Selfish love
3 Attraction
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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3 Attraction

''What are you doing here?'' he asked with a hint of irritation in his voice. Valz was always curt with her but never once crossed his limits unlike his brother Caspjoe who was always looking for a chance to act like a pervert. Mariza lowered her eyes unable to make an eye contact,she was about to answer him when out of nowhere Taniya appeared. She was a cousin of three brothers. Her inventory and appearance were resplendent and one might say that after seeing a royally beautiful girl no one will dare a glance at Mariza but It seemed like Valz had been staring at her all this time with an intensity clear in his eyes.

Taniya seemed to notice that and she said in a mocking tone ''What a gibberish like you is doing here.Who invited you here?'' Mariza was never this much embarrassed in her whole life. She would have not been mortified if her crush wasn't standing in front of a girl who insulted her. She was formulating a polite reply when all of a sudden the glass which was held by Valz broke in his hands in a flash and tiny drops of blood started pouring from his hands. It looked like he wanted to to say something but he just couldn't and in order to calm his mind he used anger as a weapon.

The hall went deadly silent and Taniya covered her face with her hands in order to express surprise. Mariza was so dazed by this whole situation. She was about to reach for Valz's hand when he immediately glared at Taniya, It looked like as if he was going to insult her because he was know for his amazing burns and comebacks which made the person standing near drop his jaw. Valz Archer was verbally diligent, his way to mortify people at the spot made everyone fear from him. At last time he looked at Mariza and his eyes softened but in a flash his eyes became icy cold and he strode off to the guestroom side without a backward glance. Taniya was shooting daggers at Mariza with her eyes but mariza was not a least bit interested in fighting. Right now the only thing important for her was to protect Valz's hand and make the pain go away. She could never see Valz suffering from pain.Although, Mariza always tried to get close to him but he'd always push her away. Mariza went to the manager of the royal palace and asked for the aid box. He gave her the box from their emergency aid-room.

This time Mariza mustered up some bravery and made up her mind not to listen Valz no matter how much furious he becomes. After Valz left everyone started their gossips and their whispers seemed to irritate Mariza. She went to the same direction of guestroom despite knowing that Valz Archer was a stubborn one.He never listened to anyone.

There were many rooms but they were separated on their decoration basis. Mariza stopped on her tracks when she saw Valz in the royal room standing in front the window and looking outside. Mariza debated whether to go or not. The room was enriched with lavish decorations. He was lost in his thoughts. His eyes were bloodshot that's when Mariza saw that Valz was holding a liquor bottle. His brown hair were messy. So he was drunk. Mariza came close to Valz and he seemed to sense someone's presence. When he saw that it was Mariza he shouted 'What the fuck are you doing here?'

Mariza winced that's when Valz realized his mistake and said trying to sound much more better than before ''Do you want me to kick you out? I don't want you anywhere near me,Understand? Now get the hell out of here''. Valz never addressed Mariza with her name.he always said 'you' in order to acknowledge her. At first it seemed to break her heart but her love for Valz was much more stronger than her hurt and pain.

Mariza hesitated before saying in a calm voice ''Please,you have a wound on your hand. If you don't apply this antiseptic cream it may get infected''. Valz had a wound in his hand and to add insult to injury,he was drinking liquor which could escalate his wound.

''And you thought that you'll play the nice one card and I'd condone? Fuck you'' he said while nearing closer to Mariza. She gasped and said ''I am only worried about you.Why are you so rude to me. I've been nothing but nice to you'' Mariza said gaining some composure.

Valz came more closer to her until their breaths were colliding witch each other. With his left hand he grabbed Mariza's neck and pulled her to to his chest so that his mouth was near to her ear and he started sucking her earlobe.


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