Selfish love
8 Serendipity
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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8 Serendipity

Mariza was never an aggressive talker but today when Valz called her an attention seeker her blood boiled down inside. She was anything but an attention gainer. Deep inside she had some mental gratification perhaps because she had for the first time stood up for herself and the plus point was that she held her ground in front of the only person she dreaded to make an eye contact. Many people including Malifiya misunderstood her silence for weakness. Mariza just didn't know her strength maybe because her parents worked for them,that made her suppress her anger.

Mariza closed the door and stripped her sweaty clothes and piled them into the basket.She took a shower and changed into her comfy clothes.Her parents arrived afterwards looking exhausted having done a lot of work.Sometimes it made her feel guilty seeing her parents looking lethargic and haggard and due to this she never let go any work that was assigned to her and did it whole-heartedly.

Mariza could see her sister Kaveenza through the window wearing clothes given to her by Malifiya because Kaveenza was an obsequious person who never let go a chance to boot-lick the person from whom she could get an advantage or gifts. Kaveenza was talking to her friends from high school who looked like the girls from the movie 'Mean girls' who used every opprtunity to make a person's life miserable.This wasn't exaggeration it was the truth because despite being the sister of Kaveenza she was picked at high school due to her clothing and was called a 'freak'.

It seemed like Kaveenza wasn't her sister or there might have been a mistake because blood relations weren't like this. Her elder sister had some deep aversion for Mariza due to reasons unknow to her. Mariza huffed a breath and switched off her lamp and put her mind into deep slumber.

''Mariza get up and tell me honestly,did you flirt with Salvot?!'' Mariza heard a jarring voice of Kaveenza waking her up from peaceful sleep. Kaveenza was shouting and ''Oh God save me this isn't going to end well''.Mariza thought to herself.Mariza opened her eyes and saw Kaveenza tapping her feet on the floor with a petulant expression on her face. She was dressed up implausibly ridiculous in her rainbow-colored t-shirt and fashioned-tattered pants. Her hair were tied in a high pony tail.

''What did I do now?'' Mariza wasn't in the mood of fighting with her hateful sister because it was no use of clarifying yourself in front of her because she never gave the other person a chance to justify.

''Mariza don't play the innocent card,I knew from the start that you were interested in Salvot. Hell you were flirting with all of them and yet you're saying you didn't do anything?''

Mariza's voice was raspy because of her broken sleep and she sat up on her bed and glared at Kaveenza and said ''I don't care what you think about me so just walk away Kavz'' her voice dripped with sarcasm.Having said this Mariza didn't give her sister a chance to retort and strode towards the bathroom. Kaveenza cursed under her breath and charged out of the room with an annoying face.

Mariza came out of the bathroom wearing her favorite black shirt that said 'Happiness' and baggy blue jeans.She braided her long hair and wore her white sneakers.Today Kenfey Archer had a huge party in his Mansion on success of his flourishing business deals.Not a week went by when there was no celebration in this lavish mansion.She ran towards the front area of mansion and entered insatntly because she knew she was late. Malifiya had instructed them to clean the house and she didn't like lazy behavior and clumsiness.

Due to her hyperventilation she bumped with a tall hard body and she didn't need to look up and see because she knew damn sure that it was Valz.


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