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Reincarnation: Love After Death
Author :summerarthemis
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35 Bitterswee

At the hotel's bar, Vainos is chugging down his beer looking very disheveled.

"Do you want more beer, Sir?", the bartender asked.

"Yes please." Then the bartender puts a tall glass of beer in front of Vainos.

Today is his 100th year being an immortal servant of the God of Heaven. Though he was used to the work of being a servant, he still can't forget the pain he went through in the past.

Being born in this world as a human being and transforming to be a God's servant may seem to be a happy thing because you get the chance to communicate with God himself. But as for Vainos, it was bittersweet.

For the only reason that he cannot love anyone else besides Him.

And it's a pain in the ass because his heart was stubborn enough to break that rule.

He fell in love.

Deeply. Madly. In love.

He was busy drowning in his miseries that he didn't notice that someone sat beside him until that person tapped his shoulder.

Vainos look towards the person and finding that it was just Akira.

"You look like shit!" Akira exclaimed.

"Well, thanks for stating the obvious." He answered while rolling his eyes.

"Mind if I join you in your mini pity party?" Akira asked.

"Sure! Be my guest." Then he motioned to the bartender to give him another drink.

The bartender approached them then asked, "Another glass of beer?"

Akira scrunched her nose, and Vainos laughed at her reaction as he teased her, "Still can't tolerate the taste of beer I presume?"

"That thing smells like piss" Akira complained.

"Ew, girl! You smell your piss? No wonder why girls take too much time inside the bathroom."

Akira smacked Vainos' head as she said, "We take too much time because sometimes we retouch our make ups or chitchat with our friends, and for the mere reason that we're more hygienic than you guys! Do you even wash your hands after peeing?"

"Do I have too?" Vainos said then he winked and placed his palm towards Akira's nose.

"You're a piece of shit!" Akira yelled. She turn towards the bartender and asked sweetly, "Your best red wine inside your cellar please." The bartender nodded and went away.

After a minute or two, the bartender came back holding a bottle of wine. "Do you want the whole bottle for yourself or just a glass?" the bartender asks.

"The whole bottle!" Akira responded and took the bottle from the bartender.

Vainos chuckled then said, "Make sure you can tolerate that coz I won't be dragging your pretty ass out of here if ever you'll get drunk."

"Thanks" Akira said to Vainos as she shows her mischievous grin, making her cute little canines visible.

"Thanks for what?" Vainos asked completely puzzled on which part of what he said deserves some gratitude.

"For telling me that I have a pretty ass."


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