Selfish love
10 Friendships
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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10 Friendships

Mariza was busy vacuuming the party room when suddenly someone grabbed her ponytail playfully Mariza narrowed her eyes she knew that it was Caspjoe without any hesitation.Joe was his nickname and he preferred it more but Salvot and Valz called him Casp. Archer brothers were like casanovas to girls and their charm was never insurmountable to them.

'Marz I want you to clean my room first' Joe said with a smirk on his face.Joe was the first person who started calling her Marz and it never bothered her even in the least

He was wearing a grey printed jersey top with cropped trousers and his blonde hair were swept aside.He was the eldest archer brother but his way of talking was similar to a teenager.

Mariza knew exactly what was he trying to do and said in a stern voice 'I'm not the one who's assigned to clean your room'

Joe neared himself a little to Mariza and said a mocking voice 'You can clean my room at night you know that right? '

'Seriously Joe? just walk away and go back to your sluts.I actually know that you go to whorehouse and do you want me to tell others?'' Mariza said in a calm tone

Mocking expression of joe transformed into a smile and said 'Oh forget that-

Before he could finish his sentence Mariza said 'Joe wither help me clean the room or get out.I'm not going to get a slap on this wrist just because you want to ramble about lame things' her voice seemed tired.

Joe flashed his charming smile and nodded his head before saying 'Yeah whatever let me call more house-workers here.What does that woman thinks she trying to do? burdening you so much sometimes I think she does that intentionally to you'

Mariza knew that by 'she' Joe meant Malifiya. Salvot and Joe never called her by her their mom and they talked to her by calling her 'you'. As far as Valz was concerned he never interacted with Malifiya and always looked at her with pure disgust.

Whenever anyone used to take Malifiya's name Valz always tightened his fists and Malifya also seemed to fear him due to some reason because she never hesitated to intervene when Joe and Salvot were concerned but she never questioned Valz.

'What the hell Marz? watcha' thinking?' Joe said bringing her out of her thinking

Mariza opened her mouth to reply when Joe said 'Hey wait I want to ask you something' his voice was filled with doubt.

Mariza nodded.

''Do you like Nate because on Salvot's birthday he told me you confessed that you had a crush on him. Why don't you also show me your naughty side?'' he said this with a grin on his face.

Mariza snapped her eyes at him.Nate was Salvot's best friend. He had a plethora of friends but the main ones were Adam and Nate.Both were extremely flirtatious and many days earlier Nate had asked Mariza out on date but she refused politely.

Nate accepted her refusal but now upon hearing that ridiculous news from Joe made Mariza furious.


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