Selfish love
2 Nervous mind
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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2 Nervous mind

Mariza was used to this type of rude behavior from her. She was well-aware that Malifiya never liked her family and always looked down upon them. Mariza threw all these thoughts at the back of her mind because today she was here for someone really special. Mariza never became nervous whenever it came to talking to older two brothers. But she'd always become jittery when it came to Valz.

There was something about Valz that made him the most authoritative of the two of the brothers despite of being the youngest brother. Mariza's family lived in servant quarters of the 'KENFEY RESIDENCE'. Her mother worked as a cook and her father was a lawn mower worker. This residence had a plethora of workers but her mother Farhjanz risket and her father Aljen risket had been working for them for more than 33 years. Mariza also had an elder sister Kaveenza. She loved her elder sister more than anyone but Kaveenza was envious of Mariza and always formed her own convictions that Mareeza was the loved and adored one but the fact was Kaveenza was good for nothing. She only knew how to give orders but Mariza was the sensible and hard-working one.

Mariza came back to her senses when the people in hall started murmuring in gentle whispers. Out of curiosity Mariza lifted her gaze to the grand entrance and her heart beat accelerated, her face flustered and she couldn't control her blushing of face. Mariza's face turned crimson red.The wannabe royals girls whispered:

''Oh my god, Is it the Archer brothers?''

''Holy shit, they look awfully handsome''

''Valz looks extremely dapper.Look at his sexy face''

Mariza rolled her eyes at their prattle and saw that Caspjoe came with his 100th girlfriend. The guy was an explicit man-whore who couldn't keep his dick into his pants. He once tried to hit on Mariza but she refused him politely but still he sometimes tries to get into her panties.

Salvot was talking to his friends or one could say 'Pervert friends'. Nate and Adam-You could look at them and always find them gawking unwaveringly at girls or God knows what.

Valz emitted supremacy and distant aura. His face was turned into a scowl.It seemed like he was planning to dip out of this hall . Valz became clinical and frosty after Katlas archer's death. Once he was lively and free-spirited. He even loved parties and functions but suddenly he pulled himself into darkness and his cheerful personality transformed into brooding one. Valz was only 19 years old and the most wanted bachelor of thunder bay.

When Valz and Mariza's gazes collided it seemed like someone was doing somersaults in her stomach. Mariza started squeezing the hem of her shirt and broke the eye contact. She couldn't fathom her body's reaction. It seemed like Valz's blue eyes had scorching heat that could burn her whole body into flames. When she once again dared to peek at him Valz was still staring at her with incomprehensible heat. He slighty furrowed his eyebrows.

If she couldn't even maintain an eye contact with the man she loves how can she even fess up that she loves him with every fibre of her being? Mariza thought to herself.

Her mind and heart were in battle whether to tell him about her profound love for him. Eventually, her heart won. It always won whenever it came to Valz. She had never laid an eye on any man unless it was her Valz.

At last, Mariza gathered up some courage and started walking towards Valz with the color red instilled on her face. Her heart was palpitating at a high pace and it seemed like she'd suffer from Arrhythmia. Mariza thought of some coherent way to start the conversation with him but her mind was a jumbled mess.'Be calm, Mariza-It's just a normal convo, don't get your panties in a bunch'. She heard this internal voice from her head.

Fianlly she was standing in front of her crush. Valz looked at her with a scowl on his pretty face.Something similar to pain flashed in his eyes but then in a blink of eye he composed himself and cocked his left eyebrow.


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