Selfish love
7 Feisty girl
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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7 Feisty girl

He chuckled softly which was a complete shock given the fact he never even smiled let alone laugh. The thought that he only showed his true-self in front of her spread warmth in Mariza's heart. Mariza asked him in a soft tone ''Why are you so rude to me? You probably don't even know my name''. She mentally praised herself for gaining some confidence to talk a little brazenly.

Her question made him expressionless ''Firstly,If you think my behavior is rude then don't mistake yourself into thinking you're the odd one out'' he said the other sentence with a mocking inflection ''Knowing you name won't do any wonders. You might also be like other girls,nothing more than a attention seeker. Am I right,Mariza? He pronounced her name with emphasis.

''See? I know your name. Nothing's special in knowing your name. You girls still hold the same position. I bet your innocent face gets contorted into a desperate laugh in closed doors,eh?'' His words were like a knife piercing her heart. All the affection that she held for him started to vanish. How could he call her an attention seeker? She liked him and it didn't mean she'd even like him when he insulted her on her face.

Mariza's face turned into fury and she said with her chin held high ''It doesn't get a genius to guess who's the attention seeker here. You're here standing in my room and saying you're waiting for me''

She then calmed her nerves before saying ''I might not respond to to your impertinent behavior but when it comes to people accusing me of something I'm not then I don't care who the fuck is standing in front of me''

Her words didn't affect him in the least and he stood rigid like always not giving away his emotions. There was a hint of smile on his lips and it looked like he was struggling to keep his lips intact. He then grabbed her neck effortlessly and whispered in her ear ''That's the Mariza I know'' having said this he left in a blink of eye.

Mariza came back to her senses and repeated the words in her mind that she said to him and then the fear started to hit her.Valz could easily fire her parents. What have I done? I'm stupid, Mariza pull yourself together. She told herself. He won't let this go but his expression didn't reveal any hint of anger then what was he going to do? And the main thing, what did he mean by saying ''That's the Mariza I know?'' He wanted her to be feisty?


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