Reincarnated with a Halo System
5 Move out Marines
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Reincarnated with a Halo System
Author :Melanthias
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5 Move out Marines

After a short wait I hear the sound of a jet engine in the distance turning around to look up I notice a military green colored space ship flying towards me "what in tarnation system what the hell is that"

System " ding... as mentioned before this is a D77-TC Pelican carrying a troop transport warthog loaded with ammunition and medkits....

Looking at the pelican dropping off the warthog I can't help but admire the beast of a vehicle as the pelican drops it my heart all but stops time freezes and then slowly resuming I look at it crash down below but to my surprise it just safely bounces off the ground a few times after dropping the warthog I see the hanger door fold out and the marines move out in a fast agile and strategic manner securing the perimeter while one of the unsc marines walks up to Jackson "sir private Daniel reporting sir " "well it's about damn time private report your units status "

Daniel " sir we have a fully operational troop transport warthog that can transport 6 marines at a time". " its also loaded with ammunition and several medkits along with MRIS" "and as for my unit sir there are nine of us ten including you and we have a sniper a demolitions expert and a ammunition's expert along with a medic the others are just riflemen with different verity of skills

POV change to Jackson keys

After hearing his report a statues screen pops up with a ding displaying more details and info



Equipment: titanium edged knife , two magnum pistols , 1 assault rifle , 4 frag Grenade , two medkits , 4 magazines of ammunition for each weapon 5 including the one already in there weapons, communications device , UNSC Marines standard uniform with armored helmet, and armored vest along with shins and thighs pads with a pair of arm pads all able to take several rounds of magnum bullets until rendered useless.


Equipment :carry's titanium edged knife, two magnums , 1 m247H heavy machine gun with 12.7mm high velocity explosive rounds also it comes with a 200 round box, ammo pouch that refills allies ammunition and equipment including his own ammunition pouch, and including his heavily modified unsc armor to allow him to tank more damage.

Private Jason ..... Reconnaissance expert

Equipment:Includes same knife same two magnums the difference is he carries a sniper the sniper rifle can kill a Spartan in one to two shots depending on where it hit and other variables. He is equipped with lighter armor and 5 mags and a box of 50 bullets to manually reload his sniper or his mags. Carrying long range communication along with a drone and cameras.

Private Ryan ...Explosives Expert

Equipment: same knife ,two magnums and finally he carries a rocket launcher and different types of explosives along with a Grenada launcher.

Private Kyle .....field medic

Knife ,one magnum dual wield smg's , medic generator heals nearby units,able to perform first aid and surgical procedures.

Private Alex ..... rifle men

Knife , one magnum and a assault rifle ,frag Grenade, bubble shield

Private Nate ......rifle men

Private mike........rifle men

Private Roger........rifle men

After carefully examining my mens gear . I'm glad to notice the wide variety of weapons and Equipment. Noticing up the warthog is only able to carry 7 and two extra passengers on the outside of the back making it out to nine in Total if everyone squishing in. (Ps the TTW That I'm thinking about is bigger than the originals meaning more space)

After closing the holo window I turn to my men and shout lets go maggots what are you waiting for Christmas let's get a move on load everything up on the warthog Daniels your driving the rest of you keep your eyes peeled for potential enemies if they get to close fire a warning shot.

As the last rifle men got on I think about those knights from before and decide to go meet there local leader so I call out status and a blue holographic menu pops up I click map and see the only town near me in the direction the knights ran off to it's time to pay these bastards a visit. Thinking that I'd most likely just conquer the medium town for my own benefits. "Alright marines pack up we're moving out" Some how getting everything and everyone in the warthog we move out towards the town at a modest speed.


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