Selfish love
9 Undying love
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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9 Undying love

Mariza shrieked and steadied herself by holding onto Valz's shoulders.He had his arms on her waist with a cold look on his face. Valz was wearing denim jeans and a gucci shirt and his look was accentuated by his expensive Vacheron Constantin watch.His shoes were Nike Air sneakers which were gifted to him by his father. Valz truly looked like a model from a magazine. Mariza quickly averted her eyes and said in a low voice ''I'm sorry''

Valz didn't say anything and took back his hands from her waist as if he was electrified by their intimate position and said in a casual tone ''Why are you here?''

''Umm today there's a party here so we were called to decorate the mansion'' Mariza said in a gentle tone. Out of the blue the memories of her kiss with Valz resurfaced to her mind and she started to blush an intense manner. Mariza darted away her eyes in order to hide the crimson blush on her cheeks but Valz harshly forced up her chin in order to match her stare and said in an intimidating tone ''Do you like me Mariza or is it a coincidence that every time you're near me your cheeks instantly start to turn into a scarlet color?'' his expression was frosty.

He knew that she wasn't going to reply and he released her chin and started to trace his thumb on her baby pink lips and said in a hoarse voice ''Your lips are quivering and whenever i get near you you seem to shiver.Am I that intimidating?'' he said in a mocking tone.

Without thinking Mariza replied ''No it's because I like you and you're really handsome''.Then realization hit her and she repeated that sentence in her mind. Mariza covered her face with her hands making an 'O' shape of her mouth.Her words seemed to startle Valz and his expression transformed into something similar to irritation and he pushed her away gently.

Mariza opened her mouth to apologize but couldn't get words out of her mouth.It seemed like words were lodged in her throat.Finally she said ''I didn't mean it like-

Valz pulled her to himself and stopped her mid-sentence and said in a voice laced with hatred ''I don't like you''.He then pushed her aside and walked away.This was probably the hundredth time he had insulted her.It really scared Mariza that she had only concealed a sliver of her likeness for Valz and he had reacted furiously then what would happen if he'd get to know about her undying love for him.

He always reacted like this.The walls he built around himself only melted for a little time and then he'd always act in a icy manner.He probably was the king of mood swings. Mariza was confused by his reactions.One moment he would be cold and in next instant he would show a caring side of his.


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