Secret love of the Ceo
200 Why are you here?
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Secret love of the Ceo
Author :xioani
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200 Why are you here?

"Now tell me. Why are you here?" John asked again after finishing his soup.

"John bro, I have shifted here. Grandma wanted to live me here." Tonny Heck said with hesitation. He did not know how John would react to this news. He explained everything happened the night before.

"Are you serious? I mean you really have shifted here? That is good. I too wanted you to ask but did not have, as you may not be comfortable with it. But now I am happy. I don't mind in adding a new member in this family. Welcome to our family, Tonny." John said in a happy tone.

  John was really happy to get Tonny Heck as a family member. John always felt sad for this guy. He had to suffer a lot in his life.

"Thank you John Bro. Now you please go and get ready. We will have breakfast together."

"No, Tonny. I have to go to the old Smith house as soon as possible. I have already wasted my precious time. Now I don't want to waste more time. I will just take a quick shower and leave. You can leave now. Thank you for the hangover soup."John said and hurriedly entered the bathroom.

   He came out after five minutes and surprised to see Tonny Heck again. He was waiting for him.

" Why you have not left? Do you want to tell me something?"John asked.

"No, John bro. I am waiting for you to have breakfast together."

"Did not I tell you that, I am in a hurry. Please don't disturb me. I am not hungry at all." John said angrily.

"John bro. Please don't get angry. Ronnie has sent me here with the soup. He is worried about you. Please don't make that little kid more worried. You have not eaten anything since last evening. If you don't take your food on time, you will be fell sick. Now you have to be strong to search for the sister-in-law. We are all worried for sister -in -law. We are all with you. We both would fight together against our enemy."Tonny Heck tried to convince him.

  John thought for a second and nodded.

" Ok. You go first. I am coming after dressing up. How is Dolly now? Had Charlie returned home yesterday?"John asked.

"No. He is busy with the investigation. Aunt has taken Dolly to the hospital for a check-up."

"Oh. Then I have to go to the hospital first. They may need some help." John said.

"John bro. If you don't mind, I want to go to the hospital to help them. You should go to the Old Smith House and help the team. Your presence is important for the team, I think." Tonny Heck proposed.

"Ok," John said without taking any time and left to dressing up.

   John also wanted to reach near his team as soon as possible. But he was worried for Dolly also. So, when Tonny came forward himself to help him, he let him do it.

  Tonny Heck was behaving like a real brother to him and John was enjoying it. John always hoped that if he would have a  brother, he would have take half of his responsibilities. Now, his wish had come true.

  Both John and Tonny had their breakfast hurriedly and left the manor. Ronnie did not come to wish his father, as he knew that John would feel uneasy in front of him, as he could not keep his promise. John promised Ronnie to keep his mother safe. Ronnie could understand how much worried his father would have been for his mom.

  John reached the old Smith House. Charlie and his team had almost done their work there. When he reached the party hall, Neil Patrick and Robert Patrick came forward with a worried expression. They were scared to face John Smith. Although they were very much frightened, they had to wish John. Otherwise, John would be angrier at them. 

"Sir, we are sorry that, we could not protect our lady boss," Neil said with his eyes lowered. They too felt ashamed for the incident. It was also their duty to keep Zinu safe.

   John said nothing. He just ignored them. He looked at the place where Rosa was sitting. Karl was asking her questions. But Rosa did not answer any questions asked by Karl.

  "John Bro. Are you fine?" Charlie came forward towards John.

   John nodded. He signalled Neil and Robert to leave them alone. They nodded and left. After what happened yesterday, he could not believe anyone.

"Where was she?" John asked like a roar.

"John bro she was inside a secret room."

Charlie replied. He explained the happenings of the last night to John

   Twelve hours ago

  Karl and his team returned to the old Smith House to searched for the secret door. As Zinu sister was kidnapped from the closed room, so they had guessed that there must be some secret passage to the room.

   Karl and his team searched for everything in the library to find the secret door by which Lucas kidnapped Zinu, but got nothing. They asked Neil Patrick and his wife about it. But they also did not know about any secret passage.

   When they almost left the hope of finding it, a guard found a small button fixed under the table of the library. When he pulled the button to have a look properly, a crack sound heard in the wall of the room.

  Everyone surprised to hear the sound. The guard pulled the button more and they could see a narrow passage, behind the almirah. When they followed through the passage, they reached to a dark small room,  on which they found Rosa in the unconscious state. Someone must have hit on the back of her head. When they got her, she had lost a lot of blood already. 

  Karl immediately shifted her to the hospital, after first aid, the doctor advised her to take rest for two days and shifted her to a ward.


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