Selfish love
5 Disastrous lives
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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5 Disastrous lives

But the cold and frigid demeanor of Valz sometimes worried her. He wasn't like this before his mother's death.He was an asshole before but now his assholery increased with his frosty behavior. Mariza always fangirled whenever she saw him and she couldn't explain why her heartbeat quickened at sight of Valz. Mariza and Valz were of same age 19 but being so sexy at such young age should be considered a crime. Mariza thought to herself.

She wasn't ready to give this feeling a specific name. Once Valz got injured at the age of 15 while playing football and when she heard the news her mind worked on autopilot and she took an aid-box with her and knocked tentatively on his door with a jumbled mind.

Before she could change her mind the door opened and Valz came out with his messy hair and oh man he was shirtless. Like always he wore a scowl on his face. Grimacing like this with an extremely handsome face was not good for him. She tried hard not to stare but her traitorous eyes roamed over his sculpted abs and tanned muscles.

Valz worked out a lot. Whenever he had a fallout with any of his friends or family members he went to gym and spent at least 8 hours there and he came home at late night looking like he had run a marathon. His workouts at gym had really paid off at this young age. Valz pulled her out of her reverie by clearing his throat intentionally. Mariza immediately darted away her eyes and before she could say anything Valz said

''You can take pictures If you want'' his tone was mocking. What was his problem? He really was very rude.She was damn embarrassed and she did not have it in her to look into his eyes and she looked at floor while saying in a soft voice ''I just wanted to give you this'' She was holding the first aid-box and then she raised her eyes to his left arm and saw a deep gash. It still looked fresh and it wasn't bandaged.

This made her more upset. His step mom didn't even have a clue about her son's injury. The only things that mattered to her were materialistic just like her personality.The Archer brothers despised Malifiya and Mariza couldn't disagree with them. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Malifiya was a witch disguised as a human being.

Alas,the world couldn't see the true intentions behind that fake plastic smile on her face. This made Mariza furious at his mother but when she again looked into Valz's eyes she saw a hint of curiosity and confusion his face. It seemed like he wasn't used to people pampering him or God knows what was the issue.

But then his face contorted into an expression of a smirk ''So you're here to bandage me,Isn't it?'' he said with a tone laced with irony. He then crossed his hands on his chest and rested his body on the side of door. He also seemed a bit irritated. Mariza summoned up her courage and said ''I'm sent here by your mother. I also don't want to do this.Keep your ego to yourself.'' She lied through her teeth because she wasn't sent here by Malifiya.

His mother didn't even know about this let alone worry about him. Mariza just didn't not want him to see her concerned feelings about him or she'd be exposed. Upon hearing his stepmother's name Valz's body became rigid and he snapped at her words and snatched the first box from her and threw it on the floor with a bang.

Mariza gasped and before she could compose herself Valz came closer to her until their chests were touching, clasped her hair tightly before saying into her ears in a husky voice ''That bitch is not my mom.''


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