Selfish love
4 tattered hopes
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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4 tattered hopes

Mariza closed her eyes and gasped. She'd never been this much close to anyone. Valz made circles with his tongue on her ear lobe and started trailing kisses on her jaw and eventually,Valz sucked the skin on her neck. Mariza's mind and body were in battle. She knew that somewhere along the lines that this was wrong but heart wouldn't budge.

Isn't this what I wanted? She thought to herself,Valz to be with her but why did it seem wrong? Mariza had never in a millions thought that Valz would even cast an eye on her. She was just like dust to him. Valz was sucking her neck so profusely that it started to hurt but she wasn't going to complain because this pain was her pleasure. She loved him and could do anything for him. Valz suddenly froze and brought back his eyes to her and all the passion that was in his eyes vanished in a blink of eye. He glared at her with his frosty eyes and pushed her back and Mariza lost her balance and fell on the opulent-carpeted floor. She whimpered in a low voice.

Valz adjusted his expensive tie and his face remained expressionless. It seemed like this man was different from the man who was a minute ago passionately kissing her. Mariza couldn't even look into his eyes and started to grab her purse from the floor but Valz squatted down in front of her face .Mariza started to shiver whether it was due to his closeness or fear,she couldn't decide. He clutched her chin in order to force her to look into his eyes and his eyes were flaring red. He said in a husky tone ''Aren't you shameless?''

Mariza couldn't recall if she had done something wrong in order for him to be infuriated but she didn't even say anything to make him that much furious. Mariza looked into his eyes gently and asked in a low voice which was similar to a squeak ''Did I do something wrong?'' her voice was pure innocence. Valz's eyes dimmed lightly and he said in an angry voice ''What part of 'I hate you' you don't understand? Stop with this innocent pretense''

The fingers which were clutching her chin became more tight and his eyes had painful glint. She wanted him to share everything with her but Valz never let anyone in. It seemed like his hold on her chin would definitely leave a bruise. Mariza's eyes started watering and tears started to roll down her cheeks and when those tears fell on Valz's thumb he softened his fingers on her chin and pulled his mouth to her chin and started to gently kiss her skin there. This shocked Mariza and she stared at him with her gentle eyes. She couldn't understand his swing of emotions.He was trailing soft and gentle kisses on her jaw and after doing this for at least five minutes he pulled her up and Instinctively,Mariza buried her head into his chest. Valz froze on the spot and pushed her with force and said in a calm voice ''Go back and never come near me.'' With this being said he sauntered away to the back parking lot in to his Audi A4. Valz always exuded his dominating aura whether he was in a party or a business meeting.

Mariza could never agree to his demand. She had this hope that one day Valz would fess up something about his life. She smiled to herself when the memory of Valz kissing her boisterously resurfaced in her mind.


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