


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