Selfish love
11 Relations
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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11 Relations

'And you believed him?'' Mariza asked with a serious expression on her face. Joe was absolutely aware of Nate's lecherous looks that he gave to every girl and he was just playing around.

Joe stuffed his hands in his pockets and chuckled 'Marz he looked serious was I supposed to deny that?' his words laced with sarcasm.

Mariza glared at him and said with a forced smile 'Yeah maybe that's what you and Kaveenza think about me that I whore around the town'. Joe's playful expression turned serious and he said while nearing closer to her 'No-

Mariza turned around and a tear rolled down her cheek before she could control it.

'I always knew that Kaveenza had ill thoughts about me and now hearing the same from you makes me nauseous'. Mariza said this while blinking her eyes and tears were rolling profusely.

Joe grabbed her arm and turned her towards himself.He looked concerned and brought his finger closer to her cheek and brushed aside the tears. Mariza looked into his eyes and saw concern and care which was rare for Joe.He tried to crack up a joke to lighten up the situation.

'Seriously you're crying? Where's that lioness who was blabbering a minute a go?'

Mariza hit gently on his chest and brushed away her tears. Joe looked at her and tucked away a strand of her hair.

'Marz your hair resembles buttercup from Powerpuff girls don't you think that?' Joe said with a funny expression his face.

Mariza laughed gently and said 'Don't make fun of my hair they're at least better than yours'.They both were busy quarreling with each other when Kenfey Archer strutted in the room with a very expensive black suit.he wore a business-like look on his face.His hair were brown and were slicked at left side.

His shoes were of the most famous brand in the world 'Louis Vuitton'. He never once repeated his clothes and his sense of style was pretty good. He didn't give any attention to Mariza let alone acknowledge her and directly came to Joe and said

'Are you aware of the meeting which is going to be held at London?' his voice seemed impatient.

Joe said 'Of course I already signed the meeting contract' his voice was filled with pride.

Kenfey nodded and smiled but that smile didn't reach his eyes.He rotated back that's when he seemed to notice Mariza standing and he raised his eyebrows before saying

'Maricha what are you doing here' his voice was tired.

Mariza widened her eyes because he misspoke her name saying 'Maricha'. He ddin't even know her name. What's with these rich people acting arrogant? what is so difficult about my name? Mariza thought to herself.

He then immediately checked his watch and took out his mobile without even looking at her. Mariza didn't reply and looked at Joe for help.

Joe smirked and said ''Dad Mariza came here to vacuum the room'' he pronounced her name with emphasis in order to let his father know that he took wrong name. Joe then looked at Mariza and said

''You work is done.Care to leave?'' he said it with arrogance.

Kenfey looked up from his mobile and said ''Yeah Mariza you can leave your work's done''

He then sat on the recliner and sighed ''Joe come here and tell me about tomorrow's clients''

Kenfey said in a low voice. Joe winked at Mariza and patted her shoulder before going to sit with his father.

Mariza charged out of the room and shut the door. Her work was done and now she was weary of all the hard-work she'd done today and wanted to rest. Mariza only had a one friend in this whole town and she was really grateful for it because someone was better than no one.

She quickly took out her phone and dialed Zolly's number.She picked her call on the first bell and shouted in an enthusiastic voice

'HII Mariza darling'

'Hey are you free today?'

Zolly said without hesitation 'No not at all but I have a date tomorrow' she said in a shy tone.


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