Selfish love
12 Beauty personified
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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12 Beauty personified

Mariza opened her mouth in surprise and shrieked in an excited way.

'What? No you are kidding right?'

Zolly never dated because her ex-boyfriend Jason was abusive and had a really bad temper but she used to cope up with him despite the advise of many people to leave him. Mariza knew right from the start at her first meeting with that guy that he was a scumbag who was just playing around with Zolly.

She was really pretty with her strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes but her personality was what made her an endearing person. Zolly had always stood up for Mariza granted the fact that she was a shy person and Mariza did the same for her.

Upon hearing her friend's words she became really happy and didn't give Zolly a chance to speak and said in a declarative tone ''Let's celebrate and I don't want to hear a no from you ok? Pick me up in 15 minutes.Love you Zolly bye''

Zolly said in a tired voice 'Yeah but-

Mariza instantly hung up the phone because she was pretty sure Zolly would have made up an excuse due to her laziness.She went into her room and found her mother sitting in the couch with her eyes closed.

Mariza stood still at the front door and then lightly came up behind her mother's couch and pressed her hands to her neck and started massaging her neck.Her mother's eyes flew open and she calmed down upon seeing Mariza and a smile flashed on her face.

Her mother Farhjanz risket was a hard-working lady and she always worked sincerely for the Archers.Her love was equal for both her in comparison to Kaveenza's negative thinking.

Her mother held Mariza's fingers which were massaging her neck and kissed them affectionately.She said in a gentle voice 'Do you want me to make you some food for you?'

Mariza shook her head and said 'Mama can I go out with Zolly today?'

Her mother knew Zolly very well and she wasn't hesitant with her reply and said while yawning

'Yeah of course give my love to her'

Mariza nodded her head and asked her mom

'Mom where's dad I don't see him much' Mariza raised her eyebrows doubtfully.

Her mom looked at her and tried to dismiss her question by saying in a calm voice

''Mariza I'm tired let me sleep hun'' She then got up and smiled at her one last time before sauntering into her room.

'What was that?' Mariza muttered to herself.

Someone knocked on the door and then it dawned upon her that she asked Zolly to come in 15 minutes.She absent-mindedly cursed at herself and went quickly to open the door.

Zolly was wearing a short blue dress with her hair in a messy braid. Zolly belonged to an influential family and inspite of that she never became a narcissist and an egocentric person.Her family had a business of cars and her parents had good relation with the Archers also.

Mariza met Zolly in high school and she was an introvert like her and she had dyslexia.Students always poked fun at her for not being able to read and write properly but Mariza helped her a lot.

Mariza smiled brightly upon seeing her and said in a stern voice

'Zolly are you ready to accompany me today wherever I go?'

Her friend entered into her little quarter and said ''Well let's see maybe yes'' Zolly's voice had that playful hint.

Mariza smirked and said with a laugh 'Yeah we'll see that'

Mariza then took her into her room and she then decided to wear her tattered black jeans with a white crop top.It made her look a tad bit revealing and it was against her rules to wear clothes like these but she just wanted to enjoy the day and this attire was nothing in front of the slutty clothes that other girls used to wear.

Afterwards Zolly persuaded Mariza to apply make up but she refused and tied her black hair into a pony tail.But after more persuasion she accepted and Zolly applied eyeliner and a baby pink lip gloss on her lips.

'Okay done Mariza now you can open your eyes' Zolly said in an excited tone. Mariza gradually opened her eyes and open her mouth at the surprise of seeing her face.She was dumbfounded at seeing her face because she really looked different and it was in a prettier sense.

It seemed like she was seeing another person and then she said in a nervous tone

'Zolly I think i should remove this it doesn't look like a good idea' her voice quivered a little.


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