Selfish love
6 Softness
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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6 Softness

Mariza shivered at that memory of Valz. She couldn't understand his profound hatred for Malifiya. Okay she was no less than a turbulence but showing aversion even at the name a that person was a complete different thing. Mariza went to the mansion in a taxi after the cake cutting ceremony.

Valz already went to home without even waiting for his brother's cake-cutting.People asked about him and Malifiya looked pissed off.S he brushed away the questions by answering that he had a football match that was important for him to take his team to finals and she also said that football won't be his priority after he takes over his father's business-Liar!.

Valz had a craze for football and he was the captain of National Football team of Thunder bay. His skills were incredibly amazing. Mariza always secretly went to watch his matches and she didn't keep count of the score because her main purpose was to see Valz. She watched the matches from the bleachers so she could look inconspicuous. She made sure to conceal her face with the cashmere jumper that was gifted to her by Caspjoe when she made her first successful cuisine for his first position as entrepreneur in Forbes list.

The Kenfey mansion looked silent and the car section only had Valz's car. She thought that he must have slept because the lights of the whole mansion were off. She sighed in relief and went to the side of servant quarters. The quarters were nothing like we see in movies.The servants living in misery,broken windows,tattered curtains.

They lived better than many people and Mariza was never the one to whine and the one to be ungrateful. God had provided them with everything that a normal person could desire and she wasn't a thankless fool. It was deadly dark and she had to switch on the back lights before opening her purse to retrieve her keys but then her eyes flashed to the door and it was slightly opened and she could see a shadow of someone tall and lithe standing.

It scared her to death because she never forgot to leave her door open and she definitely remembered that she had locked the door. Then how the hell did it open? Could it be thieves or god knows what. Many negative and scary thoughts crossed her mind. Finally after gathering up some valor and bravery she picked up a thick wooden stick from the back garage.

She knew that it was ridiculous of her to defend herself by using a stick and the thief might have a more dangerous weapon but this was her fight and flight reaction. She immediately opened flew the door open and she was about to shout something coherent but her mind blanked when she saw one and only Valz Archer standing in his expensive suit that he was wearing at the event and he still exuded confidence with his perfect face.

Suddenly Mariza felt self-conscious because she hadn't even seen seen her face in the mirror since noon.She probably was messy. When Valz saw Mariza standing with a baffled expression etched on her face and holding a stick in her hands,his face turned into an amused expression. Mariza didn't know that what he was doing her her quarter and she didn't intend to ask that. It was the first time Valz had stepped into this quarter and she was going to relish this.

Valz took small strides towards her with an amused expression on his face and by the time he came near her Mariza was panting gradually. Why does he always have to be so mysterious? She thought to herself.He brushed aside a strand of Mariza's hair and tucked it behind her ear. He neared his mouth to her ear and said in a low voice ''I was waiting for you,you're late.''

He was waiting for me? His words stunned her.She bit her bottom lip and said ''Umm...why?''. She looked straight into his eyes and she saw the softness that he never showed to anyone. He always seemed cold and frigid.This softness of him melted Mariza's heart.


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